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Tok Janggut's grandson (i've forgotten his name) holding the sacred keris...

Merdeka, is "l'indépendance" in French. "Merde" in French meaning something not good to say here. That's why,when I say Merdeka as a Malay word, it is because I do feel really happy and patriotic on that night. But thinking of my experience celebrating the Merdeka night at the Dataran Merdeka and the Bukit Bintang, make my Merdeka wish as French word.... Merde-ka!!!! Merde-ka!!! Merde-ka!!! (dedicated to those ... keep reading my post!)

The best Merdeka celebration in Malaysia is during the Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. Because everyone comes to the mosque to pray and to thank to Allah for His gift to us. I used to hate a Merdeka night in certain places, as the programs seems so "mat saleh" (extremely westernized!), and don't show that we are really independent from colonization. It hurts me to see Malay Moslem teens, drink beers while the Malay girls not wearing "a proper" clothes sit happily in their arms. They do it for the sake of Merdeka day. What a sad thing to see. I always feel disgusting when a Malay try to be like more "american" by doing those wild thing, while I'm here in France, surrounded by the good and civilized Mat Salehs, never wanting to do things forbidden by religion! A complete wannabe, but unfortunately, they take only the bad thing from outside!

The Merdeka Day in 2006, I was in Malaysia. I celebrated it at my town Pasir Puteh. It was much much more modest, yet meaningful. They invited the grandson of Tok Janggut, (Haji Mat Hassan), the people's warrior during the British colonization, who raised rebellion against the Kelantan monarchy for co-operating with the British in 18th century. His grandson, in his wheelchair, aided by some assistants, took out the Keris of his grandfather, which used during the battle for independence.

This Merdeka, I was informed that the National Geographic Channel , with the co operation of News Straits Times, made a documentary about Silat Seni Gayong. Cikgu Shamsuddin, the Silat Seni Gayong master in United States of America, with his senior student Joel Champs camped in Malaysia, to film their "voyages" inside one of the biggest Silat organization in Malaysia. As what I can see in the pictures, circulating in the net, the Gayong Masters, like Cikgu Rasol Abdul Ghani (master of Cikgu Rais, my demo partner during IPO 2008!) and Cikgu Kahar Redza, with his son Cikgu Jazwan from Gelanggang Nirwana. Ah! Please upload the program as soon as possible to youtube please!!! Anyone? I need to watch and enjoying this before this "Merdeka" feeling will vanish due to the climate changing in Paris! heheheeehe

Hopefully to meet those great masters really soon. Even though I haven't met yet physically with those Masters, but we have been contacting by the telepathic powers that we practice in Gayong! LOL ;)

All credits to the photographers. I'm just sharing it with everyone. Many thanks.

Joel Champs: a mat saleh learning Gayong

Cikgu Norazman (UPSI Master) and Cikgu Jazwan Kahar (Cikgu Kahar's son)

Pak Pow melangkah...

Cikgu Sam in action... he is one of Otai Tetak Tak Lut in America. ;)

Cikgu Sam and his brother, Cikgu Shamsul

The famous one of Malayan Tiger, Cikgu Rasol Ghani

Cikgu Malik was looking for something to be chooped down...

Cikgu Kahar Redza (The Late MAHAGURU's personal driver)

KERIS : Malay's Honor

Keris is one of the main lesson in Silat Seni Gayong. The different between an 'official' Silat, which is taught only to the selected knight and warrior under the permission of Sultan, and the people's Silat, is that whether there is any Keris or not as one of the lessons. I'm not saying that a Silat school who doesn't teach Keris cannot be considered as a good one. But what i'm telling is, to know Silat, one must learn Keris in a proper way. Silat Seni Gayong is one of Silat school that has a clear "sanad" until the legendary Hang Tuah and his brothers, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu.

