Monday, October 26, 2009

BRUCE LEE: His encounter of Gayong

The purpose of learning Silat Seni Gayong is not only to learn the late MAHAGURU's fatal one-finger attack or a Kipas Senandung strikes that kicked the ass of many legendary martial art fighters. But learning Silat Seni Gayong meaning we make the philosofies of Gayong as our way of life. Most of the people, don't know the fact that the late MAHAGURU met (and fought) once the most popular Hollywood martial art actor, Bruce Lee. I had heard this story since my first steps in Gayong, but I'd rather considered it as a "tales". But the more I dive into the histories and the practices of Gayong, the more I can accept and beleive the story, especially as my many years practices starts bear it's fruits to me myself.

I believe that the fight between the late MAHAGURU and Bruce Lee was true, and I beleive that the late MAHAGURU had defeated him as what the story told. Many of Gayong seniors had heard it from the words of MAHAGURU himself about the fight and certain had record his speechs. But unfortunately, certain tapes have been damaged or lost. If there any Gayong seniors who still have the tape, please be free to share it with me!

It took me years to decide to reveal this story to the "outsider", to speak publicly in the net and to my students in France, and I can expect many reactions from everyone, mostly the europeans. But after encountering many Gayong master, who are also the "fighter'', I start to ask myself: if the students of the late MAHAGURU, who almost of them are now at 60's and 70's, are still fit, strong and fast enough to kick your ass out of you while you are still young, martially intelligent, and in 20's, how were they when they were young? And how about their Master, the Founder and the Grand Master of Silat Seni Gayong himself at that time? I had the chance to see (eventhough I was still new in Gayong at that time) how Gayong Master ''play'' the ItaliqueGayong technics, like Cikgu Awang Daud, Cikgu Majid, Cikgu Amin Hamzah, Cikgu Sazali, Pak Ngah Izahar or even the late Cikgu Ahmad Lazim (and many others Gayong Masters that I can't recite all here).

Even after the death of MAHAGURU, the best fighters from outside Malaysia still came to meet and challenge the MAHAGURU, (which was not fullfilled) but still were "satisfied" (defeated) by the Gayong seniors. One of the stories I heard was told by Pak Ngah Izahar himself, when a fighter from europe came to search for MAHAGURU at the Gayong training center of Ayer Kuning. He met Cikgu Siti Kalsom and Cikgu Sazali (which I think he must have some "friendly" duel with Cikgu Sazali), and his searching made him encounter Pak Ngah Izahar at Batu Kurau. After the fight, he was convinced that he was defeated by an old "small" Malay master and asked Pak Ngah to teach him Silat Seni Gayong. The stories of what happened next, and just before he met Pak Ngah, I'll let you come to Batu Kurau and ask Pak Ngah yourself! hehehehhe.His stories has similarities with the encounter of the late Mahaguru with Blaise Loong, in the way how does those stranger finally became Anak Gayong. Of course, the late Mahaguru didn't teach them in the way he taught our senior masters. But it proves that this deadly martial art had been tested not one but many times since the time of it's first coming.

This is what I heard from some Gayong masters and gayong seniors, and it still can be read in Malay at one of the Gayong website.

The story of Bruce Lee and MAHAGURU started when MAHAGURU made a flight stop-over at Hong Kong, after returning from UK. The Chinese Dragon Bruce Lee knew that MAHAGURU was in Hong Kong and grabbed the chance to arrange a meeting with him at the airport. As like as the old days, when 2 fighters meet, a skill-excanges is unavoidable. It is a gift for the fighters, to mesure their own capacities. They met in a private room and the fight began. From what I had heard from the seniors in Gayong, MAHAGURU hit Bruce with one of the special Jurus in Gayong known as Kipas Nandung. It was a "poisonous'' technic and the ''venom, a sort of hot internal energy, was injected into the body". Bruce gained his consciousness after being waken up by Mahaguru. The late Mahaguru asked him to come to Malaysia to see him and let him heal the injuries. But the late Bruce never came, but instead use his last breath to make many research on Silat and Pencak and died of drug excess. Dommage, that's how we say in French, of the lost of this Martial Art Researcher. But his death cause make me think that, maybe the effect of the poisonous Kipas Nandung, that cause him to take drugs to bear the pain? Hmmmm...... interesting! (must seek my master to teach me well this thing! hohohoohho)

What ever the truth is, I beleive that they did really have a fight. Because it is the way of fighter, and both were the top in this field. When people sell, we buy, isn't it? ;) What I like of Bruce is that, he was a confident man, and he searched the efficent part of traditional chinese and japanese martial arts. He should have started to search at the Nusantara, the root of Pencak Silat, where the efficient way is in the path the traditional arts.....


