Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm always searching
Searching for the true Gayong
As I didn't have the Chance
To learn it directly
From the late Mahaguru.

I'm always wondering
How he fights
How he holds the Keris
How he strikes the Tombak
How he uses the Sundang
and how deadly
His Kipas Nandung jurus
that bring Bruce Lee down
who than died of excess of drug
to help him bear the pain.

I'm alway thinking
If I was the one
Who train under him
As most of my Masters did
What will he think
About my Kuncian
Pukulan, Pentas, Lompatan and Senjata?

Because I'm just dreaming of it
And I hadn't never being his direct student
Nor I had shaked my hand with him
To allege my loyalty
Then my journey continues
To search
To seek
The Gayong heritage
From Masters that still alive....

If the Dragon had died
I want to be the one
Who reincarnate it
Raised it
And ride it
And be with it
To bring the truth
And protect the misfortune...

Monday, July 27, 2009

CIKGU WAN AHMAD FAUZI: The Supreme Trustee, Heir of Silat Seni Gayong

Last night, I sent a message to Cikgu Wan Fauzi, to pay him a visit. We agreed and I arrived about 10 p.m, with my cousin. Dr Anuar was with him. We had a long conversation and even the Muzakarah on the National Syllabus. After that, he was treating us to a SUP KETIN UK restaurant, one of the best soup I'd ever tasted! ;)

He is not a "small" man in Gayong, but yet he is a modest and religious man. He is chosen to hold a Sandang of Harimau Singa Malaya, meaning that being the one to be trusted to arrange the Syllabus of Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia. This kind of Sandang, ONLY can be given not more than 7 persons in all over the country at the same moment. Son of Dato' Meor's Gayong representative in Terengganu, he started to learn Silat Seni Gayong at the early age at Terengganu, passing his green belt (and yellow if i'm not mistaken) at Kelantan under Tuan Haji Mansor Othman, and finally passing his 2nd Chula of black belt with Cikgu Majid Mat Isa at Gurun, Kedah and 6th Chula of Black Belt with Cikgu Siti Kalsom and Razali Salleh in 1993. His student life was full of activities, and his student room became the Gayong training centre in International Islamic University.

When Cikgu Siti Kalsom passed away, she left a letter, and filmed on video, as she feared that her wills will be opposed by the certain Gayong old leader who are not ready to accept Cikgu Wan Ahmad Fauzi. One of the Wasiat stated that Cikgu Wan Fauzi was selected to be her next supreme heir of Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia, and to be the one who will bring back Gayong into one. However, being a young man to receive such of honor and trust from Cikgu Siti Kalsom herself, he is always being a target of harassment and threat from the certain people. But when he was selected to hold a black belt seminars in the 90's, where there were only one or two Masters who had one Chula black belt in all of Selangor, it is sure that he is not a simple man. He has the knowledge. And he is titled as "Kuda Gila": the Crazy Horse, as his legs is much more faster than your punch. When he is in the middle of ring, and you are one of the opponents, it will be too late to realise that his kick arrive before you start to kick him.

He is the one who interviewed 30 to 40 gayong masters around malaysia to complete the sort of official Silat Seni Gayong books such as "MAHAGURU" (the almost complete biography of Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman), the "ORGANISASI KUASA ADAT" and "SELAYANG PANDANG" (the tradition rules and law) of the organization. He was also the Head Secretary for arranging the National Sylibus of Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia, after referring with Cikgu Siti Kalsom, Cikgu Razali Salleh, Cikgu Mat Lazim, Cikgu Majid Mat Isa, Cikgu Amin Hamzah, and the senior master such as Pak Ngah Izahar and others Gayong masters throughout of Malaysia.

Personally, I found him as a modest and kind man. He is a man of word, trustworthy, physically and spiritually well mannered man and he is a professional too.

Gayong was at his gold time during the Dato' Meor's time. After that, the Malaysia Dragon was losing it's fang and claws, sad to say. Hopefully, under Cikgu Wan Ahmad Fauzi, Gayong will be one step closer as the era of the late Mahaguru. As the late Mahaguru's dream that one day the Dragon will unite with his tail, circulating the world. And me, I do hope can see that this art will be known internationally and also that I'll be among the people who strive for that cause....