Keris is Melayu. A Malay cannot be separated by his Keris. Once you drop the Keris, you die, as the Gurus say. Some Silat specialize in Tongkat (stick/staff), some in Golok or Parang, some in Tekpi and so on. But it is quite difficult to find a school that really specialize in Keris. What I saw how the school of Bakti Negara, a Pencak Silat style from Bali, Indonesia, or some Kali school in Philippines that also use Keris in their technics, are completely different with the way we use in Malaysia.

Preparing the line before going into the water

The use of Keris in Malaysia, is full of Adat and Adab. Adat is the tradition and way of life, while Adab is the good conducts one should behave. Keris must not be manipulated as sword or knife. It is double bladed, and hold like a pistol. We can't use it to block any attack, but rather smashing, striking, stabbing and cutting the vital nerves, and escaping while attacking the opponent.

Seni Keris

In Silat Seni Gayong, there is the Asas (basics), Gerakan (Jurus/movements), Senaman (exercises), Elakan (escaping), Serangan (attacking), Tikaman (way of stabbing) and Buah (the counter attack technics). Once a student finish the syllabus, traditionally one must perform the Khatam Keris (graduation) at the beach. A student must bring a black feathers cock, and make some glutinous rice and Malay cakes. The night before the ceremony, student must train and show what they have learnt by using a wood-made Keris. In the morning, they must enter into the sea, circulating a certain distance, and throw their wood-made Keris as a significant of their separation with the "training" Keris. It is now the time for using a true steel Keris for the combats!

Master Tok Mail was giving his blessing to one of the student during the ceremony

Not every Master of Silat Seni Gayong has the Ijazah (permission) from the late Mahaguru to perform the ceremony. Moreover, there are certain Masters who refuse to do the ceremony, even though they have the permission, for the reason of not creating the false perception of the local people. Sometimes, it is better to avoid it rather than to answer to the medias!

The latest Khatam Keris ceremony was done at Melaka, with the cooperation of PSSGM Melaka and PSSGM SELANGOR. Master Tok Ismail Jantan is one of the MAHAGURU's student who has the authority and his blessing to perform the rituel. All credits to the photographers. Thank you for sharing...! ;)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Powerfulness of Powerless

I'm always wondering, why we need power.
Power is vital.
Power is movement.
Power is life.
Power is everything.

But when the power is limited.
We crush our brothers.
For the name of survival.
We sacrifice our fraternity
For the name of priority.

Power can bring the harmony.
Yet it also can cause disaster.
Too much power, dictatorship.
Divide the power, conflict.
Either way is always bad.

In a spiritual brotherhood also.
The war for a power happens.
Two groups, two reasons.
The third group choose to remain in silence.
Break the blood links and disappear in the air thin.

I used to admire this world.
And the people.
But the older I become.
The more greedy ghosts surround me.
Posses me, harass me, and trick me.

Should I let mine go.
Keeping in mind that this belong to destiny.
Or must I protect it.
Whether it cost me everything?
Even to decide, I need power.

They who give me this power.
Will only make me bonded and attached.
Inside, I'm strong.
Outside, I'm nothing.
I must go free to be a real man in the real reality.

Karipap Dinasor

Other than drawing and practicing martial arts, I like cooking. I love to see my guests enjoying eating the food that I prepared. My first recipe that I learn was Sweet Sour Fish when I was ten, then Chicken Curry when I was 17, and Roti Canai, Bihun Goreng, Kuzi Daging, Kurma Ayam, Briyani rice, Nasi Minyak, Dagang Rice, Tomato Rice, Chicken Rice, Kambing masak Kurma, Roti Jala, Murtabak, Tom Yam, Asam Pedas, Crab Masak Lemak Cili Padi, etc ... (I know I know, it's Ramadhan...! Stop me please! ;p)

A friend of mine called me at 10 in the morning. "Akem, ko pandai buat karipap tak?" (do you know how to make curry puff?) I was in the middle of hibernation, so I said "yes". And I continued my sleep. At 3 pm, he called me again, "Akem, how I get to your house?". Alamak! What did I told him in the morning? So I rushed to the toilet, did this and that, then performed my prayer and waited for him. And I called my mom (it's already night at Malaysia) how to make curry puff!

