Thursday, December 31, 2009

Danish & Fawwaz in Action

I was not surprise when seeing both of them doing Gayong technics. But what surprise me for the little Danish is when he manage to imitate me doing the Gayong Blues. Hehhehehehehe.

to my dearest Danish and Fawwaz, keep it up! this clip is made especially for both of you for having wanted to come to participate the Gayong seminar in the north of Lille. Find any Silat master when you have grown up in the future to learn the art of Gayong! thanks to Walid Faris and Ummi Aisyah for being supporting and sporting! ;)

Lots of love from DaddyKim & MummyNyz.



When I was playing the Keris last time in the snow, Master Amin Hamzah, had conducted and completed the ceremony of Keris graduation at the beach (is that a coincidence?? hehehe) . The ceremony was organized by the Gayong Serantau Kelantan, under brother Ustaz Wan Halim Wan Omar and other Gayong brothers and sisters from the Maahad Tahfiz Sains Tanah Merah at the beach of Melawi, Kelantan on 20th of December 2009. The program was placed under responsiblity of Cikgu Azizan Ibrahim, the Panglima Pelangi Hitam Labuan. My brothers Cikgu Hafiz and Cikgu Faiz also were invited to participate in the program. And me.... completely frustrated for not being there for the many reason, waiting eagerly to be in Malaysia once again insyaAllah in 3 months. Hopefully this year 2010 will be the best year for me in everything I love to do in my life.

Gayong Serantau Kelantan was headed by Ustaz Wan Halim. Everyone can visit the blog at :

Thursday, December 24, 2009


This "Amok" happened during our final seminar of this year 2009 for our association Silat Seni Gayong France. Our Gayong camp was blessed by a heavy snow and it woke me up in the morning. It's always my hobbies to train Silat during a snowing day, to feel the fresh white freezing snow with my bare foot, and at the same time to maintain my respiration and concentration. It reminds me about our training during a winter night last 2 years at l'Ile de France, at 2 o'clock in the morning, bare footed, while the temperature was -5. We managed to hold for one hour, due to good respiration and foot work. But beleive me, it's really hard to keep it. Hehehehehhe. Alhamdoulillah... Please, enjoy: Amok in the Snow! ;)

Click on the picture to youtube..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Our Gayong seminar last weekend was blessed with a heavy snow with the low temperature of -6 degrees. But this doesn't mean that the wheather condition could stop us from practising our Gayong. If at Malaysia my Master Cikgu Amin Hamzah made me walk on the burning charcoal, I made my students walk train on the snow with their barefoot!!! ;)

The seminar was our last training this year. How beautiful God arranges everything. The best seminar (where we had so much fun because of the snow), it was also the birthday of Danish, a talented 6 years old boy, who is able to copy (almost! lol) my silat movements! I am sure that if he stayed in the path of Silat, he must be one of a good Cikgu in the future! His brother also has the same interest of Silat, which has an ability to remember the Kerambit and Simbat Berantai by just looking and train himself at the back of the Dojo. Both of them surprised me! ;)

They remind me to my Anak Buah/Anak Saudara (nephews and nieces) at Malaysia who also will ask me to teach them some Silat stuff at the first sight when they saw me! I was quite since being in France, I didn't spend much time with my family in Malaysia. Everytime going back to Malaysia, it's always for the "search" of Gayong. I know it's hard, but I am thirsty the sweetness of Gayong. Don't worry my Anak Anak Buah, your Ayah Ngah will be available really soon to teach you Gayong! ;)

Our sister Carole, had just became one of Gayong family. Hopefully she will always stay in the path of Gayong. I met her just few months ago since teaching Gayong in Paris. Alhamdoulillah... May Allah guide and bless you my sis! ;) Amin..

I didn't expect this present from Carole. Well, now I have a new cover for my iphone. C'est la classe... that's how we said here! Merci Carole. Thank you to Benjamin, Laurent, Steph, Fred and his wife (and their baby), Cérile and his wife, Jennifer, Elodie, Charlote, Lili Rose, and not to forget Cikgi Nyz, Fawwaz and Danish for celebrating my anniversary! Thank you and love you all so much! ;)

Too brutal... not soo Gayong France, but instead we prefer more the Narapatinantaboga! lol ;)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

IT'S SNOWING : White Capital....

The best moment during winter that everyone is waiting for is the snow. People who is going outside for work by car or train would suffer to death to arrive at the destination with a such of heavy snow like this. This year the temperature is colder, the snow is heavier, to compare with last year or the years before. I heard this is the sign of the green house effect. Instead of having a warmer winter, the reverse effect seems to apply effectively makes the temperature goes down and Paris is decorated by the white snow all over the capital since 8.30 in the morning. Now it's already 11.25, and the snow is still falling down heavily.

