Saturday, August 28, 2010

AU REVOIR LA MALAISIE!!! (after 6 months...! )

the last photo for the last training....
(acik n master Kahar)

Perhaps this is the last photo for our training at the Nirwana Gelanggang of Master Cikgu Kahar Redza. And this should be my last training in Malaysia. Even though it is the holy month of Ramadhan where most prefer to have a rest after a long night Terawih prayer at the mosque, certain just couldn't stop to come and to seek the knowledge from the senior masters. Since couple of months in Malaysia for my internship at UPM, I was grateful to have been training in KL and Selangor with some Gayong masters. I would like to express my gratitude to Cikgu Kahar Redza, Cikgu Jazwan, Cik Nor, Wan, Adek and other Gayong Cikgu who made the training at Nirwana cheerful. And also to Cikgu Mufti Ansari, Kak Ji, Cikgu Wan Kancil, Abg Zahar, Cikgu-Cikgu, Brothers and Sisters and all students at Panglima Hitam Gelanggang at Desa Jaya, Kepong, thank you very much for the knowledge taught and shared. Not to forget to Cikgu Radzwan Razak a.k.a Black Panther, Cikgu Zul the python, Cikgu Din and all of Skuad 170 at Kajang, merci beaucoup for the kindness and "craziness". Hehehhe.

To Dato' Adi, Cikgu Mus, Cikgu Anuar and Kak Nora at the Gayong headquater, thank you for spending your precious time to respond to my question and all the "papers". Last but not least, to Dato' Wan Fauzi who always says Ok when we want to pass by his house. Oh! Forgot to mention, sorry sorry sorry, Ustaz Zahari from Hulu Selangor and the gang, Cikgu Hamzah (young) and his shah alam team, Cikgu Hamzah (senior) and Cikgu Selamat, Cikgu Sani Morni, Cikgu Ezhar Abbas, Cikgu Tahir Bangsar, Cikgu Mat Serawak, Cikgu Sulaiman Sharif, Cikgu Samsuddin US, Cikgu Norazaman UPSi and his Reyokiwara team (Cikgu Jent, Cikgu Man, Cikgu Johnjenin heheh and others)

Ok, finish "thanking" the Selangor and KL Masters... fuuuhhh... ;)

To father Cikgu Amin Hamzah, thank you for your knowledge given, trust and understanding. My Gurulatih, Cikgu Azizan (chula hitam), timo kaseh banyok-banyok, and the Singa Malaya team of Ustaz Alem, Ustaz Atik, Cikgu Jeri, Miji, Deli, Ali, Cikgu Hasnul, Cikgu Syed and Cikgu Hafiz UK. And also to other Cikgus of Serantau Perak like Cikgu Sidek, Cikgu Mokhtar, Cikgu Jai and all Gurulatihs there.

Thanks to Pak Ngah Izahar, Ustaz Khalid and Cikgu Sazali, and also to the Taiping (Abe and the gang) and Batu Kurau students (Li and the gang).

Thanks also to Cikgu Mazlan Hashim of Pekan, Pahang.

Also, thank you very much to Tok Ismail Jantan, Puan Mariam, Cikgu Mad and all Gayong Gurulatih of PSSGM Melaka (Cikgu Hairol etc.), Johor (Cikgu Azhar Daeng etc.) and Singapore (Cikgu Ramli,Ummi Kamaria etc.) sorry I just couldn't remember everyone, for that last lovely ceremony.

Many many thanks also to Cikgu Awang Daud, Mak Su, Cikgu Adi, and all ADMAA team. Also to Cikgu Majid, Pak Ngah, Cikgu Tuah, Cikgu Jebat, Cikgu Kasturi, Cikgu Sham, Cikgu Kohar, and all Pusaka Gurun team. Thank you Ustaz Mursyid, and lastly to Cikgu Badekruzaman.

Thank you thank you thank you to PSSGM Perlis, especially Mak Ngah, Pak Ngah and Eddy for welcoming us last time. A hundred miles of traveling from KL to Perlis was worthy after being paid by Laksa Perlis and Pulut Ayam! ;) hehehhehe. And thanks to Cikgu Nordin who forced himself to welcome us even though he was not well last time.