I went out to find some Hallal meat at Belleville (one of Chinatown in Paris), and bought some other stuff for the break-fasting. So I'm sharing my famous "Dinosaur Curry puff". Nyam nyammm!!!!

Ok, don't laugh at me. This is my first time to write a recipe in English. It much more difficult to do this than any article I made about martial arts!!! ;p

My mom's Curry Puff recipe (meat):


5 tablespoons oil
1 medium red onion (finely chopped)
1 teaspoon meat curry powder
2 teaspoons meat or chicken curry powder
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 cup of shredded meat
2 large potatoes
1 1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt


With Margarine

1 lb plain flour
5 oz margarine or shortening
3/4 cup water
1/2 teaspoon of salt

Without Margerine

1 lb plain flour
3/4 cup water
1/2 teaspoon of salt

How to masak-masak:

Make the filling first. Heat oil and fry onion gently until golden brown. Add the curry powder, , chili, turmeric and fry gently. Add the meat, potatoes, sugar, pepper, salt and cook for 5 minutes. Mix well and leave aside to cool.

To make pastry, mix flour with margarine, water, salt, and knead well. Let it rest for 1/2 hour.

Dough with margarine. My cooking table is a complete mess. Don't blame me. I've tried very hard to fix it, but in the end it behaves as how it likes! ;p

Make another pastry without adding the margarine. The rest is same. Let it rest for 1/2 hour.

Dough without margarine

Make it into small dough. One dough will be used to make 4 curry puff wrapping.

Take one dough (margarine). By using a bottle, roll on it until have a 3mm thick.

Put the other dough (without margarine) on it. Do the same thing.

Roll on it with bottle

Now we have a double layer 3mm thick dough in circle. Cut the circle in the middle into two parts. Separate them. Take one part, roll it. Cut that roll into 4 parts.

Take one part from that roll, put that 'face' ups

ide. Using a bottle, roll on it again and make a circle. Now you have a wrapping for one curry puff. The purpose of making two different layers is to have the magnificent effect of "Jalur Gemilang" after frying the curry puff.

Put in the filling

Fold pastry over to make a half circle and crimp at edges. Deep fry in hot oil until golden.

.... et Voilà! Ready to cook;)

I made the Murtabak with the same ingredient. It is only that, I use the dough to make a large and thin wrapping, putting the filling (I add egg and shredded onion when I want to "fold' it), and cook it.

(God, I don't believe I've made it until here. Hopefully my instructions could be understood! hehehhe)

This was my first attempt to fry them! Quite "hangit" (burned) as I forgot to slow the heat down. hehehehe. This is how a malaysian Cikgu silat survive 7 years in France.....! ;p

Bon Appetit!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tok Abu Bakar , Wayang Kulit and Serunai....

Gendang Silat
I'm not sure whether it is because the 'Barokah' of this month, or just because I spend all my time in my apartment during the whole day that keep me writing. I was just checking to my Serunai. Serunai is a traditional flute used during the Pencak Silat performance, Wayang Kulit (Puppet shadow show), Main Puteri (Healing Dance Ritual), Mak Yong (Traditional Malay Theather) and others. There is a difference between the Serunai Silat and the Serunai Wayang, which the second one is shorter than the first. The songs are differents too.

My late grandfather, Tok Bakar, was a well known Wayang Kulit sculpturer in Pasir Puteh. Grown as like other villagers, by earning living from village works like planting the Tembakau (tobacco) and Padi (paddy), he also like every villagers practices three most common martial art in Pasir Puteh (and in Kelantan): Silat Tari (silat jatuh/ grappling and locks), Silat Tongkat (Silat with staff) and Tomoi (muay thai, Moslem version).

