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Bengkel Peraturan dan Pemarkahan KOF2.0 '13

Half of the participant of KOF2.0 Workshop. Others were still packing.
KOF Respect signs.

The Committee of King of Fighter 2.0, under the Kolej Kediaman 5 of Universiti Malaysia Pahang had organized a KOF workshop especially for the future "Pengadil and Juri" (the referee and the judges) for the great event that will happen less than a month from now. During the 2 days workshop, 4 modules had been presented, from the "Perlembagaan KOF", "Peraturan dan Undang-Undang KOF", "Panduan Pemarkahan Juri dan Pengadil KOF" and "Simulasi Perlawanan". About 50 participants were present, mostly the UMP students who are willing to be the judges and referee during the event. The workshop was also attended by a group of medical support from UiTM Shah Alam and also the representatives from the higher education institution neighbor like ICAM.

Amansari Beach Resort, Pantai Sepat
Main-main air

Persiapan bengkel oleh AJK-AJK KOF

Tempat "rehat"

Just to share some of the rules that we use in KOF 2.0 is almost the same with the MMA and also the UFC. The difference is that the strike to the opponent's head or groin is not allowed. Elbow strike is not allowed neither, but punching, kicking, grappling, locking and throwing are all allowed, with some rules of course to make it valid for the marks. Those rules are made after the advice of university's medical expert regarding the risk to the students involving in this competition.

Introduction by the Principal of KK5
Detailed marking process

Speech by the Program Advisor


Wrist lock is not allowed

The Silat Olahraga's technique like Sapuan, Guntingan and Jatuhan are accepted, the same thing with the Silat Jatuh's technique, the Judo's throwing, the Jujitsu grppling and the Sambo. However the game is still continued even though after a throwing since the competitor is allowed to finish the technique with locking to make the opponent taps to surrender. Almost all of the locks are allowed, arm lock, triangle choke, arm bar, ankle lock, shoulder and elbow locks, and even the knee lock. However the wrist and fingers are not allowed to be locked since the we want to prevent high risk of injuries since these part are much more fragile than others. 

Leisure time during the "stressed time" ;)

Hasil pukat

Kursus Memukat Ikan oleh KK5 .. hehehhe
Our last module was the game simulation where all of the judges, referee, time keeper, writer, runner, medics,  fighters and all of the crew simulate as in a real game. This helps the new comers on this game to get familiarized with the concept and had a big view of the game.

Warming up for the simulation

Setting up the Gelanggang

The truth is that the free fight has been very long time in Malaysia, but it is has not been totally commercialized. Since the MMA, freefight, UFC, Bellator, StrikeForce and other programs had been very popular recently, I take the opportunity to organize such a free-fight game for the first time in IPTA and IPTS in Malaysia at Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Perhaps, no university is dared enough to have this kind of game in their place, but I am sure the UMP students are all motivated and celebrate this game. The KOF committee has been established since last year and the MMAUMP (mix martial art UMP club) has been established this year. In our MMAUMP club, the grappling techniques of Silat, Judo and Jujitsu are all studied and practiced.
 Ground technique
Sensei Azim, one of the coach of UMP MMA CLUB


This is the place where the Pesilat, Nak Muay, Taekwondoins, Karateka, Judoka, Grasio, BJJ, Boxer, Wrestler, Capoeirista, and anyone who is the real FIGHTER gather. It is neither the medals, nor the cash money, nor the certificates, nor the merits, nor the belt, nor the title that we run for. It is for the our own pride and proud! It is a place where all of the young FIGHTERS show their skills, and fight as in a real battle. The place where we measure our own capacity and limits. This is what the KING OF FIGHTER 2.0 is all about!!! Come and join us. Be a Fighter, or be a supporter to our Game!!!! ;)