Many thanks to Cikgu Nasir, Cikgu Muzairi, Ayah Lan, Abe Di, Faiz, Warid, Adi and all Bachok team for many unforgettable things.

Finally, thank you also to Tuan Haji Mansor, Pak Jab and family, Cikgu Ibrahim Yasok, Cikgu Suhaili Che Soh, Ku Rashid, Tuan Sanusi, Abe Z and all Gurulatih from gayong Kelantan (Ustaz Nik Iznan, Cikgu Ali ADMAA, Cikgu Joe Gayong Tempur, Cikgu Suhaimi Gayong Paduka) . Without all of you, I won't be here in my place today.

And to all brothers and sisters of Silat Seni Gayong, thank you thank you thank you for your support, appreciation and prayer to us Gayong France!

I am so sorry if I didn't mention your name here, but just knowing that you are all in my heart! ;) 6 months in Malaysia is not enough to know every Gayong Masters. But insyaAllah, I'll spend more time to learn and to collect as much as possible the Gayong pearls before they perish by time. Oh God, please bless us our searching for the knowledge and brotherhood..... Amin!!!! ;) I would like to ask my apologize if during our encounters any of my words or actions had hurt anyone accidentally. Or perhaps intentionally during the "self-defense" of my honor. Thank you again everyone, and pray for my success of my final exam (I got some papers!) and final year projects presentation at France from 15th until 21st of September 2010. I'll be gone for couple of weeks from now and hope to see you again at the end of September. God bless you all.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


lebak nyooohh...!!!

pilih hok besaa-besaa sikik weeh!

Dokong fruit (Buoh/woh Dokong)

picking the fruits

haaah, tok cekak nok ngettak bulu ambo nok buleh ko perabih sebesen nih. hehehhe

Just an afternoon during a sunny day of Ramadhan, I spent a time to get some Dokong fruits at the village. Alhamdulillah "langkah kanan" (lucky day) as the owner was at his home and he picked some kilos of Dokong before we came back here in KL. When you buy it directly at the owner's garden, you got a cheap price. RM0.60 for 1 kilo. And they are all big and sweet! ;)

Yoi yang dicari, Rajawali yang datang....

I smiled,when Cikgu Nik uploaded this candid photo of me with Cikgu Awang Daud in his facebook. He asked me to share what we discussed. Well Cikgu Nik... the answer is in the title. Hehehhehhe... "Yoi sought, Rajawali found"


neck against the iron rod.

Cikgu Amin and his teacher, the late Cikgu Dato' Ahmad Lazim

Batu Hitam (Black Stone) at Padang Sanai where Dato' Meor was "graduated" by Hang Tuah

Cikgu Azizan was hang by Cikgu Amin.. and he is still alive! ;)

As was told by Cikgu Azizan: this photo showed how Master Amin jumped over his students, when his age was in 50's and his weight was around 80 kg! I wonder how he jump when he was in 20's?????? ;)

His hand was laid on the broken glasses and a car passed on it

testing his student

breaking the coconut

Master Cikgu Sazali, while being observed by Master Cikgu Amin Hamzah, was bending the iron rod

Cikgu Amin Hamzah is nowadays an appointed Timbalan Imam Khalifah (The Chief) of PSGSM PERAK (Pertubuhan Seni Gayong Serantau Malaysia)


Main-main, means "playing". Playing is important as a preparation before a demo. This clip was filmed by Benjamin just before our turn to perform during the IPO 2008...
many thanks to all anak-anak Gayong France and Ireland.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Blessed Cat

Tet was still shivering after the incident...

We have two cats. One is called Joix, a male originated from France. Other is named Tet, a female brought from Kampung. But this female cat made me a lot of stress lately. I don't know why, but she seems to be in a mating season. She doesn't want to get close to her French macho "Male" but instead prefers the uneducated and dirty male Cats around the block 26. Since we leave at the 8th level with a constant elevator problem, we do exercise everyday bringing couple of kilos stuff climbing the stairs one by one. But the problem with Tet is that every time we go out and open the door, she will run and escape from the apartment and go find her lovers. Every time she did that I caught her back after speeding with world 100 meters record after her. And of course, a nice painful slap to her ears is a must to warn and educate her to not do that again.