Wayang Kulit

Most of his "puppets" were gone, taken and sold by we-don't-know-who. My father however at that time was not interested to keep any of Tok Bakars' works, since he was the only one who had a higher education and became a school teacher. However, I am really happy, as one of my Guru of Silat Tari, Ayah Jak from Pasir Puteh still keeps them: Sri Rama, Sri Dewi, Hanuman Kera Putih, Samad,.....and the most special and mystical character of Pak Dogol. The puppet is so special so it is kept separately by double wrapping it with yellow clothes.

Main Puteri
My father told me that, my late Grandfather used a Kerbau Bala (White spotted buffalo)'s skin which was dead only struck by the lightning to craft a set of his favorite puppets. They were then played by the Dalang, while he played the Serunai during the shows.

The tradition ended in our family. But when I bought my Serunai, and a set of Gendang Ibu, Gendang Anak, Gong and Canang, my mother was yelling, saying "Oh no! Not another Tok Bakar here!". But my father was smiling. Holding the Gendang Ibu, he came to sit with us, my little brother Hafiz playing the Gong, Syafiq the Canang, and me the Gendang Anak, we were amazed to discover that out father knows playing Gendang!!!! He revealed that when he was teenager, he used to learn Silat Tongkat and knew playing Gendang. But he didn't talk anything about this before because no one in my family like Silat as much as I do, even though my brothers and sisters all learned Gayong.

Dikir Barat performance

I'm still learning Serunai. You need two things: Nafas (the breath) and Lagu (the songs). I trained first by blowing the air using a straw in a glass of water, and keep the bubbles come out, non stop. It is hard to train here in France where every time I play the neighbors will leave a complaint message in front of my door next in the morning, and in some case they hit their wall (neighbor at the side) and ceiling (neighbor downstairs) wishing that I understand their "Morse code" : Shut your ******* up!!!. No chance to be a Serunai master here in France. Must go back to train more at Kelantan. heehehehe.

Salam to Ayah Jak and his son, the talented young flute master, Shahril.


Cikgu Ezhar with the Mayor & Wife

Cikgu Ezhar Abbas is one of the Senior Gurulatih that still active teaching in Selangor. I met him when he came to United Kingdom under the invitation of Cikgu Ariffin Yeop, the Gayong UK Khalifah for the Graduation Ceremony held in Penzance. His specialties is the Rajawali (Phoenix) Technics and Cindai Jantan (Male Cindai). Spending couple of days with him was a great experience. I got much information about the elders Guru - Guru Tua of Gayong.

Cikgu Ezhar Abbas has also the experience of healing people by using the traditional methods. Alhamdulillah, at least me and my brother, Hafiz (from Gayong Midlands) had a chance to learn some methods and petuas, which are important as a Gayong teacher. If I'm not mistaken, he is a holder of Sandang Singa Harimau Berantai (Chained Tiger Lion) and 6th DAN of Black Belt. In 1990's he came was among the Gayong fighters who invited to do the demonstration during the IPO at Bercy, Paris: Cikgu Mufti Ansari, Cikgu Rasol etc.

Cikgu Ezhar with Cindai Jantan technics

Cikgu Ezhar Abbas came to UK to award Cikgu Ariffin Yeop a sandang as the Khalifah for Europe and also to his students from UK and Spain. As for me and Hafiz, we were honored to be invited to perform a demo for the ceremony. Moreover, until now I do not understand, why we had to do the demo two times on that day. Oh yeah! I remember now, it was because the journalist and his photographer were coming late that all demos must be done again! hehehehe

Cikgu Hafiz (Otai Midlands) and Cikgu Hakim (Otai France) in actions! ;p

Cikgu Ariffin was endorsed by the late Cikgu Razali Salleh to be the Chief of Gayong UK. Cikgu Ezhar Abbas, who was one of the right man of Cikgu Razali accepted the thrust to "take care" of Gayong UK activities. Cikgu Ariffin, son of a Malay national warrior, Yeop Mahidin, is an artist too. He organized the Silat Melayu theater and was a Silat choreographer in Puteri Gunung Ledang movie. He is also the Guru Utama Silat Haq Melayu (Maap Cikgu Ipin kalo tersalah istilah! huuhuhuh ;p)