I love when it's snowing, as I love when it's raining in Malaysia, but still worried if the train is punctual when the time I want to come back home. They foresee that the snow will continue until tomorrow, and even to saturday, which I estimate, will permit us to have a snow ball war around our house! hhehehehehee

Unfortunately for me, still at the university, while the lecturer couldn't come in the morning due to the snow. I me I just discover in the train that I'm going to have an examination this afternoon. The worse part is that I didn't bring any of the notes. We'll see if I can survive the test or not!!!! Hehehehhee.

For my Ma at Pasir Puteh, sorry a lot for not calling you lately. The reason is that I got no more telephone line since one month and still waiting for my scolarship to fix that! Pray for your son here, and I miss you so much Ma! ......

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Real Ghost

My iphone accidently captured a moving image of a ghost. It was a cold winter afternoon, and suddenly Kak Yus's baby was crying. I knew it, the "Hantu Bungkus" (Wrapped-Ghost) was coming again. My grandparents, Mek and Ayoh, had found this kind of ghost once, but the genuine one. But me, found this Hantu Bungkus, which I discovered a few minutes after as the fake one, only to make those children behave during the day. It works, at least for that day. LOL

****hey guys, just kidding ok? ;) hehehehhehehehe*****

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Joyeux Anniversaire Mon Cheri!

Honeeeyyyyy!!!! Happy Birthday to you!

Muah Muahh MuaaaaahhhhhH!!!!! ;)

I LOVE YOU ngeeeeeh ;p

Monday, December 14, 2009

Paper Weapons..... Activities during Winter! Ho Ho Ho! ;)


Pedang Pendek

Kipas Damak



Bintang Ninja

Kunai + Mentera Bom




Cakar Wolverin (Bini Tekpi hiihhiihi)

Ready for the battle!!!! ZAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT!!!!

I walked around the Marché Noël (Bazaar Krismas) at the La Défense yesterday. Just looking around and taking a fresh chilling winter air, and tasting some fine foods too! In the Sunday morning, we got a light snow falling down, with a temperature of 1 degree (highest) and -6 (lowest) around the capital. I knew that at Moscow, they must have a lower temperature, which make me grateful to be here in Paris! hehehehe.

Well well well, everyone has their own hobby to spend during the leasure time. A part from walking around again at the Broquant & Antiquities antiques/car boot around 16th arrondissement, which I almost bought a fine French sword, (unfortunately I was reminded by my beloved Cikgi Nyz about how it could be hard "to cook" the sword than to cook a one month food stock of 100euros, until the new scolarship come in! lol), I had fun of making my own weapons.... paper weapons, actually.

With Cikgi Nyz, Fawwaz, Puteri and Danish, we made ourselves the Kunai, Throwing Knife, Small Sword, Gada-Gada, Kerambit, Wolverin Claws, Shuriken + Bag, Tekpi (sai), Throwing Dart Fan, Keris and Axe. Ho Ho Ho, I admit that I was amused of working with papers! ;)

Friday, December 11, 2009


After the coming of Cikgu Kumbang Hitam and Cikgu Anuar here, it is our turn to make Gayong things move of the north west of Europe. Eventhough Gayong was born in a hot and humid country of Malaysia, it doesn't mean that Anak Anak Gayong cannot resist the Ireland's freezing wind and it's devastating Butler's chocolate. ;)

We are going to make a reunion (which could be some training and seminars) at Limerick and Dublin during the period of 31th Decembre until 5th January. Hopefully everyone can participate and co operate for this important reunion of Silat Seni Gayong Ireland.

Don't forget to bring your Gayong uniform, and training tools! (Pisau, Simbat, Keris etc.)

But the most imoprtant is, Safe Journey, Safe Home

turas maith, slàn abhaile

Tanjak & Tengkolok

Tanjak or Tengkolok is another one of Gayong uniform. There are many types of Tengkolok in Malay culture. After having some discussion with Cikgu Kumbang Hitam, the Tanjak, worn by the late Mahaguru was originated from the Sultanate of Pagar Ruyung, believed to be inherited from his maternal links of Syed Zainal Abidin Al Attas. That's why there are many similarities between Silat Seni Gayong with Silat Minang and Sumatera. One type of Tanjak that I wear during demo was taught by Tok Ayah Sor, saying that the Tanjak's summit, is folded to face in front of us, meaning that "Kita Menunduk, Tapi Kita Menanduk" (I bow: to respect, sign of modesty. But I butt/gore/horn you if you exploit my modesty). The Tanjak or Tengkolok is a status, or can be a weapon. I still remember when the late Cikgu Mat Lazim was showing us a Cindai technic using the Tanjak at the Kem Kijang back to 1996.