I'm calling now all of the Gayong practitioner, to stand still behind our new Waris Amanah Mutlak. In the Cikgu Siti Kalsom's letter, she said once, but still as clear as a pure water, that the one who challenge my wills, is a traitor to Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, as he is a traitor to my will as the heir of Silat Seni Gayong after the late Mahaguru.

WAllahua'lam....only God knows best.

I'm going back to kelantan tonight. Miss so much my family. I'm going to visit all of my masters Tuan Haji Mansor, Cikgu Suhaili, Cikgu Tuan Sanusi and Cikgu Tuan Rashid, Cikgu Nasir and Cikgu Muzairi, Dr Kamal, Ayah Jak Gong Kedak, Pak Ku Bukit Awang and hopefully to meet my previous master Pak Jab Kota Bharu. I heard he was sick last time.... I intend also to meet Haji Hamid, the one who previously was the Yang Dipertua Gayong Pasir Puteh.
Maybe there are conflicts between them, but they are all my masters. As a student, I must pay a visit to them, make them happy and proud of me, as it is indeed, their knowledge and blessing that make who am I now: a Gayong Panglima Pelangi Hitam of France and Ireland.....


last weekend, I went to Simpang Pulai to meet one of my Guru, Cikgu Amin Hamzah during one of the most important event as a Silat Seni Gayong practitioner. I was really happy to meet my Gurulatih, Cikgu Azizan from Labuan, and our close brother of Gayong like Ustaz Wan Halim (kelantan), Cikgu Rosni (labuan), Ustaz Atiq (kelantan), Cikgu Khairi (kelantan), and my first encounter with Azman(simpang pulai), Kak Sheila (simpang pulai), Cikgu Ariffin (pahang), Pak Tam (labuan), Cikgu Haryanto (perak), Cikgu Rizal(perak), Cikgu Syed(perak), Cikgu Sham (pusaka gayung), Cikgu Iswan(klang) and others which I can't remember their name but remember deeply their face...
the event was Ilmu Menguji Ketahanan Diri: The Art of Endurance / the Art of dealing with the impossible. We arrived on friday night and started the program in the saturday noon until noon next day. If i'm not mistaken, about 15 Gayong practitioner received the Ijazah of Dalang Mandi Minyak, an authorisation to conduct the Hot Boiling Oil test of Silat Seni Gayong.
That night after preparing the coconut: peel it, break it, take the juice, scrape it, without stoping reciting Al-Ikhlas, we took the coconut milk, verified if it is pure and clear, put in the Kawah and prepare the fire. We got 2 Kawahs, one for the men, and one for women and children. At about 9 o'clock, the oil was ready and we started, one by one, plunge our hands in the hot boiling oil, and "wash" our face and body with the oil. The oil will permits us, Bi iznillah, to endure and resist the hard strike,punch or kick of our partner during the daily Gayong training.

After that, we prepared the burning charcoal. It was arranged in a line, and one by one walked and marched on it confidently, without even looked at his own feet. At the other side, the bottles were broken into pieces. One student was chosen, lied down, put on his hand on the broken bottles, and crashed by a motorcycle ride by another student. One small boy, no shirt, lied directly on the bottles, and his body was pressed down against it. Then, we continued by standing on the chair and jumping and landing on it. After that, two senior students, were hang in the air by a rope of their neck to a iron rod tied on two pillars. Eventhough all of the Gayong students were well prepared for the test, but still there were hands and feets burning case and cuts during the bottle and hanging rope test.... but that's just made us more confident and more "Melayu"!!!!

I met the UTP students and ex-students, who are known of being since years, the one of direct Anak Didik (disciples) of Cikgu Amin Hamzah himself. And for me, another adventure is beginning. I think it is the time to have our first Mandi Minyak in France. Hopefully the green movements won't come against this, or we have to use the gaz stove instead of burning the wood to prepare the coconut milk!!!! Ampuuuunnnn!!! lol ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Harimau technic is always my favorite part in Gayong. One of the very first thing that we learn in Silat Seni Gayong is Senaman/Gerakan Anak Harimau (exercice/movement of tiger cub). I was so happy to learn that. However, when I met Cikgu Nasir fom Gayong Bachok, everything changes. We met for the first time during the Pencak Silat competition at Kota Bharu, exchanged the contact and I went to his house to talk more about Silat Seni Gayong. He is a great teacher, yet a humble and modest one. He spent all his teenager life to learn and train Silat Seni Gayong. I met his partner as well, Cikgu Muzairi. He got a fierce and strict looking, rather than happy and 'pacific' looking of Cikgu Nasir. But the reality is that, Cikgu Muzairi is a funny person! They were among the first generation of Gayong in Kelantan, and both of them trained under Pak Ngah Izahar, Ustaz Khalid and Cikgu Sazali (other than Kelantan gayong masters). That night, the Gayong students gathered as soon as 9 p.m at Cikgu Nasir's house for the weekly training.