Friday, October 16, 2009

CIKGU SUHAILI : My Gurulatih

I make a link to one of my youtube channel, a video of him explaining a lock technic. Click on the photo to check this out.

Cikgu Suhaili Che Soh (Ayah Lee) is one of the senior Gurulatih at Kelantan. I was lucky enough to have been learning and training under him. The history of Silat Seni Gayong club at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kamil (national secondary school) marked by many changing of instructors. Started with Gayong Pusaka under the late Cikgu Zulkarnain and Cikgu Adi, then went through Gayong Malaysia under Pak Jab and his family, and finally Tok Ayah Mansor (YDP Kelantan) sent Cikgu Suhaili Che Soh to teach us the Kamilian. All the time, whoever Gurulatih from outside sent for us, we were trained under Ku Rashid (Ayah Sik) and Tuan Sanusi (Ayah Si). 2 others Jurulatihs were Ijak and Pok Dek, our Gayong senior at Pasir Puteh.

Abe Midi, Abe Jan, Tok Ayah, Ayah Lee, Abe Nahar, Abe Yo

I was surprised after checking my previous posts, that I've forgotten to write about him! My previous students Hamid, Sebastien, Serge and Elodie had met him when they were at Malaysia and even passed their white belt with him. Cikgu Suhaili is a committed and talented Gayong Master. He started learning Gayong with Cikgu Ibrahim (one of the Khalifah Besar of Kelantan) and Haji Mansor Othman.

Ayah Lee, Ustaz Halim

I know that I should not to reveal this publicly in this blog. But seems I am his student, and I know him since many years, I think I must share this that will make us think. Cikgu Suhaili, as like as many Gayong Master at his age, doesn't have a real job. Since his teen life was spent to learn Gayong, he didn't receive any formal higher education like most of young Gayong generation do now. He makes his living, with his family, by doing some instant job like working as part time night guard or cutting the grass.

Gayong Machang 90's

Even though he has a "difficult" life, he never stop teaching Silat Seni Gayong. Sometimes, when four or five of us, came to his house to learn Gayong at Friday night, after 30minutes motorcycle riding across the dark 'haunted' hill of Bukit Jawa, he always welcome us wholeheartedly and tried to serve us foods and drinks, even though it was the only thing that they will eat for the rest of the week.

I had witnessed once, when we passed by his house to train as usual, but the house was dark. We thought no one was there and maybe he forgot about the Friday night training. So we came back to our house and trained ourselves at the nearby field until morning. It was 3 days later that we discovered, Cikgu Suhaili was there waiting for us that night, but the house was dark because the electricity was cut off since he can't pay the bill for couple of months.

Tok Ayah and Anak Anak Gayong

We we learned this, we felt sad and sympathy, but proud of him. So every time we come to train, we made a habit to bring everyone of us, some "Buah Tangan", whether it was foods, drinks, or money for him. As usual, a Malay Gayong Master like him refused to accept those things from students like us. But we insisted and made it a "tradition" every time going to meet a Master.

Do we ever think about our Master's needs? We are not making a "modern-like" Master-Students relationship of I-pay-you-everymonth-fees-then-I-am-not-interested-with-your-private-life. We are making a REAL relationship. Helping your Master is a noble deed. Our Master is like our own family and we must help them to keep them spreading the art for the new generation.

Cikgu Suhaili is not the only one who has experienced the difficulties in teaching Gayong. Even we can say most of the elder Gayong Masters (those who helped the late MAHAGURU spreading the art all over Malaysia) are having the same situation. Malay people is a nation of principles. One of the principles is not "selling" the Silat knowledge as to make living. As what Mahaguru said, if he'd ever wanted to be rich, he would have been rich. But Silat Seni Gayong is a Malay heritage that cannot be sold.