Kelab Gendang Tradisional KK5

 Team GTKK5

Selama 3 hari, Penceramah dan juga pemain gendang terkenal terkenal Pak Teh (En Salleh) dijemput ke Kolej Kediaman 5 untuk menurunkan ilmu bermain gendang kepada Mahasiswa-Mahasiswi KK5. Hasilnya cukup memberangsangkan dan anak-anak didik Pak Teh kini sudah boleh bermain lagu "tomoi"/"gocoh" walaupun masih banyak pembaikan dan latihan perlu dibuat. Kursus Gendang ini adalah Siri Pertama yang dianjurkan oleh Exco Kebudayaan di bawah Peka5 dan kelulusan Kolej Kediaman 5 di UMP kampus Pekan. Siri ke-2, ke-3 dan ke-4 akan diadakan selepas pilihanraya ini insyaAllah yang mana irama Silat, irama Moden dan lain2 akan ditunjukajar....;) Terima kasih Pak Teh, Mak Teh, adik abe dan Team GTKK5 yang bersemangat waja. Malam ni latihan ulangan jangan tak datang. hehehe

 Pak Teh "kalu style pok teh, gende gocoh ni ado empat rangkap untuk Ibu, kalu anok satu rangkap jah, cumo dio ado empat peringkak"...

" Adab dale bergende ni banyok, male jumaat kito tok wat kijo. Gendang mu ni keno gatong, tokleh dok bowwoh. pahtu kalu nok beli gende, jange cari hok ado mato. nati balloh sek kito..."

 "Gong pulok ado gong anjung, ado gong cepat. Gong ni mace ibu dale permaine kito lah. dio dulu hok wat kiro..."
"Kalu suna (serunai), payoh dio nok ko napah jah. pahtu jari nok lembuk nok maing lagu. Kalu rebab, pok teh tok tahu lah, tapi dale 100 ore, ado sore jah hok jadi maing rebab. Lagi susoh dari suna bendo tu..."

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Demonstration Gayong France at Tourcoing

Demo team of Gayong France under the lead of Cikgu Benjamin PONS, had just successfully performed a demo during the Festival du Combat Solidaire at Tourcoing. Cikgu Ben, assisted by Cikgu Stephane and other Jurulatihs and members of A.F.S.S.G, wereall  invited by the organizer for the promotion of the art of Silat Seni Gayong.

Un peu de "storie" de Gayong France, Gayong Malaisie,les eleves francais, Ben et Moi...

Association Francaise Silat Seni Gayong (AFSSG) est le seul representant officielle de Silat Seni Gayong en France. AFSSG est affiliee avec La Federation Malaisien Silat Seni Gayong, ou sous le nom Malaisien, Pertubuhan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia (PSSGM) depuis 2007. Le certificat d'affiliation avec PSSGM, signee par le president actuelle de la federation est delivre chez nous tous les ans de la Malaisie. Et moi meme, je suis le Depute Directeur Technique pour la region de Pahang (en Malaisie) et le Directeur Technique certifie (par la federation Malaisien) pour la France, pour delivrer le Diplome de Ceinture, le Diplome de Gurulatih (Permis pour enseigner et de faire un grade de ceinture pour les eleves) et aussi tous les affaires des syllabe, tradition et registration. Mr Benjamin PONS est le seul representant officielle de Silat Seni Gayong en France en ce moment la. Il est certifie comme un Gurulatih (Professeur/Jeune Maitre), de Ceinture Jaune de 3eme DANS, et titre "Cikgu" comme la tradition chez les Malais. Par la tradition, il a recu aussi un nom Malais de Hulubalang Harimau Putih, ou en francais "Le guerrier Tigre Blanc".

La relation entre Gayong France et la Malaisie est la depuis mon rencontre avec Benjamin PONS en 2005. Silat Seni Gayong par l'origine etait enseigne par Maitre Mufti Ansari dans les annees 80, a l'epoque ou Maitre Turpin, Maitre Hanafi, et aussi Maitre Raban parmi les pioneers de Pencak Silat en Francre. Apres la depart de Maitre Mufti, il n'y a qu'en 2003 Silat Seni Gayong est revit, quand je suis venu en france en etant un etudiant envoye par le gouvernement Malaisien pour etudier.