That night I learnt something that I hadn't learnt before: The Harimau (tiger) technics and Rajawali (phoenix) of Gayong. To learn this Ilmu, one has to reach a certain level of Gayong first. I was amazed when one of senior student, Brother Lan showed the steps. All of the Tiger technics are devastating. Non is useless or unpractical. All are bone-breaking and skin-tearing technics. The phoenix strikes the vital point, which helps the Pesilat at the same time knows which part of his body must be protected during a fight, by hook or by crook. The Pheonix likes to strike on the nerves and organs of the enemy. The different between the tiger and phoenix is the position. We play with very low position in Tiger, whether by crawling, kneeling, or lying on the floor. The phoenix otherwise, has almost non of the "kuda-kuda" (basic position in silat), or simply stand up to defend or to attack.

As a result, we can easily rip off ears, grab the throat, gouge eyes, claw genitals, and tear skin. We can also grip some points, especially if the enemy hold still. It is an art of gripping the points, wronging the joints and separating the tendons. What makes me amazed another thing is that we hit the targets that most people wouldn't think it as a target. That is why, Silat Seni Gayong was originlly known as Silat Seni Sendi Harimau (Tiger's Articulation).

Other Tiger and Phoenix gurus that I encountered:

I am also the Pesilat of Pancaindera Seni Silat Lintau, a style originates from Sumatera that combines between Silat of Teralak, Sendeng and Harimau. Learning it with Dr Kamal of Pasir Puteh, I saw that the Lintau plays with three "pillars": High, Medium and Low. High from Sendeng, Medium from Teralak and Low from Harimau.

I am sure that everyone know or will know the Guru Edwel, Dato Rajo Gampo Alam from Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia. One of the great master of traditional Silat Harimau. The style, officially registered as Baringin Sakti with PESILAT, is the most original form of Tiger's technic ever I had seen. He came many times to France to do the seminars, and I had the opportunity to learn some of this "Perantau" film Silat choreographer. I also participated in the "PAMACAN" (father-tiger) and Kerambit seminar hold by Cecep Abdul Rahman, the international figure of Pencak Silat from Panglipur style. He also teach the Kari & Madi, Syahbandar, Cikalong and Cimande.

I heard also that in France, the Harimau school was first taught by the late grandmaster Hanafi from Indonesia. His son continued teaching the style privately and the access is quite limited and difficult. I'm not sure about this, but I heard the Richard de bordes of silat harimau america learn from Guru Hanafi....

I am also the Pesilat of Seni Silat Kegayungan Acheh Helang Putih Malaysia, learning with Cikgu Erman of Pasir Putih. I did want to meet the grandmaster Raja Aziz Khoja Andak, but since I am in France, and most of the time when coming back home during two months holidays, I was too busy maintaining the Gelanggang, I finally realised that I must spend time next time in Malaysia to pay him a visit. In this Eagle style, we learn to be as like the eagle soar in the sky. The Eagle claw seems so simple, but yet it's three mortal fingers that can crush your throat!

Oh, forgot to mention, Cikgu Ezhar Abbas, one of great Gayong teacher in Selangor also came to England under the invitation of Cikgu Yeop Ariffin, the Caliph of Gayong UK. His specialities, given by the late Mahaguru Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, was the Cindai Jantan and Rajawali technics. Alhamdulillah, meeting with him, me and Cikgu Hafiz (my demo partner!) benefit a lot of his large knowledge of Gayong!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mont St Michel

Last weekend, I helped one malaysian family to drive a car (SCENIC) for a vacation to Mont St Michel. We departed on friday night, and arrived there in the morning. The speciality of Mont St Michel is it's beautiful view and unique 'island'. Previously, people can go to the Mont St Michel whether by boat or during the untide on foot.

" Le Mont-Saint-Michel apparaît (...) comme une chose sublime, une pyramide merveilleuse." Victor Hugo, 1865. As Victor Hugo said, Mont St Michel is a great thing, a magnificent pyramid. By the way, this is where the Lord of The Ring was filmed.

