Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ada-Ada Je Ngada-Ngada Bergada-Gada...

With my loyal "training partners": the coconut trees around my house

1st Step: Gada-Gada "Pacang"
It was a very busy month for me. So I decided to have my little vacation to my village. Couple of days indeed helped me to wipe off all of the fatigue and stress due to the professional work. It has been a while I want to talk about the most popular art of "Gada-Gada". Gada-Gada is a term used in Silat Seni Gayong that signifies a weapon. That weapon is a chain with (about one meter and half  to 3 meters long), and the metal ball (ping-pong or tennis ball size) at both of it's extremities. This art of Gada-Gada is one of the difficult weapon to be mastered. In Silat Seni Gayong, before one disciple can learn the art of Gada-Gada, he must undergo various training of different weapons as a "pre-requisite" as to facilitate the student when learning the Gada-Gada since it could be fatal if manipulated in a wrong way.

The Gada-Gada itself has many forms. They also have different names, describing of their shapes and techniques. Cokmar and Belantan, in the other hand were the first form before they evolved with the ropes, Cindai (cloths) and chain becoming the Gada-Gada. Before practicing the Gada-Gada Perang (this one is the most dreadful weapon ever! ;)), one must learn first the art of Cindai (especially Seni Tali : the art of Rope, and Seni Mayang Gesit: the art of throwing weapons to the enemy). I was initiated by my master with the simplest form of Gada-Gada, which named as "Pacang", believed came from the "pacang" used by the villagers to tie their cows somewhere. This type of Gada-Gada also represent the Arabic character of "Alif", as the first alphabet one to learn the language. It is one of the philosophy of the art of Gada-Gada in Silat Seni Gayong.

To learn a Gada-Gada, it can take just couple of hours. To master it, days and weeks. And years to be a very good at. But as the old Master said, 3 levels:

 "layang", "belit", and "libas". 

The art of Gada-Gada exists also in the other culture and civilization like in Europe, China, India, and throughout all over Nusantara. The Gada-Gada, as I talked before, relates a lot with the Cokmar, Belantan, Cindai and last but not least, the Cemeti. Cemeti is one of the weapon that had been used widely in Malay civilization. And for the Gurulatihs who had learned this art, practicing until perfection is the challenge. I do hope that one day, those who had mastered the art will gather, discuss, knowledge sharing and preserved this rare art among the Anak Gayong. It is a lost if the young Gurulatihs don't make lot of effort to learn it with the old Masters who are still alive. And for me, I am in my way of being a "murid".......

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Awesome! ;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The 5th Annual General Meeting of PSSGM

Dato' Onn Jaafar dan Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman 

Alhamdulillah. 6th January 2013, PSSGM had successfully organized the AGM for 2013-2015. On that event, the new leader of the federation were elected by the majority vote. Almost all of the state were present, except the state of Terengganu and Labuan. After hours of speeching, debating, voting etc, the PSSGM new high committee are as follows:

President of PSSGM : Datuk Adiwijaya Abdullah
Deputy President 1 : Cikgu Mohd Faid Musa
Deputy President 2 : Datin Feridah Abu Johan
Vice President 1: Cikgu Sazali Meor Rahman
Vice President 2 : Cikgu Anuar Abd Hamid
Vice President 3 : Cikgu Rasol Abd Ghani
10 National HiComm Members:
1.Cikgu Sani Morni (Kuala Lumpur)
2.Cikgu Razani Hassan (Kelantan)
3.Cikgu Abd Aziz Hj Othman (Selangor)
4.Cikgu Shahsuzanni Abu Bakar (Perlis)
5.Cikgu Tengku Aminudin (N9)
6.Cikgu Raja Zulkifli Raja Abu Bakar (Penang)
7.Cikgu Mat Isa (Kedah)
8.Cikgu Mohd Nor Abdul Samad (Johor)
9.Cikgu Mas Shariffah Mismat (Perak)
10.Cikgu Rahim Masrom (Pahang)