Depuis 2005 Mr.Benjamin PONS a etudie Silat Seni Gayong avec moi, et j'ai fait un max pour qu'il etudie aussi d'aupres mes maitres. La rencontre avec Haji Mansor Othman l'a permis de voir plus en plus la vrai art de Silat Seni Gayong. En 2010, j'ai fini mes etudes, et j'ai quitte le pays que j'aime beaucoup pour rentrer au mon pays. Apres 5 ans, merci au Dieu, j'ai finalement reussi et je sens tres satisfait de pouvoir former Mr. Benjamin PONS et les eleves de son club aux niveaux tres satissfaisants et reconnu par la federation malasiens. En 2011, je suis venu avec mes eleves Malaisiens en France chez AFSSG, pour les grades de ceintures, et pour que la relation Malaisie-France soit solide et pour toujours. En 2012, AFSSG a envoye 6 Jurulatih (eleve avances) pour s'entrainer chez moi et chez mes grandmaitres Malaisiens de Silat Seni Gayong pendant un mois. Ils ont preuve que meme les francais ont des bon niveaux en gayong.

Jusqu'a aujourdhui, merci au Dieu, j'ai forme plus de centaine Jurulatihs et Gurulatihs. Parmi ceux qui pratique encore Gayong, j'ai 2 ceinture Jaune en France (Ben et Steph), 3 Ceinture Jaune en Malaisie (Ehsan, Haziq et Epol), et 2 autres en Irelande (Rais et Hafiz: a lepoque ou j'etais encore la bas). Et j'ai forme plus de trentaine de Ceinture Rouge. Mon but cette annee, ou le max l'annee prochaine, je veux avoir des ceintures noires venant de mon propre Gelanggang. Et depuis toujours, je me dis que, il y a une forte chance que mon premier ceinture noire doit etre un Francais! ;)

De toute facon, j'espere que Gayong France soit toujours beni et fort. Il n'y a rien qui est le plus important que la fraternite, la solidarite et la sincerite. Et ce sont la recette qu'on pratique depuis toujours dans AFSSG. Malgre les probleme de technique, probleme de personelle, ou bien professionnelle, je suis sur que Anak Gayong France sont toujours solide et dur! ;) Meme que mon corps est en Malaisie, ma pensee, mon esprit, mon ame, sont toujours avec vous. Bravo pour votre courage et motivation. Bravo pour votre demo! ;) Je vous aime tous! ;)

par ;
Cikgu Hakim, a 00h55 le 11 April 2013,
Dans mon bureau,
Universiti Malaisia Pahang, MALAISIE

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


At Pakcik's house

Alhamdulillah syukur. I've been waiting almost 2 years for the "Aqiqah" for my son to be done. It is due to the difficulties of finding the right sheep here for the ceremony and also a right moment as I was tied up with the programs at university. I finally found a very nice male sheep at Sungai Lembing, big and handsome. ;) To thank to God who brings a light in our home with a lovely son, we performed a sacrifice and invited the neighbors, students, friends and families to our home. 

 Preparing the knives and Golok for the ceremony

Daus, Achoi & Bad helped me during the ceremony

  Tied the sheep

 approximately 30 Kg. 

 Bismillahirahmanirrohim. Allahu Akbar...

I have done many sacrifices with small animals like Chicken, Birds and Ducks, but it was the first time to do the sacrifice with a sheep. Thanks God, alhamdulillah syukur, everything was done smoothly and fast. I learned some tips from my father, Che' Limbat and also the late Tok Wan Kadir for the techniques. Thank you! 



 The rest to be processed at home ;)
The same day of the Aqiqah, I had made a promise to the anak-anak Gayong UMP to make a belt grading. I was mistakenly stated the same date with the day of Aqiqah. As the processes of the Aqiqah took me few hours, after being assisted by theree UMP students, Nabil, Azrul and Asyraf, our belt grading started at 1 o'clock in the morning at the Student centre! ;) 14 students took the White Belt grading, 3 Students for the Green Blet grading and 5 Students for the Red Belt grading. The Chula 1 Red Belt was postponed to a new date since we had a limited time. I was honored to see two Aumni Naga Rantau, our ex-students, Haziq "Kucing Hitam" and Sab "Beruang Berkaliber" were presence to support and help me during the belt grading.

Tomorrow morning we continued with the Belt grading and finished at 2 pm. The feast started at 2.30pm until night. That night, after the feast we continued a little bit with the association report presentation by the chief of every section.