We then went to St Malo, where we took a walk by the sea shore. I think I found my favorite spot there! ;) heehhehe -tiger instinct! There are some french who were swimming, although it was quite cloudy, windy and cold. In Paris, we were roasted in our house, but here the climate is different. It worse at night as we were camping,
the soil was cold and it was raining all night long. In the morning I was shivering because all of my blankets were wet. (because of the rain of course!) It was so hard to drive since I didn't get a good sleep and rest. Whatever, a tiger never sleep so tight! Auummm!!!! lol ;p

It is a beautiful town. Their speciality? The sea food! We walked down the street in the ville and looked left and right but see nothing other than restaurant! The best menu proposed that i spotted has a price as high as 134 euros for two persons! 2 lobsters, 2 big crabs, lots of prawn, mussel and other sealife species that I don't recognize. (but they don't have any octopus!!lol)
Sadly, we had already expent more than 500 euros for the rent of the car, petrol and tols. So we decided NOT to eat in any restaurant but instead, we found a 6 euros per kilo Mussel in a supermarket nearby!

We then returned back to Paris on sunday morning. Completely exausted, I took a loooong nap until Maghrib time. Three days out of Paris, I phoned my mom to give her some news. She easily gets worried if I don't call once or twice per week. A mom will always consider you as you were 6 years old! That's why, sometimes I don't tell her everything, or any problem that I face. Mom oh mom! my paradise lises beneath her feets.....


It was thursday night but still I coudn't sleep. So at 3 in the morning, I packed my training tool, waited for the night bus, and went to the Eiffel. It was the best moment to train there, as there was no one there when me and my students arrived.

Do you know why they built up the Eiffel Tower? It was so controversial that many people opposed the decision of building it. It was "Serampang Dua Mata", or throwing stone and killing two birds project. They said that it was for the telecommunication. Yes, it's true. They say that it was for the land mark of Paris city. Yes and No. Initially no, but gradually, the La Tour Eiffel becomes the image of glamorous City like Paris. People come here just to snap a picture with a background of used-to-be one of modern seven wonders. But the reality is that, the Tour Eiffel was build up to prove that the science is higher than than religion. It was the moment of secularism: the separation of religion from any political and state administration. The white building on the highland of Anvers, the beautiful marble church of Sacré Coeur, previously was the image of christian people in Paris. It was beaten by the Eiffel tower in terms of "highness".

Well, I still like to "lepak-lepak" at the eiffel, but not when many tourist are many there. Night, or early in the morning is the best time to come and enjoying the view from the Place de Trocadero or doing some Silat or Capoeira things on the grass in front of the tower. It is just 15 minutes by Metro (train in the city) from my apartment.

We started some Senaman, and I started to play with my Tekpi. We switched on the camera, and here we go for the actions! We trained for almost 3 hours until the day came, and most of the lesson was on the Tekpi technics. It is time for them to learn it. The thing initially was for me, as I need to train and teach. It was a prelude for my tekpi technic DVD with some of the martial arts DVD producers here insyaAllah.

As the day came, people came too! So we packed our tools, and going back to our home then by Metro. Finally, I felt soo sleepy and slept soundly as I arrived at home.

This video would be the image of how I feels inside. I just need more training! It is summer and no one is available to be my training partner????!!!! ;)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My brother who is also my student in Gayong, Daoud, invited me to participate a seminar of "KAPAP". It is a knife and blade self defence system in the Israelite army and order forces. I've heard many times about Krav Maga, but that was the first time for me to hear the word Kapap. Actually both are same, in termes of their origin from Israel.

When we arrive there, personally, I was quite nervous. Not because it was my first time learning a new style, but I kept thinking how 'they' will think and say when looking at me? I had long curly beard, with my asian eyes, "bronzé" skin and surely anyone look at me can guest that I am a moslem. "They" are actually the Jews, participants of the course, living in paris and it's suburban. As a moslem raised in Malaysia, we heard a lot about the war in Palestine. I am not racist, but I fear that my presence will make others being uncomfortable. Who knows? With the tension exists between Moslems and Jews, I couldn't imagine what will happen. But for the sake of love of martial art, I strengthen my leg walked into the building where the course will be hold.