The question is, how earning money to make living while not breaking the tradition? How could a Master can make a good life for his family only by teaching Silat? Those solutions are with us, the new generation of Silat. We have many professionals nowadays, and must create a system that can generate incomes. As long as Malay people doesn't realized the value of their own martial arts, nothing will change. That's why we must promote this art everywhere, fill the internet with many articles, videos and photos. Spread the informations around us, schools, universities, offices, markets, everywhere. The more Silat materials people can see, they more Silat gain their trust. By doing this, we are not only helping to keep our own culture, but also helping our dearest Masters continue their "battle". At least, every time I come to Malaysia with my students, everyone of them gave something to my Master (or Masters). That means a lot to them. It is not only a "Thanks". It's an "Appreciation".......

*hoping to be visited by anak gayong when the moment comes that I will be too old to move around anymore...

Gayong Class at Paris


We are now at Paris 10th Arrondissement.

Instructor: Cikgu Shaiful Hakim MOHAMED NOOR

Every Friday night 21h-22h30.

The address:

Génération Tao,
144 Boulevard de la Villette,
75019 Paris.

How to get there:
Take Metro 2 (Porte Dauphine-Nation) and stop at station Colonel Fabien. Go out the station, walk around (clockwise) the Place de Colonel Fabien and cross 2 roads. The third road is Boulevard de la Villette. Take that one and continue walking. The hall is at your right.

Our club at Lille is still at the same place.

Instructor: Jurulatih Benjamin PONS

Complexe Sportif du Fort,
salle des Sports Alain Poher,
Chemin Saint Georges,

Tuesday 19h30 - 21 h
Friday 19h30 - 21h

some photos at our new training hall (Paris):


Raya With PM at Paris

Pavillion Dauphine


Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak

I think everyone knows that our PM came here in Paris last time for diplomatic reason and Raya celebration. What interest me most is the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy made a statement that La France will give his maximum help in term of technology exchange, mainly the nuclear industries. He wants to make La Malaisie his close ally at the South East Asia. Hmmmmmm..... I'm wondering what is his intention exactly??

Students most favorite VIP... ;)

By the way, I ate a lot during the Raya celebration at the Pavillion! hehhehe. Among those French starters or deserts that served that day (a part of Malaysian Raya food), I enjoyed a lot those Macaron: The french colorful biscuit. I bought once a Macaron of size 7 cm diameter at the Quart Temps La Défense, that cost me 3 euros. I finished it only in 3 handsome bites, which made me ask myself the rationalism of buying the biscuit. If I add another 1 euro, I could get a Halal big Double Cheese Kebab, with sauce Ketchup Samurai BBQ, and Salade Tomate Oinion bien rempli! Ah, gastronomy! ;)

devastatingly delicious french starter and dessert that make me forget the PM was there giving his speech.

It was scheduled a session of PM with students. They arranged the room to welcome hundreds Malaysian students. What made me completely frustrated is that, we were not allowed to ask the questions, well...almost. The questions were limited to three, no four, and those who were picked out to ask the questions were those whose their faces were familiar to the ambassador. I had a question, which was really important. It is not concerning a politic or social issue, but rather about the technology prospect that I think our country must not be left behind. Seems that I am not popular enough to get the VIP's attention, I have no choice than to wait another 20 years to make that decision myself after being elected as a new PM. Oppss!!! Not another day dreaming! ;p hehehehhe

Freezin tiger invisible dragon

After few years of determination looking for the real Yu Shulien, a female warrior in the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon film, I finally met Datuk Michelle Yeoh. Waaaaaa..... ni hao ma???? Ni hen ker ai! (main agak jer eja ni! hehehe)

Two adult fans in black, two children fans in green, one celebrity in white..... Ops! ;)

Our Satay Chef was imported from Holland. They were the experts invited by Tourism Malaysia of France. There was even a kugiran band invited to make the performance on that night. It was a gift for those Kaki Joget. Heheheheh.

Kugiran from istana budaya

Joget ...joget... joget lagi! ;)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Blues of Me

I got a message in my facebook inbox today. It was sent by a good friend of mine, Cikgu Hafiz, an engineering student and a Gayong teacher at Stoke-on-Trent. It was not a really good news, a part of certain things. He said that he had accomplished his studies there and returning to Malaysia for good really soon. It was a lightning struck for me. Since teaching here in France, one by one of our members dissappear. Kak Nisa', Kak Izdza, Diana, Liyana, Ipin and many others were our Gayong family members from Ireland that already left us here. Many will do so. My Silat partners, like Cikgu Rais from Bristol, Cikgu Faiz and Cikgu Warid from Plymouth were those I used to meet in Dublin, Paris or UK to exchange some Gayong technics and to train for demos.