Cikgu Ariffin was endorsed by Cikgu Ezhar Abbas

I heard the idea of Gayong International for the first time with Cikgu Sulaiman, the pioneer of Silat Seni Gayong in United States of America. And there at Penzance, it was the first Gayong International gathering. Well, it is sure that it's not a simple task. Everyone must participate as many thing more should be discussed, mostly about the syllabus and the Adat power. The need of a council, formed by a group of Malay Gurulatihs, to supervise the Gayong activities outside Malaysia is mandatory. We don't want Silat Seni Gayong outside Malaysia loose it's identity, and it's tradition, as like as what happens in certain Gayong clubs in Arab's countries... (this thing must be taken seriously!!!)

Cikgu Hafiz, Cikgu Ariffin and Me

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sandang Award Ceremony: The Masters behind...

Photo from Reyokiwara blog

I was informed by Cikgu Jent of Reyokiwara about the ceremony of Awarding the Sandang at Hotel Sri Malaysia, IPOH. Unfortunately, I was already coming back to France. The ceremony was attended by many Gayong Masters, Cikgu Sazali (the MAHAGURU's son), Pak Ngah Izahar (MAHAGURU's senior student), Ustaz Khalid, Cikgu Adiwijaya (if I'm not mistaken, as seen in the photo) and others (Sorry! As I'm still new with other Gayong masters). Congratulations to all the Gayong practitioners who were awarded the Sandangs.


Well, Pak Ngah Izahar is one of MAHAGURU's student, who still teaches until now. Many lessons had been taught by MAHAGURU to him, which is not every Masters have. If the Madura weapon like Celurit, and the Buku Lima (iron knuckle) attracts your attention, and your are absolutely want to learn it, then you must "bodek-bodek" him! ;p (just joking, what I want to say is you have to learn it from him). He is modest, and simple looking man. The first time I met him was in Kota Bharu, during the Pencak Silat competition. When every Masters came with their black uniforms and sandangs, Pak Ngah Izahar was simply with his shirt and slacks, sitting among the crowds, far from being targeted and seen as a MAHAGURU's direct student. That's how he always acting.....

Pak Ngah showing a cindai technic (from blog Ibnulazim: Cikgu Faiz)

Recently, I heard that a group from Tunisia came to learn with him. Hopefully everything was fine. He is the only one, (as far as I have seen) to make a 'pumping' only with his thumbs. There was a story about a European, a martial art artist, who learn kick boxing, jujitsu and whatever you can list at his country. He came to Malaysia to find MAHAGURU. It was too late for him, as the late MAHAGURU was already passed away. He came to Air Kuning, looking for any senior student with whom he can challenge to test whether Silat Seni Gayong is as good as he heard. He finally met Pak Ngah Izahar. Doesn't need to wait too long, that guy was being kicked his *** by Pak Ngah Izahar, using one of Gayong lesson: the Tiger claws.

Last time, I heard he was quite ill, but still continued to teach anyone who came to his house. I met one of his student, Pendekar Soffuan, a Silat fighter who represented Malaysia in Silat Olahraga during the International Paris Open of Pencak Silat 2009 last time. He said that Pak Ngah teaches a lot and to many students, but not as many as he teaches the Kelantanese. Haha! Who are those lucky Kelantanese? I asked him with a big smile, even though I already knew the answer.....!!! It refers to Cikgu Nasir, Cikgu Muzairi and others from Gayong Warisan Kelantan....