The cheif intructor is David Chemoul, he is the presiden of World Kapap Krav Maga Federation. Krav Maga was "created" by Imi Lichtenfeld in Slovakia, due to resist against the Nazisme and anti-semiste movement at that time. He was then moved to Palestine-Israel and presented to General Sadeh, who then asked him to teach his street self-defence method to the Israel army. The Krav Maga, (Close combat in hebrew) was then taught to the public.

KAPAP means "Krav Panim el Panim", Face to face combat. It is a sort of modern self defence. It is completely independant and not stick to one style.

We started with the warm-up for about 40 minutes. Then everyone was given a knife: with double blade; which is used widely in army. But of course it is not sharp as the purpose is only for training. For introduction, the instructor asked whether is there any volunteers to make a real-life situation when someone is attacked by a robber with a knife. When he saw that I wore a black silat trousers, with the "Pencak Silat" words embroded on it, he asked me my martial art background. Knowing that I do know Silat, one of martial art that use a lot of blades and knives, he picked me up, to be the attacker, while one of his student to be the defender. The rule is simple: fight as it is real. He put on both of our knives with red lipstick,so we can see the cuts on our body everytime I touch the defender. So everyone was watching, that guy started to walk in, and I observed him and BOOM...I attacked him and try to touch every vital points on his body. He defended well. We were in "real-fight" for about 3 minutes. By the end, we found at least 15 marks on our body: hands, legs, ribs, chest, neck, and even more, I touched his face. Blade fight is a no-mercy battle that results great damage and even death. The duel fight that I experience in Silat using Pisau, Keris and Golok confirmed me the solemnity of the risk facing an opponent with a blade in his hand.

Everyone was happy and the course continued. That day I made many friends with the same interest: To get prepared to survive in any knife attack! I realized that my technics that I learnt in Malaysia are not bad at all, or even more are awesome! In KAPAP, most of technic is easy and fast, by blocking and hitting. In Silat most of the technic is lock-style and bringing the opponent down. By combining the two perspectives, I can see clearer how to handle the attacks and the best moves should I take.

By the end of day, we were totally used. We then thanked the instructors and the members, and hoping to participate again the next seminar. For me, it was a new experience and a new environment. Martial arts indeed a tool of war, a destroyer of human kind relationship in certain place, as it is born to attack or to defend. But in most of place, it unites people, it brings them together, it helps them to know each other better....and it makes us know that our enemy is our own self, not the others!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pencak Silat Tapak Naga

I started to learn Silat Seni Gayong when i was form one at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kamil, in Pasir Puteh district (Kelantan). Previously, the form one and form two students schooled at 2 p.m and finish at 6 p.m. One afternoon, after finishing our A'sar coummunal prayer with the Ustaz and teachers, we were told to go to the school field for a silat demonstration. The demo was TOO awesome. Machete fighting, super combat with one long stick versus two short sticks, Keris and Pisau pentas, really impressed me. However, i was quite ego by not expressing my 'impressness' in front of my friends. I even didn't show them how interested I am to learn that Silat. A week after, I registered a member of Silat Seni Gayung Pusaka Malaysia.

11 years later, knowing that Silat Seni Gayong's Mahaguru (The Great Grandmaster) Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman bin Daeng Uda Hashim has a "Bugis" lineage that traced back to the Sulawesi island in Indonesia, I had always searched a sort of original form of this deadly "Bugis" martial art. By chance, I met Guru Besar of Pencak Silat Tapak Naga, Pak Andi Halilintar from Sulawesi. He is teaching the PSTN at Munchen, Germany. After contacting him, he was agreed to welcome me and teach me little bit his "Dragon Steps style". He was really strict when teaching, yet he's kind and funny. From my intuition, he is someone who has a large knowledge, wisdoms, devotions and sincerity in developping his passion.

What did surprise me is that his purpose of teaching Pencak Silat is to help the unlucky children in Indonesia, mostly at his born place at Sulawesi. From the fees and donation given by those who attend his class, he sends it directly, with his association ADIK to the NGO at Indonesia to build up the orphan house, schools or even the nutritous foods for the poor.