Me too, I'll leave La France after completing my studies. I'll leave my Silat Seni Gayong France (AFSSG) to my students to continue our activites and tradition. But seems that many advices urge me to stay, and for the certain personal reasons, I'll try my best to stay here another couple of years for my PhD... hopefully I can find somewhere here in Paris!

I should have started "blogging" since I start teaching here, to introduce some of the good Anak Gayongs, but I am not talented in writing, especially in English! Most of them are students, but have the hearts of steel, and the courage to bring back Gayong wherever they live. Cikgu Hafiz, for example, had been critisized, harshly, by certain Gayong people of teaching Silat Seni Gayong there, eventhough what he was doing is legal. He travels a long way journey from Stoke to Plymouth, to give assistance to Cikgu Faiz and Cikgu Warid to start Gayong class for university, and even to teach some Silat stuff for a theater! For Cikgu Rais, how many times did he go to Dublin to teach Gayong to the Anak Gayong of Ireland. And how many did Kak Izdza, Firdaus (a.k.a Taro) and others spent to welcome us Cikgu-Cikgu at their home and treated us a warm tasty Briyani. How difficult Cikgu Fadhlil and Cikgu Haris to come to train the Anak Gayong even though it was during the period of examination. And how those Anak-Anak Gayong, Diana, Syiqin, Feer, Liyana, Ju, Munirah, Asrih, Tun, Ipin, Muhaimin, Ammar, Fahim, Taro, Chot and Eroz "fight" bravely day and night for their belt grading during the winter season, eventhough their bare feet numbed and caught a 40 degrees fever after that!

All of Gayong students in oversea, do as same as their Master did when they were younger. Sacrificing time, money, energy, and many other commitments for the sake of Gayong. That's why we have to choose to be "Crazy" to build something concrete. We don't expect anything from anyone. What we need is only our Guru's blessing and Doa for what we do. I remembered the moments when I was isolated, backstabbed and slandered. It was so hard that made me to give up everything. But when suddenly, my soul spoke to me, reminded me one thing that I learned at the Mosque. "Ikhlas, the sincerity, is a virtue that one attains, when the praises don't make him happier, and the curses don't make him sad".

That is why this petit-malaisien still running here and there with his bag full of Keris and Parang to see Anak Gayongs really exist in France. What really counts me, is whether my Masters are still have their trust to me for what am I doing......


Monday, October 12, 2009

DISNEYLAND: Don't Expect The Expected...




Everyone screamed to death, including me. I was falling with a velocity of 9.8m/s,which is parallel vertically with the gravity force to the earth like the apple of Newton. With my weight of at least 65kg, at the height of more than 100 metres to the sky, my potential force will give me a final velocity of more than 40m/s before crashing on the ground. If I am lucky enough, the ground must have a weak rigidity coefficient, absorbing some percentage of momentum, that reduce the impulse by prolonging the time during the impact and I would only suffer of half-paralyse due to the broken vertebrae, instead of kicked the bucket forever due to the excess shock to the medulla oblongata.

As far as I can see the sky, the roof, the clouds, I instantly asked myself why I feel so weird of doing this. No panics, it is just that I was beseated in a chair, with 23 other persons in a spooky haunted lift that fall ''willingly'' for the purpose of 5 minutes adrenaline-pump at the Hollywood Tower. Yes, that ''flippant'' tower situated at the Walt Disney Studio, Disneyland.

I am not a type that would spend money to snap a photo with Mickey or little Mermaid. 7 years living in France, with everytime family and friends came to Paris asking me to bring them to Disneyland, I would happily bring them to the gate, left them, and went back to my home alone and prefer to take another 40 minutes in train with direction to Paris centre, than running around the parks from 10a.m to 10p.m. just to use the 68 euros entrance ticket as much as possible. I'd rather lying back on my bed and enjoying watching the torrent downloaded movies. It's free, and I'm happy.