But human errors is ever where. Some our family members just ignore when Tet was escaping. To search her back is tiring but we always manage to find her in the another day. But one time, we lost her for a week. We searched everywhere of every thirteen levels of our block. But we failed to find her. I almost made a publicity to announce the lost and somebody could return the cat to us if had taken it.

In the morning, when I wanted to go to UPM, strangely my motorcycle doesn't want to start. It was 6.45 am. So I've to wait my wife so she could drive me there. I waited until 7.15 a.m and then we went to the car. Just after few meters we moved, we was surprised to find our Tet was wandering without any destination, and perhaps looking for foods. We stopped the car and run to get her happily. She was then brought to home and we loved to see how she ate and drank after a whole week outside with couple of raining days.

She was happy and played cheerfully with Joix. They ran, they wrestled, they jumped. But few days after her lost, during the Sahur time, we couldn't find her again! We looked many time everywhere but no trace. I took a peek at the window, and at my surprise, I saw Tet was on the veranda roof of 5th level!She was probably fall down when playing with Joix seems our veranda was open. She was staying on the roof helplessly, perhaps still nervous and hurt. I then rushed to 6th level so I could get her from the veranda. But ringing someone's house at 5.30 a.m in the morning is something which is not welcomed. A guy went out, with a sleepy face, asked me why. I told him about our "Kucing" (cat). He closed the door and came back after couple of minutes. He said nothing was there. And the roof was broken, it must have fallen down to the fifth floor. So I went to 5th floor. The Chinese Makcik was yelling at me because her roof was broken by my cat. When Tet fall, a plate size of her green plastic roof was broken. (Is that the only thing that you would asked Makcik?) But I didn't find my cat there. Luckily one Indonesian woman from the previous 6th floor apartment shouted that the cat was at her veranda. We went there quickly and she said that her son heard that we asked a "Kunci" (Key) instead of a "Kucing" (Cat). That's why he didn't find any key there.

Ooo my Lord. Me and my wife, we climbed up again the stairs to our house, and exhausted and thirsty. We took the breakfast (Sahur), eating the rice and meat, but forgot to drink water because of the cat. When we arrived it was already Azan for the Fajr prayer. Nevertheless, we passed our Ramadhan day with a smile at face. Tet, feeling fears, she doesn't want to jump anymore on the veranda wall. She spent most of her time sleeping with us, while doing her "sucking" like action to my wife's hair like a kitten getting milk from her mother. Hehhehehehe.

To my French Joix, daddy didn't save your Tet. God does. If the fifth floor house didn't make a renovation to enlarge their veranda and have a wider veranda roof, Tet would have fallen from the 8th floor to the ground. You still got long life Tet!!! ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Aiseehh... aritu muat lagi baju lama ni! ;p

One main problem when we are sportive and has an active life is that we will gain weight once we stopped the activities. That photo was taken in 2008 (at France), just 2 years ago, and I was still manage to fit in my ADMAA silat uniform when I was thirteen years old! Hehhehehe. But now I won't dare to try it as it could be a suicide to me! lol

As a Gurulatih, having a nice shape, the high stamina and good reflect is a must. And it can't be obtained by just training and teaching the students inside the Gelanggang without we also train ourselves. One method I find effective is by joining any martial art or sport club as a new beginner, and enjoying be bullied by the trainers so we can break all of the fat in our body and the laziness in our psychology! By the way, that's how the late Mahaguru wants the Gayong Gurulatih to be: fit and "macho". That's why one is called "Panglima" (Knight). Not only he/she got the knowledge of the art, but he/she shows it in her personality.

As usual, my wife complains my belly size which could be as big as hers when getting pregnant! So I must take care a lot to my nutrition as during Ramadhan the sportive activities are limited. She asked me to fit in that old silat uniform again by the end of this year. Could I do that??????? 8D hehehehe. We'll see in this December. I made her my promise. (damn! but I do love double cheese lamb Kebab!!!)

***Gelanggang Pasir Puteh used to be an ADMAA (Awang Daud Martial Art Academy) club when Cikgu Awang was in Kelantan with his sons the late Cikgu Zul and Cikgu Adi***

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Late Dato' Ahmad Lazim

Cikgu (Master) Ahmad Lazim

*All credits to the photographer. I took this photo from facebook. Many thanks.