 Cikgu Sulih as the General secretary started the event

After the selection of new hicomm, it was then the time for debating the "usul" from the state representative. One of the main issue was whether all of the representative are agree that PSSGM becomes the affiliate member of one of political organization or not. The hall indeed was divided into two opinions. One support the idea of affiliating with the leader party of Malaysia due to the importance for the future of the federation and the other is not agree and prefers more on being "neutral" since we are the "silat" federation, not the political one.  It is also due the idea of PSSGM can be a place to unite all of Malay people regardless their political background. The speech of each representative giving the ideas that all of the Gayong masters are very worried about the future of Malay people, and also the Silat people who is the "ultraMalay". Young and Senior representative were debating professionally and finally the Chairman of the AGM decided that the decision regarding the issue will be debated again among the new hicomm next time.

Personally, I believe that PSSGM, as a Non Government Organization can play a very high role for our country. The main problem of Malay people is not the material, nor the education nor the foreign enemy. The true enemy is within in our own people. We are not united enough due to the various thought of politics. And since that the mentality of Malay people doesn't change since the independence, it is hard to make any of new bright idea that needs guts to try, and worthy. I was one of the representative that didn't agree with the idea of "mixing" the PSSGM with the politics, bringing the natural idea as the academician, and as a logic point of view about the issue. But it is still not decided by the PSSGM, and I am sure that ALL of  the new committee selected will play their role as needed to decide the path of our beloved organization. But I believe what ever decided by the "Kepimpinan Tertinggi PSSGM", whether affiliating or not, as a member, I will stay still to support our organization. InsyaAllah, sami'na wa ato'na. 

Terima kasih pada AJK Kebangsaan yg sebelum ini memang buat kerja. Kepada AJK yg tak buat kerja tu, tak datang meeting, tak sampaikan keputusan mesyuarat kebangsaan kepada ahli-ahli negeri, tak laksanakan arahan mesyuarat, tak buat AGM negeri, tak panggil kesemua ahli negeri utk buat AGM, tarik dirilah dan bagi laluan pada orang lain. Tak guna dok canang diri AJK kebangsaan tapi tanggungjawab terabai. Perlu ingat, kita ni berorganisasi, bukan bergelanggang ala kampung. Kena ikut zamanlah. Ingat, setiap tangan yg diangkat memberi undi, bermakna ada beratus dan beribu orang Anak Gayong yang diwakili dibelakangnya. 

***Gambar2 HakMilik Eddy Perlis***
 Mantan AJK Pusat
 puas hati dan tak puas hati itu adat dalam mesyuarat. yg penting, suara secara berdepan di platform yg benar. bukan rumah sudah siap, tukul masih berbunyi. keh keh keh. gurau je nooo... 8D 

 makan, pak ngah n mak ngah Perlis

 Perwakilan Kelantan. Terima Kasih kerana panggil ambo. Tu la yg dikata, jauh2 anak Klate, ke negeri sendiri juga menumpang kasihnya....

 Kekanda Raouf yg disayangi oleh setiap genap sudut dewan. heheheh gurau je abg 8D

 makan2 selepas meeting

Dato' Adiwijaya

After the AGM, me and my Naga Rantau team members,Cg Ehsan, Cg Epol, Cg Haziq and Cg Ari, we went for some western restaurant to discuss about the AGM and also the future of our Gelanggang Naga Rantau at Universiti Malaysia Pahang. I think, during few hours of AGM, we learn a lot of thing. And we start to know every delegation and their way of thinking. Alhamdulillah, for this 2013, we have a very good planning for our Gelanggang Naga Rantau. Since we have 2 training centers, this year we will start to expand our "sharing" among the nearby community as one of the effort for creating a good ambiance with the local people. InsyaAllah, may Allah facilitate our plan. AMin....

 yang ni RM19 je : Lamb - Beef grill

ari : Beef-Chicken Grill RM19

epol: lamb- chicken RM19

Masing2 Beef - Chicken. RM19 x 2 = RM38

Maka habislah "duit kami" lebih RM100 pada malam tu.... itulah alkisah penamatnya hehheheeheheh