So what is the silibus of this Pencak Silat?
Langkah Empat (4 steps)
Langkah Enambelas (16 steps)
kombinasi 4-8-16 (combination)
Gergaji ("SAW")
Patah (breaks)
Buang (throws)
Pinjam Tenaga (borrows the energy)
Pengaliran (tranfers)
Tendangan (kicks)
Pukulan Jarak Pendek (short distance attacks)
Langkah Kucing (cat steps)
Jurus Kalajengking (scorpion movements)
Jurus Elang (eagle movements)
Jurus Gabungan: Harimau-Naga-Ular (combination Tiger-Dragon-Snake)
Jurus Permaisuri Memetik Bunga (Princess picking the flowers)
Jurus Putri Memetik Bulan (Princess picking the moon)
Jurus Pendeta Menyambut Ramah (Priest greetings)
Jurus Payung (umbrella)
Jurus Tongkat Pendek Dua (2 short sticks)
Jurus Tongkat Tengah (medium length stick)
Jurus Tongkat Panjang (long stick)
Jurus Badik (bugis knife)
Jurus Trisula (Tekpi/sai)
Jurus Parang Pasangan (2 machetes)
Pemanasan dan Pelemasan

Aturan Pernafasan
Jurus ("12 X 12")
With a little time, I just managed to see the general form of PSTN. From what I've seen, I can say that Silat Seni Gayong has much similarities with PSTN. The Bugis people are known in the Nusantara as the warriors. There are talented and have a superior level in martal arts skills. (By saying this, it does not mean i'm degrading other ethnics skills or specialities!) Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman learnt Silat Seni Gayong from both Grandfather from his father and mother. His great grand father was Daeng Kuning, or known as Panglima Hitam. He came to Peninsular of Malaysia with six other princes of Sulawesi. Others continued their journey, while he stayed.

Talking about the silibus, the weapons used in PSTN are same with Silat Seni Gayong. Two short sticks (Simbat Suk), medium stick (simbat), long stick (tongkat panjang), Badik, Tekpi and 2 machetes (Parang dua). Two main animals form in Silat Seni Gayong are Tiger and Pheonix(Rajawali). However, some movements are also named with animals too. Sawa Berendam (Sinking Python), Sambar Jerung (Shark's Strike), Libas Buaya (Crocodile Sweep), Lompat Helang (Eagle Leap) or Tapak Yoi...

My encounter with Bang Andi also make me met one of his student from Danau Toba's Batak ethnic. For the first time in my life, I had a "close-contact" with a Batak guy, whose ethnic was feared once by the Nusantara people, as they were man-eating and blood suckers. He told me that, from what he learnt from his community, it was started when the Dutch came to colonize them and started to preached them the christianity. Most of their cultures and traditional rituals were forbidden by the white people. Fearing that their heritage will perish, they raged a war against the whites. And of course, to show their angers, they ate the flesh of dead white poeple and drank their blood.....
I prefer not to play with his nerve this guy! LOL
I was a great pleasure learning something different. I did learn a lot with Guru Besar Andi Halilintar. Undeniable, he is a true master of his style. Sincerely, I'd rather spend more money on traveling to learn from a true master, than learning with the non-original pencak silat "self-claimed master", which exist a lot in europe. These 'Orang Putih', learn basic pencak silat, then mix it with other martial arts, and "sell" it by making DVD or books. That is really disgusting!
By the way, i'm still searching any place in my schedule, to pay a visit to Munchen once again. Hopefully my comprehension will get larger, my physical skills would be much better and my mind and my soul will be stronger! InsyaAllah!


When i was a little boy, i had seen a movie on television. I had seen a lot of martial art action movies, but this one was so different. They jump with acrobatic style like kung fu stuff, dancing like american break-dance (as what i thought, because i didn't know the terme of Hip-Hop) and fight with machete as Pencak Silat. Since i didn't understand so well english at that time, I thought i had figured out the name of that martial art as "Jingga". It is only couple of years later that I finally know that that martial art is "Capoeira" and another couple of years that word "Ginga", not "Jingga", is actually the basic movement of Capoeira, by swinging the hand and placing the leg rightly to balance the position.

It happened in 2006, when my application to perform my 2 months internship for final year engineering Diploma had been rejected 'violently' by our student supervisor. She is french, and everyone doesn't like her (I LOVE to mention that she's in 40's ;p). Only the kiss-ass would smile and throw the 'polite' words in front of her. Encouraged by most of the lecturers, I've bought the flight ticket to Malaysia as i was accepted to perform the internship in one of the best engineering company there. Unfortunately, something was going bad then. There was a GAY lecturer, of my department, informed my supervisor.She was turn in rage and was threating me to said the bad words to JPA in Malaysia if i went to do the practical there. Her only reason; I don't speak French so i should do here in France to learn more the language. Je t'e****de! How about my 1000 Euros airlines ticket??? Effortless to fight back that time (i was too Malaysian!) i just went back only 2 weeks, trying at least to confort my anger.