The late Cikgu Ahmad Lazim was one of the best Gayong master. An intelligent Master and a true fighter, he was among the one who arranged the syllabus of PSSGM in the 70's as what we could see nowadays. He was the Pemegang Amanah and Gurulatih Tertinggi of PSSGM until he passed away couple of years ago. I met him once during my very first belt seminar at Kem Kijang in 1996 when I was a little boy. I remember how exciting for us to peek (behind the coconut-leaves-fence) the late Cikgu Ahmad Lazim bring out his handgun. He then demonstrated to the senior Gurulatihs and Jurulatihs at that time how to handle an enemy with that weapon.

Gajah mati meninggalkan gading. Harimau mati meninggalkan belang. Manusia mati meninggalkan nama....

Semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat Allah swt....


Mana lah member2 geng yayasan tun razak tahun 2000 ni. Kursus ni dianjurkan oleh Yayasan Tun Abdul Razak, dengan dipilihnya pelajar-pelajar seluruh Malaysia dalam "Program Kursus Kepimpinan Tun Razak bagi Pelajar Tingkatan Lima tahun 2000 bertarikh 7 hingga 21 Januari 2000". Dengar katanya, pelajar-pelajar terbaik setiap negeri lah yang dipilih ni. Dengar kata je la. Jangan percaya, percaya rukun iman jer (heheheh ayat cikgu wan). Diharapkan, kalau ada sahabat-sahabat yang tiba-tiba terdetik nak google YTR 2000, boleh laa jumpa gambar ni. Niat ambo publish ni pun nak mencari balik sahabat-sahabat yang selama dua minggu kita berkemping, bercerita, bersuka ria, dan bercintan cintun....

orait ape-apepun.. register laaa facebook kot ye pun bizi sangaaaattt... hehehehhe ;)


presentation from narapatinantaboga group

another nostalgia from a stressful MSc student! lol

Once I was chosen as a group leader, I abusively used my power to name us as "narapatinantaboga". This was during the prefect board leadership camp at Damai Beach Resort year 2000... ;)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The Sandang and Bengkung holders. That tiny little girl with a white belt is always our favorite! ;)

Dato' Rahim was giving a belt. Cikgu Mufti was at his left.

The supporting wives... ;)

Taking the "Tapak"

the Kanak-kanak Riang! ;)

apa yang digelakkan kan tu? hehehe

posing maut...

Nasi Bryiani, Kari Kambing, Ayam Masak Merah, Acar Buah... Sluurrrrppp...! :)

Last weekend an Iftar had been organized by Gelanggang Panglima Hitam of Master Mufti Ansari. Other than being a normal iftar, a Sandang and Bengkung ceremony was also held by Master Mufti and the YDP of Gayong Serantau Selangor, Dato' Halim. The Sandang was for the senior Gayong Gurulatih who had passed certain level and will set up their own Gelanggang. The grading was done successfully before Ramadhan and now the ceremony was to award the students who had excelled during their belt grading. But the most important thing here is the silaturrahim itself. May this Ramadhan will unite all Gayong families whatever the "school" is. Congratulation to the Sandang and Bengkung holders, may those giving will encourage the Anak Gayong to work harder and consistent! ;)

To Cikgu Mufti, Kak Ji, Cikgu-Cikgu Gayong Kepong, all the committee of Gayong Serantau Selangor thank you for the Iftar invitation, delicious Bryiani, wonderful ceremony and warm sincere welcome to me and my wife. God bless you all. Amin...! ;)


In front of Gelanggang PSSGM Perlis: Cikgu Nik & Eddy

Having an important task to do at the north of peninsular last weekend, I didn't waste my chance to visit Ustaz Nik and Ustaz Mursyid at Kedah and Gayong family at Perlis. I met Ustaz Nik at his family's house at Kedah and we went together to Perlis, welcomed wholeheartedly by Eddy, his mother Cikgu Zaharah Harun (called as Mak Ngah) and his father Cikgu Omar Abdullah (Pak Ngah). Mak Ngah is the Ibu Gayong of PSSGM Perlis and Pak Ngah is one of senior Gayong Master at Perlis, who was the first batch of Gayong Perlis. We went to meet Cikgu Nordin at his house, but unfortunately just passing by to say Salam as we were told that Cikgu was not very well after a whole night long doing the Mandi Tapak.

