Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Jangan sekali kali lupakan sumpah dan ikrar kita semasa dimandikan....

Adik ambo juga anak gayong. Yang sebenarnya, dulu2, abang sulung ambo pun anak gayong di UKM, kakak sulung, kakak nombor dua, adik perempuan, adik lelaki lepas dia dan adik lelaki yang bongsu semua anak Gayong dari sek. men. keb. kamil. Gelanggang Pasir Puteh. Yang lain semua sempat hijau. Adik bongsu ni alhamdulillah baru merah. Sebagai jurulatih muda, terlalu banyak yang dia perlu tahu dalam Gayong. Abang dia ni pun bukannya orang lama, cuma adalah sikit2 pengetahuan tu.

Peringkat ini, anak Gayong mula tapak pertama nya dalam pencarian ilmu Gayong yang sebenar. Sebelum ini, yang dia tahu hanya Buka Tutup gelanggang, mandi tapak seni dan minyak, Kunci mati 21, Pukulan 21, elakan2, sikit simbat, sikit pisau, sikit keris, dan seni tangan kosong yang lain. Bukannya tak ada maklumat berkenaan Gayong dalam internet, berkenaan Mahagurunya, Guru2 nya, adat2 nya, silibus2 nya, tetapi bukan senang menggapai tanpa panduan. Inilah peranan setiap Abang dalam Gayong. Menyampaikan ilmu tanpa disembunyikan.

Paling mudah, ambo beri Adik tu "study" buku karangan Dato' Wan Fauzi, "Mahaguru", "Selayang Pandang" dan "Adat dan Kuasa Organisasi Gayong". Beberapa malam juga dia study. Habis yang tu ambo bagi lagi buku gayong peribadi ambo, catitan berkenaan Gayong. Ambo juga meluangkan masa bersama dia berkenaan perbezaan "mazhab" dalam Gayong. Perbezaan pertubuhan juga ambo ceritakan. Mana2 cerita dan pengalaman guru tua yang ambo tahu ambo sampaikan padanya. Bulat matanya bila tiba bab kehebatan orang2 lama. Tapi menggeleng kepalanya bila bab perpecahan Gayong....

Sebagai seorang Jurulatih, Gurulatih atau orang yang sudah tahu serba sedikit, amat perlu kita melengkapkan diri dengan maklumat, berita, cerita dan ilmu. Adik Gayong bertanya: Yang terutama, agak2nya, betapa ramaikah yang tahu maksud asal kenapa belajar Gayong. Kenapa kita mesti belajar Gayong? Ke mana arah tujuan kita??? Apa yang kita perlu cari dan tuntut dari orang2 lama? Siapakah orang "lama" yang sebenarnya?? Yang manakah ilmu Gayong yang tulen, atau yang mana yang telah dipecah-pecahkan? Mana yang ibu, mana yang anak? Apakah adat2 dalam Gayong? Apakah upacara2nya?? Kenapa perlunya setiap adat itu dilaksanakan? Apakah kuasa sandang, bengkung, gelaran dan ijazah? Dan yang pasti, apakah amalan2 kebatinan dalam Gayong? Dan apakah penamat ilmu Gayong itu..???

Apabila kita tahu semua ini, yang terkadang memakan masa yang sangat lama, maka hati kita akan tenang. Hati tetap tenang walau difitnah, diperlekeh dan dicaci. Kerana orang yang berilmu tak jatuh darjatnya bila difitnah orang yang jahil. Sepanjang duduk di Pasir Putih, rasa gembira juga dapat meluangkan masa dengan adik2 Gayong yang sudi mendegar nasihat. Ambo bukanlah seorang Guru, tapi hanya seorang abang yang sedar arah tujuan kita dalam berGayong. Ambo pun masih berguru, masih dahagakan ilmu setitik dua dari orang2 lama. Yang ambo faham dalam mencari guru yang sejati ini ialah, Guru yang terbaik, dapat membantu seorang murid yang lemah kepada cemerlang. Guru yang terbaik, membantu muridnya menjadi lebih baik darinya. Guru yang terbaik, mendidik dan mentarbiah muridnya agar menjadi hamba Allah yang sebaiknya.....

Adik... faham ko dop tu???

Adik mengangguk tanda faham. Alhamdulillah... moga2 pencariannya istiqamah....Amin!

Monday, February 21, 2011

WaNiTa HaRi Ini WiTh Tuan Haji Anuar

Tuan Haji Anuar at TV3

I was waiting my turn at the dentist hall. Suddenly the "Wanita Hari Ini" program at television (TV3) interviewed our Tuan Haji Anuar about the social problem regarding our teenagers at school. The problem discussed were about the "samseng" (gangsterism) and "lelaki lembut" (gynemimesism). Interesting topic and nice proposed solution.