Coming back to France, I took a train to Montpellier, 4 hours by TGV from Paris. New place, new people. That was my first time there. Searching for a place to sleep, meeting with my "Maitre de stage" (internship supervisor), going to work, start to learn the bus and tram schedules, find the mosque and hallal restaurant and so on. One day, when i was eating at a chinese restaurant, i just asked simply a waiter there, if he knows any Capoeira club there, seems i'd seen a Capoeira demo done at the Place de la Comedie, when i was in the tram. Before even he answered me, a guy pop up and entered the restaurant, looked at the waiter, and the waiter looked me back and said; "ta tro la chance mec, le voila le capoeriste!" Yes, that guy who just came in is an experienced and bloody good Capoeiriste and it's him who introduced me to my first Capoeira master and into the world of Capoeira............

It is then, finally, I see that movie from a compeltely different of view: IT'S SUCK!!!! (for Capoeira standard of course!)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TEKPI: King of Weapons

King of Weapons, as i translate it from Malay term of "Raja Segala Senjata", is referring to a Malay weapon called Tekpi. Eventhough this form of weapon can be found in other martial art in asia, it has it's own identity in Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The really first time i hold this weapon, was at my Guru's house in Pasir Puteh back to 1996, at the village Gong Serapat. They were so awesome in pair. Not so heavy, well ballanced, hexagonal cut and of course, sharp at the point. He said that these "twins" were given by a great Tok Guru (Pendekar) of Tekpi in Pasir Puteh, after persuading him more than hundred times! That Tok Guru, showed his ability to throw his Tekpi and hit perfectly on a falling cocunut, 10 meters ahead, in front of my Guru's eyes. The only different parts of this Tekpi is that the opening of the "horns", is wider at a one side compared to another. My Guru said that the smaller opening is to be used to lock enemy's body parts and the bigger opening is designed to lock enemy's weapons.

Learning Tekpi is not really easy. Locking the enemy using a tekpi caused bone breaking, suffocation and bruices. With Tekpi, we can break a Sword by smashing on it at the right angle. When encountering an enemy with Sword, one shoud not ONLY think how to block the sword strike from chopping off his head, but first of all, thinking how to place his fingers rightly on the Tekpi. Any single mistake, then you won't have any finger left even to hold the Tekpi. As you can see in this photo, after my free-combat training using Tekpis versus a sharp Parang (machete). (my training partner also got much cuts as I am, since some Tekpi locks bring the blade back to the attacker)

Learning the Tekpi is familiar in most of Silat at Pasir Puteh, besides the Tongkat (Stick), Pedang (Sword) and Lembing (Javelin). The second Tekpi that i hold were my other Guru's at village Bukit Awang. This time, the Tekpi has his Father-in-law:Tok mertua (or sometimes called as Mother: Ibu). The Tekpi's "horns" are wider to compared with the previous one that i used to train with. The Ibu Tekpi was a left-hand protector. It has 3 sharp knives in front (Wolverine-like claws), a holder, long iron bar along the hand to block any attack, and at the end of the iron bar, just a little bit on the elbow, it has a Kerambit (Tiger claw-like knife)

Since then, i dreamt to have my own. But the Tekpis are expensive to order it from a blacksmith. So when i come to France, i found the Japanese Sai for only 60 euros (i think). Without hesitation, i bought them and keep them until now. They are the Sai that i trained with since 2003.

Teaching Silat Seni Gayong in France made me encounter many people, included one friend of mine, a french and he is a teacher of Persaudaraan Setia Hati. He do a lot of business of Pencak Silat materials. And you know what, I bought the Indonesian "Trisula" with fine chrome inox and buffalo horn finishing with Rasamala exotic wood. They are quite similar with my Guru's at Bukit Awang. These ones, i use only to train the Langkah Sembah (Silat salutation), Jurus (mouvements) and Kuncian (locking technics). For any combat where there is a real contact with other weapons such as Parang (machete) or Pedang (sword), i prefer to use my Okinawan japanese Sai, and i had served it very well!!! ;) (in other words: i had completely ruined it)

Personally, i will absolutely order my very own Tekpi once i go back to Malaysia. Everything counts, your hand size, fingers, and even you birth name and what date and day you were born in Hijriah calendars! As what i've heard from some blacksmith, since i was born on Friday, the virtous day for Moslems, my will-be Tekpi has to be undergone a sort of Adat rituel (Malay tradition). I am surely eager to wait for that moment! ;)

Until then, i keep training and training with my Tekpi........!!!!

