Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Cikgu NorAzman

Cikgu Norazman is a lecturer at UPSI (Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris), Tanjung Malim. UPSI is always known to be the Gayong learning and training centre for the future teachers. Even one of my master, Tok Ayah Sor (Mansur Othman), the Chief of PSSGM in Kelantan, and many other Gayong Masters like Cikgu Wan Halim, the Chief of PSSGPM in Kelantan, were the Upsi-made-Gayong-Masters. I beleive that, one of the booster for Silat Seni Gayong to be spread to all over country is by these "Cikgu"s. They learned in Upsi, and were sent everywhere in Malaysia, and set up the Gelanggang whereever they be. I learned that the Senior Masters like Cikgu Mufti Ansari and Cikgu Amin Hamzah were among who taught the art to the teachers at UPSI.

I went to visit my brother at Slim River last week, and as promised with two of Cikgu Norazman's right men, Cikgu Jent and Cikgu Lan, they bring me to meet the man behind nowadays Upsi's Gayong factory. Silat Seni Gayong was accepted as the co-curriculum subject at Upsi, and there were about more than 100 students practising Gayong on the day I passed by.

Panglima and Srikandi...

Hoping to learn something from Cikgu Norazman, my Silaturrahim visit was filled with valuable lessons in the end of the day. Cikgu Norazman, is one of the Gayong Master that obtained his black belt from Gayong Pasak in Singapore, and learned with many Gayong Senior Masters all around Malaysia. Dato' Meor said once that he didn't teach Seni Gayong to only one student, but different lessons to each of them. It is our obligation, as the young and new Gayong generation to find and to learn as much as possible this art before it's too late. A ha, forgot to say, I met the most controversial Gayong blogger, Mr. Tapak Yoi! hehehhehe. We didn't spend much time together, seems he was precipitated after getting an "urgent" call from the "Ibu Gayong". lol

Otai-otai Upsi.

After the meeting, me, Cikgu Jent and Cikgu Lan, were wandering around, searching some food to fill up our hungry stomach. We discuss a lot, and learn many things with each other. Sometime, eventhough not all of us has the same political point of view, it is important to all disciples of Gayong, the children of Gayong, to unite in term of Silat Seni Gayong. We unite for the sake of the late Mahaguru. We unite for the sake of Islam and Melayu. We unite for the sake of our people. We unite for the sake of our Sultans and Kings. InsyaAllah hopefully this encounter will bring the Barokah to us.

Gayong Bersambut, Kata Bersahut

To all the Upsi Gayong fighters, all the best. Don't ever drop the trust given to you. Learn Gayong, and be Gayong. I do really hope that my children in the future will learn with you guys at school! ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Goreng Sampai Hangit Bersama Bean

Goreng Sampai Hangit Bersama Bean

Bean is a friend of mine, he's now working as an engineer at U.S. Since we know each other at Intec, Shah Alam, he was always among the talented man in the music. I heard that while completing his degrees in engineering, he continued his learning in music by investing a lot into it. As like as Silat, to be a "Guru" one needs sacrifice, constant training, devotion, and passion. The intro of one of his clip, featuring a "Dying Warrior", from the song titled "Luhur" of Kamikaze. Bon Continuation Bean, all respect to you brother.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Cikgu Jazwan Kahar

Two weeks arriving in Malaysia, and I am still looking for the Gelanggangs. It has been two times (if I'm not mistaken) that the American broadcasting groups came to Malaysia, once during the Human Weapon series, and other the National Goegraphic Channel. Both of them passed by the Gelanggang Nirwana. For most of the non-selangorian Gayong practitioners, mostly the newcomers, they hardly know the Nirwana. What is so special about this Gelanggang??? Why every foreigners who intend to see Silat Seni Gayong will come first to this Gelanggang??? The research begins, and my question answered when I got a green light from Cikgu Jazwan, the son of Gayong Master, Cikgu Kahar Redza.

