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At Master Mufti Ansari's house

Our last destination was Kuala Lumpur. Our Gayong France team will leave from KLIA in two days so we took the chance to visit some old masters in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Seems it is in the month of Ramadhan, not so many Masters are available that we could meet. Alhamdulillah, the gayong France team was finally arrived at Cikgu Mufti's house. Cikgu Mufti Ansari was the first master who introduced Silat Seni Gayong to France in he late 80's and beginning of 90's. 

When I came to France in 2002/2003, there was no more Silat Seni Gayong club anywhere, but the spirit of Silat Seni Gayong was still strong and ready to wake up. The destiny, alhamdulillah, make me have the chance of reviving Silat Seni Gayong back in France. The continuous effort of me and my right man Benjamin PONS, and also all of the Gayong France members,  make it possible to see how Gayong has been a tiger cub ready to grow up in France now. Our plan of coming to Malaysia has been planned for many years, but this is the first time an official training journey for us. In 2006 and 2007 I have brought students from France also, but none of them is still active in Gayong. I do hope after one month intensive training in Malaysia, Gayong France now will move forward step further with a strong team of Gurulatihs and Jurulatihs. 

For Cikgu Mufti, Kak Ji and Cikgu Wan Kancil, thank you for a warm welcome and good food. ;)

Salam Perpisahan

And then, we arrived at the moment of separation. Every encounter will absolutely finish by a separation. As their Cikgu, I finally let them go back to their place, even though it is hard see this. One month of eating, sleeping, training, travelling, joking, and even shopping together, and I do hope this entry will make all of the souvenir here in Malaysia will last forever. Insyaallah, I will wait for the second group coming to Malaysia.

Salam Perpisahan, Salam SeGayong, Salam Persaudaraan.

From Cikgu Hakim, Cikgu Anis and Aaisy Aryan with LOVE



 The tomb of the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom binti Naning @ Meor Abdul Rahman

Our journey continued to Perak, the birthplace of the late founder and the Mahaguru, Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman bin Daeng Uda Mohd Hashim. We paid them, (Dato' Mahaguru, Datin and Cikgu Siti Kalsom)
a visit at the tomb for a respect and prayer from us.

 The house of Mahaguru

After that we went to visit Cikgu Sazali, the son of the founder. It was a very meaningful meeting with him. I am sure that the Anak Gayong France must have been very happy for moment.

 One of the Sundang Lipas of the Mahaguru

 A Keris of the Mahaguru

Some souvenir from Cikgu Sazali

Gambar kenang-kenangan

We took also the chance of being in Perak to pay a visit to the cave of Panglima Hitam, a cave where the great grand father of Mahaguru had done his meditation, and same as where the Mahaguru himself. It is believed that the cave was dug by using an axe. We were welcomed by Pak Man, a Gayong Master who are still active at Taiping. He bring us also to visit the Gelanggang of Gayong Warisan at the  top of the hill.

Pak Man told some history to us

 Gua Panglima Hitam

 Gelanggang Silat Seni Gayong milik PSSGWSM

 Tun Teja's Kerambit collection ;)

Our last destination in Perak is to visit Pak Ngah Izahar, one of a senior master in Perak. As usual, a visit to this old Master's house, we will never leave without a good "souvenir"! The training was accompanied by a good food prepared by Mak Ngah. The moment was really really really awesome, especially for me! ;) Thank you Pak Ngah for the Ilmu. InsyaAllah, next time we will spend more time with next French delegation! ;)

 With Pak Ngah Izahar

The fabrication of Sundang Lipas...The "RNGN" is in the making! ;) 
sajer letak gambar ni di sini. santapan mata hahahaha. (gambar tak berkait dengan lawatan ke Perak)


 With Tok Ayah Sor

Our journey continued to my hometown at Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. For me, it is very important for the students to know my family and my background, as it is one of the criteria of sincerity. The Ramadhan started already and the training was continued despite the hot and dry environment. Other than training, we made some tourist thing: visiting, window shopping, shopping, eating, etc. I bring the team to visit Tuan Haji Mansor, as known as Tok Ayah Sor, who came to France on my invitation in 2005 to perform the Mandi Tapak for the first time in France. Tok Ayah Sor nowadays takes his rest for a while of his health and going better now.

 With Cikgu Nasir

After that, I bring them to shop some cheap imported Indonesian Keris at Kota Bharu. For those who doesn't have any experience in buying the Keris, will absolutely become the victim and pay a big price for a Keris of low quality. There are many range of quality of Keris. Some seller who cheat and sell "the story" of Keris, rather than it's quality. So I bring them to buy some cheap keris for the training. In the next day, I brig them to my Master, Cikgu Nasir, one of the expert of Keris in Malaysia. And that was the time that everyone "cried". Every each of keris and weapon in his house is in their finest quality. There are the cheapest Keris of hundred of Ringgit, but the quality is still superb, to the hundred thousands of quality of Keris designed for the Royal personality and high rank politician. It reminds me a lot to the Katana of my Master in France, which he bought from Japan. There are some Katana blacksmith in Japan who are restricted to sell their Katana outside Japan. Their finest Katana are all considered as the country treasure. The same thing I see what's in the spirit of this Master. I asked him once, "why don't you sell a cheap Keris?". He replied nicely, "a cheap Keris, with low quality, will make the people think that Melayu (Malay), we don't have a knowledge in forging our own weapon." And I read it, the fact of making cheap Keris, will downgrade the image of our own people, who are actually very intelligent and expert dealing with the metals. I urge that every Gayong practitioner, to get at least one "true" Keris as our "sisipan".