 Aaisy Aryan 2nd Birthday

 Birthday Cake

 Yg ni mummy n daddy Aryan hehehehe

During the free-sparring, we got some injuries, as some of the normal routines. Just for the information, the number of the opponents depends on the belt level. For the White Belt grading is one versus 2 opponents, Green Belt grading is one versus 3 opponents and Red Belt grading is one versus 4 opponents. 

Afiq Bollywood
Amir Tenggiling Emas

 Siku strike on the face

2 Gajah Menta

To my young brother who just got married, I wish you lot of blessing and fortunes. Semoga Allah memberkati keluarga yang baru terbina. Jaga solat, jaga isteri, jaga keluarga kita dan keluarga isteri. Hayyakumullah....

Hafiz's wedding

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jelajah GNR dalam CREATE...

Report about GNR of UMP in CREATE (UMP official magazine)

* It is AFSSG (Association Francaise Silat Seni Gayong) instead of AFPS (Association France Pencak Silat). AFSSG is a registered club under AFPS. Thanks to Cikgu Zaki for the report. ;)


Pokok angkat ambo...

Sempena Hari Hutan Sedunia, UMP menjadi penganjur untuk sambutan peringkat kebangsaan. Masing2 dapat pokok angkat untuk ditanam di kawasan reserve UMP Pekan. Ambo dapat pokok baik punye, bernombor 361 dan satu lagi 313. Semoga semangat perjuangan Melayu terus kekal di bumi bertuah ini. Hehehhe. ;)

Parlimen sudah bubar, dan kehangatan pilihanraya untuk menentukan pemimpin negara sudah tiba. Dan setiap warganegara yang sudah sudah berdaftar akan keluar membuang undi. Ambo cuma doakan, agar Allah swt memberi limpah kurnia-Nya agar pemimpin yang soleh, yg bertanggungjawab, yg berjiwa rakyat, yg berintegriti, agar diberi amanah untuk memimpin kami.

Buat Jurulatih-Jurulatih Gelanggang Naga Rantau, ambo minta mereka bergerak dalam satu program khidmat komuniti silat yang telah diluluskan dan disokong oleh UMP untuk menawarkan kelas silat kepada sekolah-sekolah sekitar UMP Gambang dan UMP Pekan. Anak-anak sekolah ini diberi peluang untuk mempelajari dan menghayati seni silat Melayu dan sebagai tempat untuk mengeratkan silaturrahim antara pelajar, jurulatih, guru, pihak sekolah dan pihak universiti. Bagi Jurulatih-Jurulatih yang dihantar mengajar juga akan mula belajar erti susah payah mengembangkan Silat hatta di kalangan bangsa sendiri, dan mula belajar ilmu pengurusan dan ilmu kegurulatihan. Alhamdulillah, gelanggang pertama yang mula latihan ialah di SMK Gambang. Sekolah2 lain di sekitar Gambang dan di Pekan akan mula dibuka minggu ini insyaAllah.

 Anak-anak sekolah diberi penerangan

 Tutup Gelanggang

 Bersama penasihat kokurikulum di sekolah

Pulang ke kampung, ambo berkunjung ke rumah guru ambo Ayah Jak. Ayah Jak ni guru Silat Jatuh, guru tua hebat yang pandai silat tari, boksing klate dan silat lian. Beliau juga cukup dikenali sebagai pakar pembuat gendang tradisional. Alhamdulillah, barang-barang untuk dibawa pulang ke UMP hampir siap semuanya. Ambo dalam proses menubuhkan Pasukan Gendang Silat Tradisional untuk kolej ambo. Penceramahnya bakal orang Kerteh, orang klate yg lama menetap di situ. Tengok gaya permainan memang terbaik dan cara mengajar pun sangat bagus. InsyaAllah selepas cuti mid-term ni, kelas Gendang akan bermula. 4 kali weekend akan digunakan untuk kelas bersama penceramah dan selebihnya latihan intensif untuk persiapan bulan 5 tahun ni. ;)

 Gendang Ibu dan anak

 Gong dan Canang dah siap

Rebab pun dah ready. Tinggal tunggu Serunai Silat dan Serunai Wayang siap