But now I understand why Prophet Adam (pbuh) took that ''Khuldi" fruit in the Paradise, after persuaded by his beloved Eve (pbuh). Being a strong and firm Gayong ''Master'', with ''thousands'' of students all over the world, I was finally lost in the battle against the lovely voice of Cikgi Nyz, which made me totally melted and evaporated in the sky, leaving me a 10 cents size of courage to say ''NO'' to her wish of going to ''where-a-Gayong-Cikgu-normally-must-not-be-seen-Disneyland-park''

First step in front of the gate, I was welcomed by the spot-check guards looking for any bazookas or samurai sword in the kids's Ben 10 bag. But they still managed to force themselves to smile to those excited kids, with the wish of ''passez une bonne journee!''. Second step was harder, a dead-like serpent queue that took me one hour to reach to the counter, after having those kids yelling, laughing, screaming, and my post-Raya stomach ''fingering'', that killed my mood. But as a warrior, I still kept standing proudly.

lovely Snow White teeth and a retarded giant-head baby... lol

Third step, after buying the ticket, we found the lovely Snow White with one of her dwarf, with a big group of kids hugging them waiting their parents take the photos. The worst part was that every kid had an autograph book and were determinedly wanted her autograph inside the books. Another one hour to arrive in front of them but finally they turned their back to see other children at the other side.Quel dommage! I think I must be look like a Taliban or what that make them run away from me. (but I still liked her shining white teeth! lol) Poor Cikgi Nyz and Puteri! However, we managed to take their photos with Ariel the little mermaid. Really, she was beautiful. Not as beautiful as my Cikgi Nyz though. ;)

Ariel that metamorphosed into Mermaid, wearing a pair of red-shell-like-bra few minutes later...! (oh la la!!!)

Next time I'll kidnap this little red dragon Mushu. Suitable to be used as my Bantal Peluk... Boleh laa Mulan?! ;)

This MK gave Fawwaz a real nice welcome gesture: Elbow strike direct to his right eye... Poor kid!

I was so bored until I came to a cowboy-like cabane, where I can use the gun to shoot the targets. As I realized that the game doesn't interest the girls, we moved to the Mine train. A small type roller coaster that even 5 years boy can come in. The queue was too long. Estimated waiting time: 50 minutes. In the middle of queue, suddenly Danish wanted to pee. Impossible to return back, I asked him to hold his need. That day I understand that when a 5 years old boy says he want to pee, than you must stop everything and bring him to the toilet, eventhough you are busy handling the most risky task at the nuclear plant. He peed already, half-tank I think. Another half I supposed that he wanted to donate to a proper place.

Ejoying the view...

Cikgi Nyz, Puteri and he went to the toilet and waited us outside. Me and Fawwaz we stood still, determined to try this train. Just right after we started to feel our feet so damn tired, we arrived at the depart point, and excitedly sat in the train. 5 minutes ''du bonheur" paid our patience. Not bad, for the beginning. We then went out and searched for them. It was then we discovered that there were the fast-tickets availables and will take us only 10 minutes waiting to the train!

They still got time to pose in front of the camera while driving... Women! ;)
(they are in front of us)

We then explored the park, guided by the map. One whole day, we manage to play only in the Disney park, and only the games and roller coaster for kids. Buzz lightyear, haunted house, Rolling Stone cars, Pirates of Carribean, etc.... Not so satisfied. We then went back to Paris and took a good rest at Cik Faris's house that night.

Limited budget: Only amateur picture of me and Danish
Madame Sleeping Beauty's house. She forgot to lock the door.
High scored Super Father-Will Be contest candidate. K.O at the end of the day.

In the morning, pretending that I was going to Silat class, I went out with Cikgi Nyz again to Disneyland, left the children home. This time, we took our revenge, to play the Indiana Jones and Mountain Space roller coaster, especially for ''Adult''! We even managed to play inside the Walt Disney studio, the well-known Rock-N-Roll Roller Coaster and Hollywood-Scared-You-To-Death-Tower.

What amaze me a lot, is the maintenance system that they have. There must be a "sacre-boulot'' to maintain the whole parks. The landscape is perfect, and they do know to play with emotions. Colors, musics, animations, and everything were well-calculated. If they didn't apply the physics aeroacoutics principes, I am sure that everyone enter the parks will come out being deaf or mentally disturbed person! Imagine every single metre, they place the hidden loudspeaker that has different theme song, depend on the place you walk in.