That was the first time I met Cikgu Jazwan. One of the most popular young Gayong Gurulatih, who was endorsed by the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom herself, to be the supervisor for the foreign Gayong group. (until now, I don't know why PSSGM still doesn't have that function in the HQ). The Americans, (USGF), under Cikgu Syeikh Samsuddin, always trained under Cikgu Jazwan and his father Cikgu Kahar at the Nirwana. Even Cikgu Ariffin and his group Gayong UK, came to Nirwana for the training. Nirwana itself sounds good to me. It sounds like "heaven". Hehehehe. Heaven of cats, perhaps! lol ;) One of the unique quality of Nirwana, is that it blessed with thousands of cats. (am I too generous perhaps. Hundreds? ;p). I love cats. So Cikgu Nyz. I'll bring her there next week, to look a potential future spouse for our male cat, Joix.

The fact is that, Cikgu Kahar was the late Dato' Meor's driver. Many Gurulatihs, mostly in Selangor, trained under Cikgu Kahar. He is small, but has a fierce and strict looking. What made me smiling when looking to him is that he was holding a plastic bag, with a cat food. Now I understand why there is many cats at the Gelanggang. ;) Other than teaching Silat Seni Gayong, Cikgu Kahar works as a massage, traditional herbs and healing expert. He admits that he learned many traditional healing technics from the late Dato' Mahaguru.

I met also Cik Nor, and Cikgu Jazwan's little brother Jaz. Thank you Cikgu Jaz, Master Kahar and family, brother Wan and other Gurulatihs for welcoming me. InsyaAllah see you all during the competition. Ah yes, there will be a Gayong competition this weekend for Selangor. I heard that I'll start at Friday afternoon until Sunday evening at the Kompleks Muhibbah. So guys, come and bring your whole family to this event!!! ;)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Searching The Gayong Dragon...

I have only 6 months in Malaysia. I'm not going to waste it by living peacefully in my room. First thing first, I must search the nearest Gayong Gelanggangs. InsyaAllah, hope that my searching will make me find what I'm looking for. I'd never met the late Mahaguru, but at least I met him once in my dream. Everything what he said, everything what he assigned me, I kept for myself. My Allah put the late Mahaguru's soul among the beleivers and the Aulia's et the Anbia's. Amin.

My searching of the "Dragon" starts tomorrow. Eventhough I still have something to settle down, but how could I resist the temptation of sweating in my Gayong uniforms, and making new friends and meet Gayong Masters that I'd never met before? Hopefully this journey will bring me to another step in my searching the real art of Silat Seni Gayong.

All together, in one word: "ZATTT!!!!!!!".

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just before departing at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, Carole gave me a present. And it was a surprise indeed. Hehehehhe. Very cute! Love it so much! ;) Carole is one of our new student.

Thank you for all of your help, and advice. Thanks also for Cikgi Nyz, for everything that you had done! Merci beaucoup! On a quelquechose pour toi, mais derniere fois tellement qu'on etait presse, on l'a oublie a la maison! Desole!!! En Septembre alors??? Ou tu viens chez nous???? ;)

Many thanks to you too Carole for being a really good student! ;)

Narapatinantaboga in figurine... ;)
Silat Seni Gayong France

Aduuu... yang tak tahan siap Sandang, Bengkung, Logo Gayong dan Kapak .... heheheheh
Don't ever forget your hair, Cikgu! ;)
*don't worry Carole. I'll keep it for another couple of months! lol

This is actually a 2GB pendrive. What a special gift! ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sembang Anak Gayong France

Just a "sembang-sembang" among the Anak Gayong France. We all are Gayong of the late Mahaguru Dato' Meor ABdul Rahman.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Trois Cikgus de Silat Seni Gayong

Alhamdulillah, the belt grading and the initiation ceremony was done smoothly. Personally as a teacher, and officially as the Gurulatih Tertinggi (Panglima Pelangi Hitam) of Association Française Silat Seni Gayong (Silat Seni Gayong France, as registered with PSSGM), with the trust and power given from my Masters, I am proud to announce of our two instructors that will be my representatives on the land of La France. They are Mr Benjamin PONS and Mr Stephane LEPLUS. Both are the holder of Bengkung Pelangi Merah (Ceinture Rouge : Instructuer). They are my first "pure" students, that started to learn with me from the beginning and now passing their Red Belt. Bravo and facilitation!