When I was at Batu Kurau, Ustaz Khalid also was there. He is known for the arms locks technics. I was quite amazed to see those quite similar technics which I saw only in Dojo when my Sensei showed the Aikido locks. Are all these been taught in Gayong? Yes, it is just that there is no more word "Do" in Gayong. "Do" is a way of life. Referring more on the sport form of a martial art. But I'd rather say "Jutsu". "Jutsu" conveys the image of a style and art form. Essentially something taken to its highest level. In the instance of the martial arts interpretation, Jutsu refers to the movement and style of martial technique. In one word, Painful! I heard also when the late MAHAGURU went to Serawak, one of the great master there was locked by him in a blink of eye using one of the arm technic. Wao! This must be great to learn this lesson!!! (I always intend to 'joke-joke' with my Gayong partner with this! hehhehe ;p)

Ustaz Khalid was bullying a student! ;p (photo from blog Cikgu Nasir)


Unfortunately, I had not have the chance to meet Cikgu Sazali last time in Perak. As what I've heard, he is the master of breaking tiles, bricks, and other crazy stuffs of resistance and endurance. Should meet him one day! I had some videos, given by Cikgu Azizan, showing Cikgu Sazali doing a demo. He is the late MAHAGURU's son (actually adopted like the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom), and now living at the Gayong training centre at Ayer Kuning.

Cikgu Azizan & Cikgu Sazali (photo of Cikgu Azizan)

Cikgu Adiwijaya Abdullah is the Pemangku Yang Dipertua of Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia and the chairman of Majlis Gurulatih Kebangsaan. (source from PSSGM official website). Since I have been in France for 7 years, I was not aware with any Gayong news or what ever. But the first time I saw Cikgu Adiwijaya was in the paper, holding a conference about Gayong. If anyone had more information about him, and any others Masters in the photos, please feel free to share it with me.

Selamat Berbuka Puasa


Cikgu Sham, Pak Su Awang Daud & Cikgu Jail

I met him during a program with Ayahanda Amin Hamzah at Ipoh last time. It is always said that the Kelantanese (people who born in Kelantan) has the "assobiyah", or their strong attachment with their language/dialect Kelate (which is shared also with people at the south of Thailand, the ancient Malay Kingdom of Patani) . As usual, when I met him, this "special bond" made us close quickly. He is a professional lawyer, a graduate Bachelor and Master in law from UKM.

In Silat, he is a holder of Black Belt of Silat Seni Gayung Pusaka. A direct student of Cikgu Majid Mat Isa and Cikgu Awang Daud at Gurun, Kedah. He is so modest that most of the time doesn't want to talk about him, but prefers talking about his Masters. I participated in his program with his students of visiting the Old Gayong Masters at the north of Malaysia. Believe me, even though my Mom was quite mad of me because rushing from Kelantan to Slim River where my brother lives,and spend a time just to give my brother the Keropok and Lepuk before taking a train from there to Butterworth, and "jumping" from bus to bus, Butterworth- Sungai Petani - Gurun, and moreover it was raining cats and dogs, I was happy to have had made it.

Cikgu Sham is the Gurulatih (if I'm not mistaken he is the 'Boss') of KSSGSJ: Kelab Silat Seni Gayong Subang Jaya. He and others Gurulatih have the Gelanggang all around Selangor: Puchong, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Petaling Jaya, Sepang, Subang Jaya and at Kelantan. Not bad. YES, NOT BAD AT ALL! ;) Moreover, they have complete equipments and good pedagogical system too.

What I like about him, other than his skills and experiences, is that his effort to visit many Gayong Masters, which for certain, has already been forgotten by the young Gayong practitioners. From Singapore to Penang, just only to visit the old Gurus needs a great understanding and great sacrifice (financial and time) in Gayong. This routine should be practiced by the young generation, as a simple visit, will make these Gurus feel appreciated and ease their difficulties if we can help them financially.

Errr.... kalo tersalah tulis, maap yer abe sham. Jgn kunci daku....! hehehehe

Kunci Maut Kucing

My Cat Joix always attacks me while I was training. He just cannot resist to play with me. It is too much now. He grows bigger now, his strikes are much more devastating and his bite and claws leave me scars here and there!