Jurus Tekpi (Tekpi Kata) : Tempur Tekpi (Tekpi Combat) : Kunci Tekpi (Tekpi Locks)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Human is Problem

Here i am in my room of Paris 10th arrondissement wondering what i'm going to do today. I have no more class at university, no more Silat Seni Gayong class at Au Mée or Nanterre or Lille or Dublin. It's still chillin at 6.09 a.m, and i'm still not sleeping. My mind is so mind-less as i'm thinking how to solve my problems this and that.

Everyone got a problem, isn't it? The only one who doesn't have ANY problem indeed IS a problem. He got nothing to worry, nothing to be ashamed, nothing to loose and nothing to be risked at! He seems to be perfect, even happy, but the reality is not. He got brain, but he can't differenciate between pain or pleasure.. A normal human, has the ability to solve the problem. It doesn't stop there, we even have the emotion and tendance to find the answer, to find a solution, to make a problem easier and simpler.

My problem? wow! i got a huge lugage for that! My practical presentation has to be done again in septembre, as the director didn't like it so much when i made it last few days. I thought it will be the best presentation ever, with the main subject of helicopter flight theory and the system of maintenance. I thought also, i can enjoy my holiday after several months of hard work on that project. I thought that seems i'm going to repeat two subjects for a better grades, my holiday would be Silat-Travelling Revision for Paper. But now, another obligation has to be included intoy plan!!!

Another problem? MONEY. yes, you hit me right man. One main problem living in paris is, you pay really expensive for a minimum living place. with my only 3.5m x 4m room, small WC and toilet, mini kitchen, and 2 windows with small balcony, 6th level with unrepaired lift since 3 years and some problem with uninvited guest: a whole family of mice: I pay 600 Euro per month. My scholarship? I got 1000 Euro by JPA of Malaysia. Luckily here in France, the France state pay an amount for the rental for student, much higher if i am titled as "Boursié" (student with scholarship). I get 245Euro per month since living in Paris. But because of the bureaucracy, with lots of paper and lots of meeting, you have to die first before that 'help' comes and transfered into your bank account. With the state, if you late to pay the tax, you have to pay the 'tickets'. But the state itself, won't give your right on time!

As a student, when we got these TWO problems, we are fucked enough. Being sent by your own government to the foreign country with the Rakyat (people) money, is meaning to bring back that Diplome d'Ingenieur or Master Recherche or Master Professionnel. You don't bring back that shit, you are jeorpadizing your own future. You'll have a very first step in your adult life by searching a work NOT to make your life, BUT to pay your debt since 7-8 years scholarship. Having no money to pay your house rental also will haunt your mind. No money to eat is worst. I don't know for anyone else, but i had been in that kind of state that i ate only the "Lempeng", malay Crêpe-like bread. Flour-water-salt, cooked and eaten for few days just to survive. I am quite 'arrogant' person. I will hardly ask any help if i got any problem. Everytime i don't have any choice and have to borrow some money for food, i'll think that i can die anytime before i could repay my debt. That's why i always hesitate to ask any help. By the way, i've learn a lot to ask only to God, not to the creatures.....

Voila voila: as for me, i am stuck here in Paris. wanting badly to go back to malaysia for a even a short vacance, but still my bank account is negative, and my scholarship will only transfered at the end of this month. My Silat teacher is calling me back. He's too old and wanting to heritate me something precious of the art of Silat. I knew the time will arrive. I knew at the very first time, i'm going to explore the wonderful world of Pencak Silat one day. I've travelled so far until now. Without stopping or regrets. This one shouldn't be missed! Eventhough that time is approaching, and i'm still stuck here for the material reason , i'm still hoping that God will facilitate and help me. Hopefully i'll be there for the ceremony. Hopefully i'll solve my problems in study and money. Hopefully i can see my parents and family again. And hopefully, my hopes are listened and granted by God. I'm hoping. I'm hoping. InsyaAllah God willing.....