As a teacher, I am happy to see this achievement after day and night learning, training and teaching. I received my Red Belt in 1999, and the syllabus that I learned for my red belt was the Golongan 30,21 Pukulan, 21 Elakan, 21 Kuncian, Pentas 3, Seni Siku, Seni Kaki, Tapak Yoi 4&8, Seni Pisau (asas, kuncian 1-11, Pentas Pisau 1), Seni Simbat (asas, kuncian 1-10, Pentas Simbat 1)and Seni Keris (Gerakan, kuncian 1-7, Pentas Keris). So both of them presented me the same thing I did 11 years ago. What a blues!!! ;)

Mr Benjamin PONS contacted me for the first time somewhere during october 2005, and he invited me to come to Lille. Tuan Haji Mansor Othman, a.k.a Tok Ayah, the last vice president of PSSGM, and the Yang Dipertua (Timbalan Imam Khalifah) of PSSGM State of Kelantan, was invited in 2005, with 3 Gurulatih from Kelantan, Cikgu Muhammad (Tok Ayah's Son), Cikgu Amru (ALG) and Cikgu Wadi, to officialize and to give his blessing to our association, Program Gayong Jelajah Eropah 2005. Tok Ayah made the first Mandi Tapak and Mandi Seni here in France and Belgium, with 6 first French students at that time. The late Cikgu Siti Kalsom also wrote a letter, signed, saying her blessing to the creation of our association. The development of Silat Seni Gayong takes time and now we arrive at a new step, and I am happy with the progression of Anak Gayong in France!

Hopefully next September, we will have more Red Belt holders!InsyaAllah! ;) I wish both of them congratulation, and more success in Silat Seni Gayong in the future. Congratulation also to brother Laurent and Aurelien for your white belt grading, and preparez vous pour les ceintures vertes et rouges!!!! ;)

As far as I concern, it is only our association that practice Silat Seni Gayong in France, registered and original, respecting the rules and tradition, from Malaysia. I make this clear statement as there are certain persons, from certain martial art club from France, that claim to practice Silat Seni Gayong, and use the name to attract the public.To them, I hope that you stop to pretend using Silat Seni Gayong as the syllabus, and stop using the logo of Silat Seni Gayong on your club's registration form and even on your training uniforms. The club that claim to use Silat Seni Gayong as the syllabus first must has a Gurulatih (ceritified Cikgu) from Malaysia that supervise and is the one who teach and arrange the syllabus (Directeur Technique). The club must then register with Gayong HQ in Malaysia. The club, doesn't have any relation with any Gayong Masters in Malaysia, nor using any Silat Seni Gayong syllabus. What they use is only the free style mix martial arts and self-defence, and no Adat, no Belt-Grading, no Initiation Ceremony (Bain de Fleur), and no respect at all vis-a-vis the tradition and regulation of the Dato' Meor's Silat Seni Gayong.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

L'Introduction au Tekpi

Tekpi (connu comme Saï chez les Japonais, Trident, Trisula ou Cabang chez les Indonésiens) est une arme traditionnelle chez les Malais. Contrairement ce qui est dit par certain historiens de l'origine de cette arme est en début un outil de travail, chez nous on l'appelle comme Raja Senjata (Le Roi des armes), car avec cette arme, on dit qu'on puisse battre n'importe quel arme utilisé par l'ennemie.