So after secretly observing his martial arts training with his toys, I create this Cat Mortal Locks (the incredible Kunci Maut Kucing) , which will calm him down and make him know who is his Master!

To all the underage surfer, please leave this page as these photos are disturbing, violent and not suitable for you!!! Don't do this at home with your cat or kitten. Practiced only under observation by the professionals. ;p

The Kuncis: Voilà voilà! ;)

Kunci Patah Layar Hempap Lengan

Kunci Pasung Maharaja Kucing

Kunci Cengkam Rajawali

Kunci Panggang Kambing

Kunci Ramas Mutlak

Kunci Malaikat Subuh

Kunci Cekik Depan

Gurau jer noooo..... ;p

Well, now he knows that he won't be able to beat me, at least for the time being. Ok, before breaking fast, I have to take him out to the playground, not far from where I live. Even though we are in the center of Paris, there is still a nice spot to "play-play" with your cat or dog. Ok Joix, Silat time!!! ZATTTT! ;)

Selamat Berbuka Puasa semua! ;)

Just Thinking

Already 5th day of Holy Ramadhan.

First day: Chicken Rice & Puding Roti
2nd Day: Laksa Penang, Laksa Kelantan & Curry Puff
3rd Day: Beef Murtabak & Briyani Rice & Honey Chicken
4th Day: Black Pepper Beef & Sayur Lemak
5th Day: Omelets

But that's all about what I ate.
What about this?

1st Day: Terawih?
2nd Day: Quran recitation?
3rd Day: Zikr and remembrance?
4th Day: Tahajjud prayer?
5th Day: Sadakah?

I would be shame to Allah with my little Ibadah. O God, give me the strength to multiply the good deeds during this holy month... Amein...!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CIKGU AZIZAN IBRAHIM: A Reformer from Kelantan


It refers to one of the most outstanding and charismatic young Gurulatih, Cikgu Azizan Ibrahim and all Kelantanese Gurulatihs united with him, Ustaz Wan Halim, Ustaz Atiqullah, Cikgu Khairi and others. Married to Srikandi Za, he is a pure student of Cikgu Amin Hamzah. Not only his skills and syllabus, but also the way he speaks and teaches in Gelanggang are as like as Cikgu Amin's. I know him since I was green belt at Kelantan. He was one of the red belt holder at that time in the Machang area. I saw the diffrence between him and other Red belt holder in terms of the richness of technics and his generosity to share with the novices like me. I heard myself from Cikgu Amin, that Cikgu Azizan receives a lot of Ilmu from him.

Started to learn Silat Seni Gayong in Kelantan, he continued his training with Cikgu Amin Hamzah when he was still a student in USM. He is now one of the Gurulatih at Labuan and actively develops Silat Seni Gayong everywhere he goes, especially in Labuan, where he works, and in Kelantan, his hometown.., He speaks for the truth, and has a high confidence and certainty in his belief and his Ilmu, makes him respected by friends and enemies. Learning with him, you will get two things: Pain and Gain. Until this article is written, Cikgu Azizan Ibrahim is a holder of 3rd DAN of Black Belt and a holder of Sandang Panglima Pelangi Hitam, a sandang which only one person can hold in one state.

Cikgu Azizan opened the Gelanggang for the airforce and teach them since them until now at Labuan. Because of his love to see that Silat Seni Gayong is well established there, he postpones his intention to continue his work at Kelantan eventhough he could do that now. The day when he comes back to Kelantan, I am optimist that everything will change. For the better of course. That's why I made this article titled as a Reformer from Kelantan, which is also can be said as Kelantan Reformer.... ;) Takbir!!!Ayahanda Amin Hamzah, Cikgu Azizan, Cikgu-Cikgu and the most wanted and controversial Gurulatih Ustaz Halim! heheheheheh Gurra jah Ustaz!