Thursday, October 14, 2010

Impromptu Demo

10.10.10, I attended our family's wedding ceremony at Gopeng, Perak. It was the wedding of the sister of my wife's brother in law.While enjoying my meal, the DJ announced that a Pencak Silat demo will be performed. I was so excited because I would enjoy the demo. The announcement was made in three times, but no single sign that any Pesilat entered into the hall.

Suddenly the bride, who was sitting on her seat with the groom on the stage, waved her hand to me and said "the DJ is calling YOU for the demo". What?????! I felt so many butterflies wandering in my stomach. No way! But how could you refuse a "One-Day King & Queen"'s wish? Luckily I still kept my Gayong uniform in the car. It was there since the Perdana Gayong Day. The Tekpi also was there since couple of days. No choice. Voila la demo du Tekpi, impromptu Langkah Sembah and Jurus!!! ;)

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