Cette arme est énormément pratiqué dans Pencak Silat, surtout dans Silat Seni Gayong. Personnellement, c'est mon arme préféré! Ça s'utilise tout seul, ou double, ou tout seul avec sa "maman" (Ibu Tekpi) . Comme j'ai dit aux Anak Gayong en France, pour mériter de porter une ceinture Rouge Haute (Merah Tinggi), il faut maitriser le Tekpi. C'est une arme à maitriser à ce ceinture là, avec le leçon de Parang Panjang.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Le Cour de Silat Seni Gayong (1)

I have been asked by some of my students, and certain who are interested to learn Silat Seni Gayong online. It is difficult, almost impossible, but it can be done if you have the basic and had trained once by the Gayong Masters. I'll try my best to describe and to show some of Silat Seni Gayong syllabus that we train here in France.

Before and after the training:

We start by "Buka Gelanggang" (the opening). An "Imam Gelanggang" (the chief of Gelanggang/the head instructor) will ask the students to place their hands to the ground (punch-like position) and everyone of us are asked to recite once Al-Fatihah (the first sourate in Quran), 11 times of sorate Al-Ikhlas, and 3 times Solawat to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This recitation is done quitely for everyone and only for Moslem. For those who doesn't know, the student must close the eyes and make a deep meditation, a sort of mind and spiritual preparation before the hard training. After finishing the recitation, we make a prayer for that our training will be kept safe and no accidents. The "Tutup Gelanggang" (Closing), after the training is done in the same way too.

But I suggest for those who are interested to learn Silat Seni Gayong to take the Mandi Tapak (Flower Bath/ Bain de fleur) with the autorized Gayong Master first, so that you will have the access to the real knowledge of Silat Seni Gayong. Be one of the family first, then you are one of us. Seems that there is the difficulties in term of distance, money and time, I make this "online" general basic of Silat Seni Gayong, so that those impatient future Gayong student could satisfy their curiosity, while waiting the moment that he will meet Gayong Master one day.

For the syllabus which is selected to be used in France, I stop changing it. There is just one syllabus which is used for belt grading, while others technics we put it in "Pelajaran Tambahan" (additional lesson) for the Jurulatih and Gurulatih. We love and practice all of the lessons from different Gayong Masters in Malaysia. So don't be surprise if you find some of it from Kelantan and Kedah, other from Perak, some from Selangor, Johor, or from Gayong Warisan or PASAK. All is Gayong. All is One. We are all the students of the late Mahaguru Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman.

The Levels in Silat Seni Gayong:

Hitam Kosong (debutant)

Awan Putih (avancees)

Pelangi Hijau (assistant instructeur)

Pelangi Merah RENDAH (instructeur)

Pelangi Merah TINGGI (instructeur avance)

Pelangi Kuning RENDAH (jeunemaitre)

Pelangi Kuning TINGGI (jeunemaitre avance)

Harimau Pelangi Chula Sakti (Maitre)


1) Tumbuk Pintal Tali (coup de poing tournant)
2) Tangkis Sisi (blocage haut)
3) Pancung Dayung (trachant)
4) Tumbuk Bertapak (coup de poing en se deplacant)
5) Tendang Sula (coup de pied en avant)
6) Tendang Tolak Lintang (coup de pied laterale)
7) Tebar Jala (coup de pied circulaire)

After the 7 basic for the first level, there is the Gerakan Anak Harimau 49. It is a "Jurus" or "Kata" for Silat Seni Gayong. It is beleived that the story behind the movement is that one man with his wife went to the jungle one day to collect some forest fruits and woods. Suddenly, the day was having a heavy rain and they had to had a shelter under a tree. When the rain stopped, it was already night. Fear that the journey will be dangerous in the dark, they decide to spend their night on a tree. In the morning, when they woke up, they found that a tigress just had delivered her cubs under their tree. They had to stay until the mother and her babies went away, which took days. After the tigress left, the man and his wife climbed down and returned to home safely. After a while, there was a quarrel between the man and his wife. The man raised his hand to hit, but his wife managed to escape the strike. He was surprised and asked his wife where did she learn that. The wife said that she learned from the cubs, when they were playing around, jumping, striking and blocking in front of the tigress. From there, the movement is known as "Senaman Anak Harimau" (Cub's Warming Up), or Gerakan Anak Harimau (Cub's Movements). It has 49 movements, as the 49 days that a cub will be independant from his mother. But for the first level (black belt novice/ceinture noir debutant), we learn only 10 movements.

