Thursday, October 14, 2010

Impromptu Demo

10.10.10, I attended our family's wedding ceremony at Gopeng, Perak. It was the wedding of the sister of my wife's brother in law.While enjoying my meal, the DJ announced that a Pencak Silat demo will be performed. I was so excited because I would enjoy the demo. The announcement was made in three times, but no single sign that any Pesilat entered into the hall.

Suddenly the bride, who was sitting on her seat with the groom on the stage, waved her hand to me and said "the DJ is calling YOU for the demo". What?????! I felt so many butterflies wandering in my stomach. No way! But how could you refuse a "One-Day King & Queen"'s wish? Luckily I still kept my Gayong uniform in the car. It was there since the Perdana Gayong Day. The Tekpi also was there since couple of days. No choice. Voila la demo du Tekpi, impromptu Langkah Sembah and Jurus!!! ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gayong France at Perdana Gayong

PM with the international representatives

Where is our USA representative???? We all miss you here!! ;)

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for His blessing and permission. The Perdana Gayong 2010 is the event that many has waited. Having the chance to represent Gayong France (Association Francaise Silat Seni Gayong: A.F.S.S.G) in such a big event, Gayong France could then breath in relief. Eventhough the re-creation of Gayong France was formally informed to the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom through Tuan Haji Mansor Othman during the national Gayong meeting in 2005 (and got her blessing and permission letter), a small group of Anak Gayong in France moved, slowly but steadily, and attracted his own french people to join. We have gone through many internal and external problems. After year by year, finally we could get a "place", in the heart of all Anak Gayong around the world. Eventhough my presence in Perdana Gayong was not so important to anyone, I guess, but I find it is really important to my students in France. I am their Cikgu, and it is my responsibility to help them to be recognized by one of the biggest Gayong Federation in Malaysia, PSSGM.

Gayong France, Gayong UK, Gayong Tunisia, Gayong Syria

It is my hope, that my student, Cikgu Benjamin PONS, the holder of third DAN of Yellow Belt (Chula 3 Bengkung Kuning) and the President of AFSSG would carry on our goal to be the Silat Seni Gayong centre in France especially and Europe generally. The destiny made me come to France as a student, and the destiny also made me leave France as a teacher. Without the good teaching and blessing of all my Jurulatihs, Gurulatihs, Cikgus, and Masters, Gayong France won't exist. I am just lucky enough to be chosen by God to be the cause of the "reincarnation" of Silat Seni Gayong in France, after the seeds and great stories left by Master Mufti Ansari in 80's.

The 6th Malaysia Prime Minister received the highest rank "Sandang" as the protector of PSSGM, accompanied by the Chief Minister of Negeri sembilan and the President of PSSGM.

Many thanks and "felicitation" to the president Dato' Adiwijaya and National Committee for organizing this big event. All of my credits to all Gayong Masters, whether from PSSGM, Pusaka, Warisan, Serantau, Pasak or Perwanit for the trust given to Gayong France for this event. Congratulation to our Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak for the highest rank Sandang in Silat Seni Gayong. Hopefully this will mark a great story in the history of the unity of Malay people.

Anak Gayong France