 Seni Kipas

 Seni tekpi & Ibu Tekpi

Our training at Pasir Puteh made my first partner in Silat Seni Gayong came and trained with us. He is Cikgu Sabri, and I forgot his position in Army. Luckily, we was training the Tekpi and Ibu Tekpi technique. I learned Tekpi with my Gayong Masters, but the Ibu Tekpi technique is a specific weapon of my Master of Silat 7 Permainan. He was the late Allahyarham Guru Pak Ku Hussein of Bukit Awang. Cikgu Sabri was the one who made my teeth cracked until now which is fortunately still strong enough not to fall down. And I was the one who make him half fainted. It was the terrible technique of "PUKULAN SATU".

the first intensive course and white belt grading at Kem Kijang, 1996

We was still 13 years old, but were the best partners who trained and played Gayong in a very violent and hard way. In one Keris training, I had even picked the Keris and pushed it so hard into his stomach. He managed to escape the strike, but I made a big hole on his underwear! lol That was a very fun and happy moment in Gayong. But after 3 years, he moved to Taiping and had a chance to train under Cikgu Ahmad Ayazi and Bonda Siti Kalsom. And me, I continued my training in Pasir Puteh until I finished my secondary school with Red Belt.

Buah Kaki


Certificat D'honneur de Ceinture Noire

Before leaving Universiti Malaysia Pahang, me and Cikgu Zaki, bring the Gayong France team to the PNC office of SAFFAD at Universiti Malaysia Pahang at Gambang. We met the main person behind the support of UMP to this big event; Prof. Dr. Yusserie Zainuddin. We had a long chat and the Gayong France team had expressed their grateful and "happiness" of being welcomed in the university with a full-pack intensive course of the art of Silat Seni Gayong. The General Secretary of Association Francaise Silat Seni Gayong, Christophe Dervaux, had represented AFSSG to award Prof. Dr. Yusserie Zainuddin the honor certificate of Black Belt, for his support and effort of the promotion of Silat Seni Gayong in France.

Should I mention that, Prof. Dr.Yusserie had been a very outstanding Pesilat when he was young, and even had been invited to to the demonstartion of Seni Silat in France when he was young. Prof. Dr. Yusserie also had been awarded by the P.S.S.G.M, the high rank of Sandang Kehormat Mahkota Seri Relang Pelangi, that makes him the first academician of receiving such Sandang in Malaysia.

Prof Yusserie, at the left. (at his office)

Last photo before leaving UMP


The next challenge of Anak Gayong France was to meet my Master, Ayahanda Amin Hamzah. Personally, I was quite nervous seems I don't know how it will be the perception of my Master to my "non-Malay" students? Will he be happy, or will he get mad? Before letting it happened, I consult the advice of Cikgu Azizan first. The willingness of Cikgu Amin Hamzah to share with Anak Gayong France and Naga Rantau of some his valuable treasure from the late Mahaguru had relieved me a lot.

 Cikgu Amin Hamzah

Advice and tips

The intensive training started a soon as after the prayer if Isya'. The students were taught the movements, the technique of KOMBAT, the variation of ELAKAN, the Knife technique and the Kerambit technique. The training last until 3 in the morning, and we had "a lot of fun", especially the three "OLD" Anak Gayong of UMP, me, Cikgu Razhan and Cikgu Affendy. At the other hand, Cikgu Zaki, came to meet the Master the next morning.

 Intensive training

 Khusyuk mendengar

 Kopek Kelapa

In the morning, everyone participated for the ceremony of "Hot Oil". Cikgu Amin Hamzah was the Dalang, the one who prepared and monitored the ceremony. The ceremony was done successfully and all of Anak Gayong France and UMP had the chance to experience the Mandi Minyak and walking on the burning charcoal.

 Perah Santan

 Letak di atas Api

 Sediakan Bara

 Ayahanda Amin as the "Dalang" was checking the Oil

As the organizer, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my Master, Ayahanda Amin Hamzah, for having accepted to come and teach Anak-Anak Gayong France and Naga Rantau UMP the art of Silat Seni Gayong. I do hope that we can organize more of such event in the future, InsyaAllah. Personally, I am happy to have my students met this old Master, who once among those were close to the late Mahaguru.

And now, this event of intensive course and Mandi Minyak had finally completed the program of Konvensyen Naga Rantau-Gayong France 2012. Thank you Ayahanda, thank you Cikgu! ;) Thank you to all of the Naga Rantau who had sacrifice their time, their money and their energy to support this big event. I hope that all of us had gained the benefits materially, psychically, mentally, and spiritually. ;)


Gambar Kenang-Kenangan

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Empower Mahkota is a program initiated by the Yang Teramat Mulia Tengku Mahkota Pahang, Tengku Abdullah Sulatan Ahmad Shah, a co-operation between Universiti Malaysia Pahang and ECER-DC. The "keberangkatan" (arrival) of Tengku Mahkota Pahang to UMP was welcomed by the traditional music and "Tari Sembah Sultan" (Seni Bunga Teratai) by Anak - Anak Gayong France and Naga Rantau. It was truly an honor for us to have been given the chance by Universiti Malaysia Pahang to perform in front of the Tengku Mahkota who ia also the Cancelor of the university.

Tari Sembah Sultan

The performance in front of the Tengku Mahkota was mostly guided by my teacher Cikgu Nasir and also Cikgu Mazlan Hashim. "Tari Cindai" was also included in the  demonstration, many thanks to Pak Ngah Izahar. Thank you very much to our Tengku Abdullah, to the vice cancelor Dato' Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim, and all of the high management committee of Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Thanks again!!! ;)

(PHOTOS: credits to the UMP's photographers)