Two Pusaka Gayong Cikgus...

Then we went to visit Cikgu Majid and family at Pusaka Gayong training centre. Alhamdulillah good to hear that certain Pusaka Gayung senior Masters started to make their come back after resting a while.

As Cikgu Awang Daud and family, I was told that ADMAA was chosen to represent the Silat during one of the important program after this Raya. ADMAA indeed is making one step ahead by multiplying their seminars, classes and even making the self-defense technics which is practical and easy to use during an emergency moment.

Senjata apakah ini????
(Badik permainan Ibu Gayong)

I was quite rushing, and had to come back to KL as soon as possible. InsyaAllah, I'll spend more time in the north next time. To Mak Ngah and Pak Ngah of Perlis, please please please! Teach me!!!! ;) That little thing doesn't want to vanish from my head! ehhehehehe. I would like to thank Mak Ngah, Pak Ngah and Eddy for the warm welcome (I was quite sad didn't manage to come back in the morning), to Cikgu Awang Daud, Mak Su and Abang Adi for a delicious Mee Tom Yam and lovely and meaningful night, and also to Cikgu Majid and family for the kindness, advices and the petua & amalan....

*In France, we call the North people as Ch'tis. Our Benjamin at Lille is one of Ch'tis hardcore. lol. Hehehhe. Donc, ils les Gayong a Kedah et Perlis sont en verite les ch'tis

Malaisiens!!!! ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Once Upon A Time at Kelantan....

Ramadhan arrives, and I find myself occupied with the university's project. While being busy typing, crashing my brain with what words should I put in the report, I took a look a my photo album. Many photos bring memories of my primary and secondary school. Friends, family, school. But I am surprised to realize that I've some of my Gayong photos kept in my possession. Ah... Gayong memories. For my Gayong brothers and sisters of SMK Kamil, Pasir Puteh (1996-2000) who are reading my post here, this memories should make you come again to Gelanggang!!! ;)***I am still searching our photos of Mandi Minyak with Pak Jab in 1997, demo in front of vice education minister 1998, keris demo at Silat Tongkat 1999 ceremony and many more.....

Kursus Peningkatan Bengkung Peringkat Negeri Kelantan
at Kem Kijang

I swear to God, this was my first lompatan! I was told to jump over a fire first before jumping over my friends!!!

With my very first Gayong partner, Colonel Sabri.

14 years ago .... and still learning Gayong! ;)


Gayong Competition at Kota Bharu (2000)

I was trying to pose as Dato' Meor. But I missed lot of kilos indeed. lol
*The "finger" thing was a trend among teenagers at that time... it was hollywood's fault!

Gayong Competition at UiTM Machang (2000)

Pentas Tongkat (simbat) with brother Amir

Pasir Puteh Team

Training at Jeram Linang waterfall (2000)

One whole day "pernafasan" training....

Gelanggang Kamil Secondary School (1996-2000)

PSSGM SMK KAMIL (sesi pagi)
in front: Fadhliah, Alam Shah, Amir Black, Thajirine, Zanoramin, Pok Dek, Cikgu Mat Yassim,Tuan Sanusi, Shaiful Hakim, Safuan Awang, Abd Rahim, Faridah

PSSGM KAMIL (sesi petang)
Cikgu Mat Yassim and students

Demo Simbat with brother Amir Black
at Damai Beach Resort (2000)

di tepi pantai yang indah...

Imam-Imam Gelanggang & Naqibah-Naqibah Gelanggang PSSGM Pasir Puteh
Hafizi, Me, Zanoramin, Alam Shah, Amir Black, Faridah, Thajirine, Zati Fadhilah, Noni (stand)
Salbiah & Fadhliah (sit)

Demo Pisau with brother Thajirine
at School Sport Day (1999)

Training Parang and Tekpi
at Gelanggang Gong Serapat (1999)

Demo Parang with brother Amir Black
at School Sport Day (2000)

Cikgu Tuan Sanusi was observing...

Amir Black, Hafiz, me and Thajirine

Demo with brother Mazhan
at Jeram Pasu (1998)