Finally, I found myself admitting that I enjoyed my self in the Disneyland, mostly because I paid nothing for the entrance tickets, for me and for Cikgi Nyz! (shhhh....! I can't reveal the secret now, as I need to go back there again! hehhehee). This is my second theme park after visiting Europa Park 6 years ago at Germany. By the way, special thanks to Cik Faris's family, and brother Deeno's family for what-you-know-why! hehehehehhe.

Oh God, I still haven't prepared any thing to present tomorrow for my Mars Reacher project! But my eyes felt so heavy and the bed was so soft and warm, to let me decide to pursue my Mars project things in my dream during this chilly Autumn night.....
ZZZZZZZZZ.... Bonne nuit! ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am so busy lately. I got three professional projects and one research to be done by the end of this year. Our Silat Seni Gayong class has started since 3 weeks, and seems this year we have new motivated students, with certain of them come from other martial art schools.

Who doesn't know Cikgu Mufti Ansari? He was the first one who came in France in the late 80's, and taught Silat Seni Gayong in many places in Europe, after having the permission from the late Mahaguru to do so. Since we exchange many news between us, I learn and understand many things. One of his message is about the Sundang Lipas: A double edges Bugis sword. The Bugis warrior were known to be the sea explorer. So this kind of sword was practical since it is carried on their back during their works on the ship. Compared with it's "cousins", the Parang (machete) and the Pedang (sabre), Sundang Lipas is a weapon that not used to block during the battle. It is taught only to the experts, as it needs a very fast movements, in escaping, approaching and striking the enemy at the same moment. Even though through his simple explanation, I think I understand what he's trying to tell me. After years of training the weapons, Yoi, Selayang Pandang, and so on, we finally allowed to learn the Sundang Lipas. The point is not learning the technics, but rather learning the "Seni" itself....

Other weapon that he explained is the "Serampang". Only certain of the old masters still know this kind of weapon. It exists in two forms: Serampang Laut (Sea Halberd) and Serampang Barat (West Halberd). This weapon was especially designed to fight against many enemies during the battle. More the enemies come, the better it serves!

There are many weapons that must be revealed. Many of the Gayong practitioner knows only the principal weapons like Simbat, Pisau, Keris, Parang, Lembing and Cindai. There are many things to be learned from the 'old' Gurulatihs (those Gurulatih who learned directly from the late Mahaguru) before it is too late for us!

I have been criticized many time by certain people, of being crazy in learning different types of weapons in Pencak Silat generally and in Gayong especially. They said that, once you are good in Silat with the bare hands, you don't need to waste your money and time to learn the "unpractical" weapons, that do not exist anymore. They talk about the Self-Defence, the close-combat and the street-fighting. I simply replied to them that, it is my passion, to learn all of this stuff. It develops my combat skills and the fluidity of my martial movements, of spending hours for traditional weapon trainings. It doesn't mean that those who learn traditional weapon don't know how to fight in the street. In the contrary, those who learns diferent types of weapons, are better and more intelligent, as he learns to know how to use the different objects in different situations. In a simple word: a real fighter!

Learning various type of weapons in Pencak Silat reminds me a lot to Ninjitsu: The art of war from the invisible assassins called "Ninja". What a coincidence, that many of my students here said that Gayong has many similarities with the Ninjitsu! (many weapons, devastating bare-hand technics, using the environment during the battle etc...)!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roqya (part one)


Roqya is a healing method based on the Qoran recitations and the Prophetic medicins.

It has been a long time that my last time performing the Roqya. It was done to one of Moslem sister here in France. She had a problem every time she wanted to sleep. During the Roqya session, she was entering into the trans-like state and started to reveal ''himself'' to us. Her problem is that she is completly healthy, but had a serious problem at work. Since she was promoted, she lost all of her ability to think rationally and to work efficently. Everytime she want to sleep at home, she felt as she was tied inside a tomb that make her awake due to the fears, and finally always slept at work because of the tiredness. Finally we discovered that she was attacked by "Sihir'' (black magic) sent to her from one of the jealous collegue.

Nowadays, many people don't believe with the ''invisible'' creatures like Jinn or what ever. They don't believe because they can't see. What would they think about the people in the previous century who didn't believe the existance of the virus and bacteria, because they coudn't see it as the microscope hadn't yet been created? One thing invisible in front of our normal eyes doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

Sad to say, when someone had a problem that cannot be explained by our ''modern'' medicine point of view, we simply classify the case as the problem of psychology. The problem is not solved, moreover we add his suffering by prescribing him the drugs, which are dangerous for his health in a long terms period.