One of the general information about the Tanjak/Tengkolok can be read here:

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I got a message from a guy from Ireland, asking about our Gayong activities in Dublin. We exchange some infromations, and seems that I don't know the Irish law concerning the use of the real weapon during a Silat training at the public park, I asked him to explain me if he knew something. I still remembered when my students there quickly hide those knives when they saw a Garda car (police in Ireland) and told me that here (in Ireland) we don't have right to bring sharp weapon at the public place. I know that here in France there is no problem at all, as long as you don't stab the dog that bark at you with training knife or chop down the flowers at the Buttes Chaumont public park with your machete! Here is his reply. Hope this would assure Anak gayong there! ;)

message from A.D:

"Ok i discussed with the owner of a martial arts shop here.

He said that it is not illegal to use blunt knives, but just that if people see you in the park training, they might think that it is a real fight with real knives, and so become afraid. If most people are using uniforms, and rubber knives are used that might be helpful. But if all the people are wearing clothes that arent uniforms, then the police might even think it is chinese gangs fighting in the park, cuz the triads HAVE fought eachother with weapons in public before.

Like he said, there is nothing illegal in it, its just Irish society generally doesnt have public displays of martial arts, so any fighting they think is real. So using rubber knives, might be the way to go, because they can not be mistaken for dangerous weapons.

this link gives information about having a knife in a public place in ireland. It says you cant have a knife or a sharp or a pointed article, BUTTTT if you have a good reason to have it in public then that is an acceptable defense.
So that means if the Garda give you grief under s.9 of the firearms and offensive weapons act 1990, you can state same act allows for reasonable possession.

Hope that helps"

Me: That helps a lot A.D! Thank you for sharing the information! ;) Cheers!

GOOD NEWS: Stephane & Cikgu Rais





Stefane, Aurélie & Jade

To one of our member Stephane who just become a father yesterday! I wish lot of happiness and blessing to you, to Aurélie and to their small princess Jade!

Stephane is our future Jurulatih Gayong, after Benjamin, and is also a teacher at school. Many of our members are Cikgu lately! Hehehhee. Both of them are going to have Gayong exam and grading by the end of this year. Keep a good work Stef! Bon continuation!!! ;)

Chinese Horoscope for Jade:

Oxen in China are put on a pedestal. So it goes with Oxen people. Oxen are bright, peace-loving, often easy-going and trusting. But, on the other hand, they can also be stubborn, methodical, and fiercely competitive, with, shudder, fierce tempers to boot. Oxen are natural born mentors and life is filled with examples of people who have gone on to great success because of them. Mentally and physically alert to the point of genius, many Oxen belong to Mensa. They can create the most imposing structures, magnificent sculpture, and homes. They respond like poets to the beauties of nature and of solitude. Oxen are unique, they are The Flower that bursts through the crack of cement.
Bird's Nest Soup and Bean Curd are among the keys to good health!!

Most people can tell the difference between sugar and saccharine and with Earth Oxen you know exactly which is which. Known for their utter sincerity, honesty, and kindness, Earth Oxen will never lead you astray. Friendship is true; communication is open; and they can always be depended on for utmost fairness in their dealings with everyone. These brave souls go resolutely through life making order out of chaos, fighting windmills and coming through as winners at every turn. Years of hard work have led them to have very successful careers with hardly any problems at all in the financial arena. Romance with Earth Oxen flourishes! Love is a living thing with them that is nourished with reciprocal kindness, sympathy, and understanding. They dance the dance of love with grace, elegance, and style.

Famous Ox People: Tung Chee-Hwa, Sukarno, Richard Burton, Napoleon, Charlie Chaplin, Peter Sellers, Margaret Mead, Jawaharlal Nehru, Eisaku Sato, Princess Diana

Rais Shaari & Noorsuriani Yusop

Other good news also is about one of our member who is getting married. Guess who? It's Cikgu Rais, ex-Gayong Instructor at Bristol and Dublin who has returned to Malaysia for good. As like as Malay expression "Diam-diam Ubi Berisi" (Tapioca's silence means something is on progress! heheheh). By the way, congratulation brother, hope you still continue learning and teaching Gayong there. *now I understand why you didn't come to join me and Cikgu Hafiz on the Gayong tour to Penzance. Must be sooooooo busy with some task perhaps?! lol ;)

I wish you Rais and future wife Noorsuriani hepi2, murah rezeki, banyak anak, dan kasih sayang dan cinta sehingga kekal ke syurga!

