Monday, October 31, 2011

Melatih Yang Muda Menjadi Gurulatih...

1st Day Training

One of our purpose to be here is to train two UMP students, who have the yellowbelt, to have a chance to teach this art to the French people. It is important for every future Gurulatih to have at least on experience dealing with the international students.

The different point of view, the way of thought, and the pedagogy are the challenge that every Gurulatih must face. More over, those future Gurulatihs start to realize the importance of good communication, verbal and body languange and the motivation.

Hopefully, Universiti Malaysia Pahang will not only produce the good engineer, but also the high level and international martial art instructors for the society. Go! Go! Go!!! ;)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gayong Jelajah Perancis 2


GJP (Gayong Jelajah Perancis) was our first project in 2005, bringing the Chief of PSSGM Kelantan Tuan Haji Mansor and 3 others Gurulatihs for a tour in France for the demonstration, cultural exchange and martial art seminar. Only after 6 years after the first one, we manage to organize the second GJP, but now it is under the co-operation between AFSSG (Association Francaise Silat Seni Gayong), Association Silat Seni Gayong Universiti Malaysia Pahang a.k.a "Naga Rantau" and PSSGM of state Pahang.

Our team consists of 6 people. 2 students and 4 Cikgus:

Cikgu Shaiful Hakim MOHAMED NOOR: 3rd Dan Blackbelt (PSSGM) : Team Leader, University Lecturer.

Cikgu Zaki AHMAD: 3rd Dan Blackbelt (AKMA), 3rd Dan Redbelt (PSSPGM): University Cultural Officer.

Cikgu Khairul Anwar AHMAD: 1st Dan Blackbelt (PSSGM): Government Medical Assistant.

Cikgu Khairul Afrizal MOHD ALI: 4th Dan Yellowbelt (PSSGM): Officer from Malaysia Ministryof Internal Affair.

Gurulatih Mohd Ihsan AB RAHIM: 1st Dan Yellowbelt (PSSGM): 4th Year UMP Engineering Student.

Gurulatih Mohd Haziq SAHIMI: 1st Dan Yellowbelt (PSSGM): 4th Year UMP Engineering Student.

We are going to do the performance and seminars around Paris and Lille from 30th of October until 7th of November. Those any club wishes to invite our team for the demo or performance, please do contact me on my email or facebook ( Those who wishes to attend any seminar also must contact the team leader for the arrangement, as there will be the open seminar for public and also the private (close) seminar ONLY for the Gayong instructors as well.

Any martial art instructor who is interested to get the official formation to be a certified Silat Seni Gayong Instructor, is most welcomed to our seminar.

Salam Persaudaraan.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

World Solar Challenge 2011

Team TOKAI dari JEPUN menang kategori overall

Mujur lah juga ada anak buah silat di Melbourne, dieorang bawak 17 biji Kebab untuk kami yg kelaparan. Berkat silaturrahim GAYONG...

Mesyuarat setiap kali sebelum tidur. Camping. Kdng2 ada air, kdng2 tayammum ja...

Plate numer KILAU : SUN 17. Garaj pon number 17. UHF nombor 17. masa tamat pon xsilap pkul 2.17 ptg... ;)

Prof Zahari sediakan Spegetti Italiano tahap dewa utk kami... sluuurrrppppp perrgh! Siapa kata Professor xpower masak???? ;)

Team Nasyid KILAU yg dijemput perform di Darwin heheheh

Test speed di Hidden Valley.

Static Scrutineering di Exposition Hall: Team ITALY

Team Twente dari HOLLAND

Team Bochum dari GERMANY

Peminat KILAU. Muka kerek n bangga giler dpt duduk dlm


Semasa persinggahan di campsite, jumpa kangaroo yg jinak

Road safety setiap kali parking

Convoy.... Eat to wake you up!

Lagi2 peminat KILAU....

KILAU yg sampai ke bandar ADELAIDE

Semua team masuk kolam!!!!!! MANDI!!!!! (selepas seminggu race)

Award Night: Performance dari Aborigine Group. Very Nice!!!!

KILAU trademark "JUMPING"

Welcomed at the finishing line! Alhamdoulillah.... 3000km done!

Alhamdulillah, we have all arrived safely last night to our home after almost one month in Australia. Our team from the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering, UMP, consists of 18 members, (staffs and students) went to Australia to participate into the World Solar Challenge 2011. Our team manager, Prof Dr. Zahari Taha was there with us in the beginning, but had to take the leave since he was selected to go to Mecca for his pilgrimage. I was the safety officer for the team, but was given the task to replace him as the team manager for the rest of the race.

The race started with the team registration, solarcar static scrutineering, solarcar dynamic scrutineering and the race itself from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south for 3000 km. We started the race on Sunday morning and arrived at Adelaide on Saturday noon. Every team celebrated their success of finishing the race by showing their solarcar at the Victoria Square and having fun playing the water in the fountain! Every team put their country flag at the fountain and swapping the t-shirt with the other team members.

During the race, we were accompanied by one observer each time. We had 5 observers through out all time. The dryness, the heat, the sunburn, and the coldness, and more obstacles we faced during the race (we were hold for 4 hours due to the bushfire and twister) just made our team become harder and close.

We came with a really modest solarcar, and must come again with a far better "KILAU 2". I spent much time to visit and share the info with the other team managers. Each of them have a solarcar that cost more than 100 000 USD. The electrical engine itself cost more than 30 000 USD. If UMP SOLARTEAM want to come again in the WSC 2013, then we should have more or less RM 1 million for the project.

I beleive in the solar energy as our future energy. I beleive that the money spent in this industry will bring lot of benefit and wake the people up the importance of this energy. This event, not only giving the award for the team who had finished the line in the first place, but also the various awards like Technical Award, Design Award, Safety Award, and the Best Newcomer Award.

My hope is that UMP will be dare enough to invest into this project as one of the effort for a better future. Our experience for almost one month there is so priceless and the support from the public and private sectors are needed. I do dream a new and energy efficient of KILAU 2....

Many thanks for all UMP Hicom members, FKP Hicom members, and KILAU members.

-replacing team manager and Safety Officer-

Monday, October 3, 2011


Salam all to 2nd year Manufacturing engin. students. As we had discussed in the class last week, we will use the e-learning method since that your lecturer must have to take a really looooong journey to come to your class. ;) We are going to Australia for 3 weeks and to France for 2 weeks. Hope that everyone doesn't take this "LITTLE" effort for granted. I've planned that we are going to have a test after 5 weeks of e-learning.

The attendance is 10%,

test 1 is 25 %,

test 2 is 25%,

quizzes is 10%,

class participation is 5 %,

and assignments 25%.

Please check in every class at new link here. The attendancy of thermodynamic class today is recorded. Do the same procedure for the fluid class this afternoon. I'll post the notes and the exercices.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Mr. Shaiful Hakim

Lecturer, FKP


4th Octobre 2011, Universiti Malaysia Pahang