Before I share some of my previous experience of performing Roqya, it is important to know why everyone must know the Roqya, and know some of ''basic'' information about the invisible world. Believe it or not, every man and women on earth was born with a Qarin (close 'friend') with him. If you were born Moslem, it doesn't mean that the Qarin will be Moslem too. He/She could be Christian, Hinduist, Buddhist, Sikh, Communist or Athist or anything else. They have the ''Nafs'' (desire) too. As human being, they eat and drink, and need sex too!

Emotionally, we are influencing them, and so they are influencing us too. Our mental (Brain) is like a minister, who controls his army (body parts) and all physical activities. But the one who controls the minister is the president. The president is our soul. It is him who gives the orders and there is where the feeling comes from. It is said that the soul is in the heart, scientifically. But only God knows best. So since we were born together with our Qarin, we are connecting each other with our heart. If we feel something is good, it is probably that our rational thinking make us think that, or the feeling perception that we receive from our Qarin.

I make a simple example; A husband and a wife had a great moment all night long, wake up in the morning with happiness and smiles, and everything was totally Ok. The husband went out for work, and came back as usual, at the same time like everyday, but what he found was that his wife was in a bad mood. Nothing happened at the house when he was off to office. Even the wife didn't know why she felt that she hated her husband when he came back from work! This "unreasonable'' feelings, came from now where, without any logic explaination, was due to the conflict between their Qarins! When the husband left, his Qarin had a quarell with the Qarin of his wife. The bad feeling from the wife's Qarin; angry, hatred and sad then were transfered to her and made her reacted the same way her Qarin did. Why was only the wife influenced by the feelings, not her husband? It is because the different level of ''protection'' (or as what I call as ''Jinn immunity'') of them.

The Roqya permits us to have protection against all of the outside influences. We are the one who should control ourselves, not the outsiders! By practicing the Roqya, we are creating a self-defense system that make us independant and free. They said that, those who believe in the existance of the Jinn, will suffer of living in fears and traditions. So they decide not to "think and learn'' about this internal protection. Sadly, they are wrong. Not believing, that make them not making any effort to protect them selves, will cost them very much. Is it normal to be forced to follow anything from anyone? Of course not! But by not protecting yourself, is like letting your minds controlled by the outsiders.....

So who are those outsiders? There are 3 types of them:

1) Ainn (the bad eyes)

2) Jinn (genies)

3) Sihr (black magic)

to be continued...

Silat Terms in French (lesson 1)

Ok, ready for a French lesson!

Read the sign (') as A'in in Arabic.

Basic Silat terms:
Tumbuk= coup de poing : ku de poa'

Tendang= coup de pied: ku de pi-ey

Siku= coup de coude: ku de kud

Lutut= coup de genoux: ku de jhenu

Pancung dayung= tranchant: tro-sho'

Tangkis sisi= blocage: blokaj

Cakar=griffe: grif

Cucuk mata= picquer les yeux: pikey ley zi-e

Kunci= les clefs: ley kley

Buka Gelanggang= Ouverture: uvekh-chukh

Tutup Gelanggang=Fermeture: fekhmey-chukh

a la prochaine...! ;)


Coucou tout le monde!!!

Today is 2nd day of our research program at university. This year, we have every of us 3 professional projects: One in Aerospace, one in Aeronautical and lastly in Propulsion. All of these must be finished before March. What a stress! (This is not included yet a research on the Thermal that we are working on! heheheh) We have actually our Aerospace project, with a tutor from CNES (Centre National des Etudes Spatiale: National Centre of Aerospace Studies), from the Department of Launcher Development. Our project is "simple": Constructing a reliable program that would be really useful in building a launcher for the conquest of Mars. Almost impossible to be done in a limited time, but we just have to continue the research and studies that had been already done, gather it, saparate the tasks among us and work really hard on it!

If this project will be completed in the time, we'll be receiving a good amount of money, meaning: Rich! hehehhehehe.. well it is just my imagination... but me and our collegues are working hard to realize this project. Oh, what a good life to be rich: I'll spend all my time to develop Silat everywhere, and a big Silat complex with Gelanggangs, gyms, hostels, cafe and swimming pool!!! ;)

*angan-angan mat jenin ajaaaa (just day dreaming!)..... hheheheehehhe