Kaki rapat .... Gayong! (respiration) Gayong Sedia!!! (everyone shout "ZATTTT!!!)

Right Leg in front. Right Hand at position block down. Left hand at position normal (kuku harimau)

1) Tendang Sula Kiri (Left kick in front)
2) Sepak Layang (Right roundhouse kick 270 degrees)
3) Tolak Lintang Silang (Cross the legs, and left rear kick)
4) Pancung Dayung (Move slightly right leg outside, while striking with left hand)
5) Tumbuk Bertapak (Move one step ahead, while turning at our back and block up with right hand and block down with left hand)
6) Tolak Lintang Silang (Cross the legs, and left rear kick)
7) Pancung Dayung (Move slightly right leg outside, while striking with left hand)
8) Tumbuk Bertapak (Move one step ahead, while turning at our back and block up with right hand and block down with left hand)
9) Tolak Lintang Silang (Cross the legs, and left rear kick)
10) Harimau (Tiger Position). Certain school they right punch to the ground, while other "Simpan Kuku", tiger hiding his claws by crossing his hands)

Then, in the first level, the student learn 7 Kunci Maut (Dead-Lock), 7 Kombat (counter attacks) and 7 Pukulan Maut (Dead-Strikes). There is also Pentas Kunci (Kunci Hidup), the counter-lock/le contre-clefs, and Pentas Pukulan, the counter-dead-strikes to complete their first level of obtaining the white belt Awan Putih. The is the acrobat technics, and sparring, normally one versus two adversaries.

For the reasons of traditional adab and professional policies, I wouldn't show the video technics of Kunci Maut (locks), Pukulan or Kombat here publicly. However for those Gayong Jurulatih or Gurulatih, you can ask me privately so I can link you directly to my private youtube link.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Musafir & Tawakkal

this is the land of King Leonidas....!

It has been one week and half that I am "en voyage". Those scandinavia countries of Norway, Sweeden and Finland were really blessed with heavy snow. Soubhanallah....
After travelling in extreme cold in the north, here I am in a mediteranean country of Grece. A land of myth and old civilisation. I am just having a good vacation before going back to my country to work! lol This country reminds me a lot to the mediterrenean countries I've visited, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordanie and Egypt, couple years ago.

My Master taught me once, everytime I arrive safely in a foreign land, whether by boat, bus or plane, we touch the soil first while make a prayer. "Di Tanahair Ku Kau Jaga Aku, Jagalah Aku Juga Di Tanah Asing Ini" (On my land You take a good care of me, so please o Lord take care of me on this foreign land!)
Alhamdoulillah... as far as I have been travelling, sometime without anything only my passport, in foreign countries, the God is always helping us. The "Musafir" or "Merantau" is really important for the development of our spiritual strength. It is the moment where we learn the Trust, the Faith, and Beleive in Him.

I remember the history of Prophet Moses (a.s), when the God asked him to go and preach the Pharaoh, Moses was worried about his family, who will take care of them. Then Allah asked him to hit a big stone with his stick. The stone broke, and surprisingly, there was a little tiny worm inside the stone. And there was a small green piece of leaf that the worm ate. The God asked Moses to hear what the worm whisper. Moses approached his ear and heared the worm's prayer. "Souhanallazi man yaroni, wa ya'rifu makani, wa yarzukni, wa la yansaani" (All praise to The One who always sees me, who knows my place, who sustains me and who never forgets me). Moses understood then, that it is not him who protect his family, but it is the God himself who protects. The history of this little worm, was the cause of Malay proverb "Ulat Dalam Batu Pun Boleh Hidup" (Even a worm inside a stone can live), showing the high degree of "Tawakkal" of a person.

Hopefully during this Musafir, I will learn more and more the Tawakkal to my Lord.

Hasbunallahi wani'mal wakil, la haulawala kuwwatailla billahil a'liyyula'zim....