The date when they will have the wedding day is the 9th Muharram 1431H, on 26th Decembre 2009. That day's element is the Tanah, the soil. The day where will be the benediction, the Rezeki (subsistence) and the blessing. InsyaAllah.... Amin Amin Amin...! ;)

Nah amek laa ekk Rais, pre-gift sebelum wedding day. Khatam dulu tau! Hehehehehehe... gurau jer eekkkk! ;p

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Kain Sarung/ Batik Jawa

One of Malay traditional attire is the cloth that man wear around his waist called as Sampin (sometime written as Samping). We can easily find the man wearing the Sampin during the Raya celebration day, Friday prayer or during a traditional ceremony. We can use any cloth to make Sampin, depending the event or time. The most expensive, and of course, the most beautiful is made from Songket. A hand made Songket Terengganu can be at price from RM100 to RM1000. However, we can find cheaper Songket, normally made by the machine (factory), which is quite "hard" to compare with the genuine Songket which is smooth and "heavy". Batik Siam also can be used as Sampin.

Kelantanese Man and Woman, with traditional attire. The man is wearing the "Semutar"

In Silat Seni Gayong for example, it is encouraged and highly recommanded for women to wear the Sampin during the training. It is one of Malaysian "Adab", proving the timidity of their women to cover their body as much as possible, especially in Silat where we train many high kick and acrobatic. Normally, the women use the Kain Sarung to cover up their lower body, a cloth that worn by the Malaysian women when they are at home. Cheap, "Cantik" and "Susah Carik"! ;)

During a demo, we wear the Sampin, whether the Songket, Pelikat (Kain Sarung for Man), or Batik Jawa. In Kelantan, especially in the village where the Silat Jatuh is popular, we use "Kain Pelepas", a light cloth that can be used as belt, Sampin or Semutar (head cover).

Many reason why traditionally Malay wear the Sampin. The first thing in my opinion is the "intention to cover up our lower part with a second layer of cloth as a sign of respect". It is also an accessory when the Sampin can be use to cover our body when it's cold at night or rainy day or hot during a sunny day. For women, of course, it can be used to cover their head quickly if there is any stranger approaching, to tie a baby to themselves, or to be used as a cover on their head while bringging something heavy on their head. It is a practical tool for a traveller too, where he can use to lay down somewhere to sleep or to pray, or to bring sometime inside the Sampin as a bag.

If you want to have a "Kain Pelikat", I highly recommand this "Gajah Duduk" (sitting elephant)
:one of the best quality Pelikat in the market. It's from Indonesia

In our Gayong school, Sampin is a deadly weapon that has a special place. My master said once that the late Mahaguru always reminded him to fear (aware) a man who has a Kerambit in his hand. But eventhough it is us who have the Kerambit, don't ever try to fight someone who is ready with his Kain Sarung.... Kain Sarung also is used as a holder of Sundang Lipas and Tekpi, and can be transformed into the famous Topi Bugis (Bugis hat) of the Cindai Jantan technic!

Even for the Kelantanese who wears the Semutar (head cover/turban), from the cloth of Batik Lepas, Serban, or towel, can use it as a dangerous weapon. People can put inside the cloth a small pebble or stone, tied it with rubber band, and use it as a dangerous weapon by swinging it to the enemy.

We can wear Sampin in many ways, hard to name it as every region or state call it differently. I made one clip about how to wear a sampin for one type. You can wear it in many ways, but this is my favorite. For those who haven't seen it you can click here:

Silat Type

Normal type: Don't do this if you wish to flirt any girl during Raya day! lol

Silang type
Bunga belah kanan

Bunga belah kiri
There is many meanings the way that you wear the Sampin. Sometime, as I said before, interprated differently by different culture. For example, one of my Master said that as a man, we make the "Flower" at your left, not at your right (see the video). But there is other Guru that I met said for a man, it should be at your right. However, seems that even during the "Naik Pelamin", (the moment when both of the grooms sit on the chair during the wedding), the women sit at the man's left, so the Flower at left is more accurate and logical as the flower it self has the meaning of man's "lost left rib", for the creation of women. The level of the lower cut of the Sampin also shows who you are. Under the level of your knees meaning you are married. At the level of your knees meaning you are engaged (or in love!) and up on the thigh meaning "I am so damn hot so if any beautiful girl is interested, make a sign please!!'!" lol (meaning that you are still single and is searching for the true love!!!!!)

I pick up a photo of Cikgu Azizan of different type of Sandang, Bengkung and Sampin.

Different type of Adat attire of Cikgu Azizan