Monday, March 26, 2012


Alhamdulillah Gelanggang Naga Rantau had successfully organized a camp of "A Step To A Pendekar's Life" at Bukit Keluang, Terengganu. Eventhough we had faced some technical problem before the program, the Naga Rantau had used all of the sources to make the program happened.

The Naga Rantau team moved from Pekan and Gambang in the early morning. Since this is our first camp together, many thing had to be done before departing. Most of the members slept only one hour at 5 o'clock in the morning to prepare expecially the food and drinks. We arrived at after the Jumaat prayer at Bukit Keluang with our blue-yellow university bus!

The idea of this camp initially came when I talked with the newly intake students of Silat Seni Gayong at Gambang couple of months ago. We talked about the experiences of me and my Masters in becoming a teacher in this art. One of the interesting part was about the "Bertapa" /"Pertapaan". This is a sort of a moment when one start to learn to know himself, and His creator through various type of effort such as fasting, praying, remembering and lot of restrain from the worldly needs. I had an experience when I finished my secondary school and started to get crazy about the Kebatinan world. Luckily I didn't hurt my self of doing such thing. So the idea is to give the Naga Rantau members to have such a little experience of "Bertapa", without any physical risk of accident.

Before doing anything, we set up our campsite. Then the grouping and tasks giving session to everyone.

At the same time, my family had a 40days-Tahlil of my grandmother who had passed away. We invited the neighbours and also the Hafiz students to do the tahlil and recitation of 30 Juzu' of the Holy Quran. The Naga Rantau and 2 bus drivers were also participated the event at my home.

After midnight, some had fallen asleep. While others were looking to the entertainment. There is no better entertainment during a campsite than a campfire! ;) We should have foreseen to have a BBQ that night, but seems everone was still full and eager to have the "Pertapaan", we waited until it was getting 'dark'.

At 2 o'clock in the morning, everyone woke up and assembled. Some guidances, rules and rememberances were shared among the Naga Rantau and we started with Doa so that everyone was protected from any harm.

One by one was placed somewhere in the bush, under the tree, in front of the old toilet, and every where in the dark. And no handphone, no watch, no electronic devices were allowed. I left them about one hour and started to pick them one by one. Thanks God nothing bad happened and everyone started to share their experience of "an hour of meditation"! ;)

Most of them didn't sleep at all after the Pertapaan.

Other purpose of this camp is to make sure that every Pendekar should know how to make food! I still remember about a Master adviced me to master three things : The Religion, the Martial Art, and the Cooking. He said that when every young student have these 3, no matter how, the parents don't worry about their children whereever they travel.

In the morning, everyone was in Gayong uniform for the exercice.

Ari was running in the wrong way. Haziq was still dreaming. Ehsan was running while keeping look at back.

Bukit Keluang Beach

We are not far from Perhentian Island!

No Pain, No Gain. Don't forget the photo!

SriKandi-SriKandi Naga Rantau

Eating in a Talam is our custom. Sharing is Caring. ;)

Ustaz Hanifan said "you see, I told you this is not Buffaloo, this is Chicken!!!" Tok Adi just nodded his head.

Mr Shabb Kaliber was threatened by a phrase of MastaChef Afiqah: "Hitting with a Senduk then you won't get married forever!"

The Kunoichi Naga Rantau: A girl Ninja with sharp eye and knife. Cutting the veg!!!!! ZAT!

The first group assignment was to design the group name, the Naga Rantau logo, and the Naga Rantau songs.

Luqman was...... to be continued. hehe

They want the Naga Rantau logo would be like this!

No No. We want like this. This is better!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOONN. I'm the president, so it will be like this!!!!

Tasting the food

In the afternoon we trained at the beach. Some explainantion of Seni Pukulan Wanita, Seni Lutut and Seni Siku, and video activity for Naga Rantau were done.

Mengasah Siku....

Some Kain Tudung techniques for Sri Kandis....

At night I invited Cikgu Nasir and Cikgu Hudrus at our modest camp. I took that chance to have Cikgu nasir talked about the Keris, it's fabrication and it's Adat in Gayong. Alhamdulillah, and thank you Cikgu for coming and share with us those precious information!

In the morning, we went to hike the Bukit Keluang.

It took an hour if i'm not mistaken to be on top.

On the top, very nice view and everyone seems excited and happy.

...But there forgot that was only half of the path! hehehehe

Our Naga Rantau photographer, kesian xbyak gambar dia. Next time kena ada 2 orang photographer!!!

Patung yg diukir sebijik macam ahli Naga rantau kami di pintu depan Kem.

Masa yang ditakuti oleh para Pendekar. Pertapaan Srikandi yg takut. Tapi sesi ni yg lelaki plak yg takut: Sesi Mengurut.

Sebab kena pilih 3 orang untuk tayang bodi jadi model kena urut. Siap kena cabut undi hehehehe

Maka 3 yg terpilih diurut. Yang lain khusuk belajar dan ambil tips dari Pak Su Lib, tukang urut keluarga kami.

Jo ambil peluang diurut juga.

Sunday, we departed back to Pahang. I would like to thank to all of Naga Rantau Cikgu-Cikgu and members for make this happen, and my highest gratitude to UMP, JHEPA, and our guests that came to visit and share with all of anak Naga Rantau. God bless you and hope that we could meet again. ;)


Thursday, March 22, 2012


Cikgu Faiz (Pusaka Johor), Ustaz Firdaus (ADMAA), Cikgu Hakimi, Cikgu Hakim, Cikgu Azami (Pssgm Serawak) and Atai (Gelanggang Naga Rantau)

Mee Kolok

Laksa Serawak

A supper at Pasar Satok

Atai and Cocktail

Teh Serawak .... meleleh air liur...

Pakcik was makin a wooden keris with Belian wood

A woman making a cloth

A Orang Ulu with his Sapeh


Enjoying a fresh baked Tebaloi

Spotting the Orang Utan. How many here you could spot?

With Kekanda Baba, the 3 colour layer cake, gambir, kayu Tas and man's stuff seller. :)

With Ricky of Threehouse. ;)