I have my own opinion about one of the topic: The gangsterism. It has exist since very long time at school. But the trend seems to be increasing nowadays, and the consequence seems more serious. The fact is that, most of people start to know that their teenagers are becoming wild and violent; due to the clips taken from handphone and uploaded at the youtube.

I have seen this many times during my secondary school (13 years to 17 years). I have seen both of the gang fought, all around the school, with their school uniform. They used the sticks, iron bar, machete, axe and chain. I have seen one of them died, beaten at head by an axe. Why is this happened? They got few reasons:

1) territorial
all of the members of gang A, must never pass through the lane, or an area, or even to come eat at a restaurant under the "territorial" of gang B. sometime, it is just a matter of small part inside a school or kampung.

2) revenge
personal problem of one member with a member of other gang. To settle this, he asks helps from his gang to revenge.

they fight for a very stupid and silly reason: for a girl. and they would die for it.

This is not the fault of the school or teachers only. The main problem is from the family itself. The parents must play their role rightly to educate their children. Parents have the right on their children. Parents must never fear to their children, even though the psychology approaches must be used firstly. As Malay proverbs says "melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya". (bending the bamboo should be made when it's still young). When the soft approach is not enough, then some "rotan" (punishing) would necessary, but should be done with caution.

The problem recently is the sueing trend among the parents. We are influenced with a bad habit of sueing the teachers, when teachers punished our children for being morally bad. This makes teachers fear to do anything, even though his/her student becomes too bad. Most of teachers nowadays will just ignore the bad student fearing they will get problem after. Especially when nowadays more and more male teachers "extinct", and let the school surveyed only by the female teachers.

I had grown with a warning by my Mom, who was a teacher. She said once, "if I heard you are punished at school because of being naughty, I'll double your punishment!". That warning indeed disciplined me. And I didn't do anything stupid seems all of teachers know my Mom and my Dad. Maybe in one side, I was lucky to be with a group of good friends who never thought to "ponteng" (skip the class without excuse), to smoke in the school toilet, or to watch the pornvideo and experimented it.

Everyone must be blamed here. Everyone has the responsibility to educate the teenagers. There must not exist the "mind your own business" thing. Every teacher must not only come to school to teach and wait every month's salary. Teacher must be the one who educate, and must know every of his/her student's parents and their background. The personal relation must exist between teachers and parents. The parents in other hand, must be strict in growing their children. Control their daily activities, and watch with whom they are friends with. Inspect their belongings as you have the right to know everything about your children. C'mon, they are your's!!! And for us, the neigbour, or the person who is seeing something bad done by the teenagers, must do a right thing. Never keep the silence. Report to the right person if we are not able to do it alone. Or if you are able, use your voice to advice them, or if needed, use your "material, physical, psychological, spiritual or mental strength" to make them know which is right and which is not. Failing to do this, in 2o, 30 and 40 years, we will live in fear. We will be regreting as there will be to much criminal. And that time, we are too old and too weak to advice them anymore. That naughty little ones in front of us have the big potential to be a real gangster when they have grown up. So brothers and sisters, be brave and feel generous to advice our new generation!!!!

To Cikgu Anuar, congratulation and many thanks for the interview.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Searching for a teacher is a must. Whether it is in the academics, in religion or in Silat. Maybe we are too busy to spend one night, or one morning to go and learn something. But at least the technology is there to facilitate us getting the Ilmu. Learning from books,internet or CDs is good, but learning from a "human" teacher is better. The teacher is there to correct us and guide us. Learning without teacher is like learning with the Satan. We will lost in arriving at the destination, and we will use the wrong way to get to it. As a result, we will find it's difficult to get the Ilmu, or we will think we know about it eventhough the knowledge is false and incorrect.

In Silat Seni Gayong also we have to be careful. Sometimes, we feel comfortable with our Bengkung, our Sandang, our students and our Gelanggang. Sometimes, we should ask other Gurulatih what he knows that we don't. This asking must be done politely, with an intention to learn. Never think as a full glass of water, because no matter how much they pour the water, nothing will change in you. You will keep only a glass of water. But always thinking as an empty glass. Bring as many as possible the glasses. Or if possible, bring the jug. Hehehe. One word of a teacher is worth than hundred of downloaded videos or books. Because a teacher's word is a key to the knowledge.

One of the best present that God gives to human being is the "barokah" in science and knowledge. What will we find at the end finally?

From Him we came, to Him we go...
Innalillahi Wainna Ilaihi Roji'un...