Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Batu Petir

two Batu Petir...broken into two pieces after hitting the earth

Batu Petir, or literally translated as "Thunder Stone", is a stone that came with the thunder when it strikes the earth, an object, or whatever. I was amazed to see this rare object. It is black, and it has a steel/metal inside it. Souhanallahala'zim. For those who knows the "Aura" and how to use it, this stone is a must object that one must own. It much stronger than the "Lava Stone" from the volcano. The Taming Sari Keris also was made by the metal of a meteroit, but of course it must be a goddamn big so it could created the "Danau Toba" (Toba lagoon) when once hit the earth.
My mother told me a story about the Batu Petir once that, it happened during a raining day. My big brother, he was still 6 playing normally inside the house, while a window at the living room and a door at the kitchen were still opened. Suddenly a "fireball" flew from outside, entered into the living room from the window, flew through the house, and passed underneath the legs of my brother who was at the kitchen door looking at the rain, and went out from the house and strike a tree at the garden. The incident grasped my mother's breath, and she came to hug my brother as soon as possible and closed the window and the door quickly!
MasyaAllah, when seeing this stone in the reality, I could imagine how hard the "arrow" of the Angles shooting the Demons who were trying to hear the secret of God at the sky. If this is the "Arrow", I'm wondering how it could be the Bow??? ;)
Well, for those who are interested to have this stone, please feel free to contact Ustaz Zahari, the owner of four Thunder Stones. Three were broken into two pieces when found, while one is in a perfect form. Ustaz Zahari is the Gurulatih of PSSGM HULU SELANGOR. Ustaz....redi2 ekk... ramai datang nanti! hehehehehe. The price is negociable.... ;)

Monday, May 24, 2010


Pak Andak Majid was giving his permission

Demo Team from Gurun

Pisau VS Simbat Suk 2


The Pusaka Gayong Demo team from Gurun were invited to perform during a Gelanggang opening at PPR DBKL, Kg. Kerinchi, KL. The Pusat Latihan Tertinggi at Gurun is always known to be the best Gayong center that creates many Gayong Fighters, Cikgus, and Masters nowadays. Since the Gelanggang is directed directly by Pak Andak Majid, senior Masters, his children and senior Gurulatih, the quality is kept preciously.

The way the demo team plays brings many memories to me. The first Gayong demo performed by the late Cikgu Zul and Cikgu Jebat amazed me a lot. Seeing those "Green Belt" holders, performing such a beautiful demo, proved to us their mastery and skills in playing with Pisau, Simbat, Golok and Tembung. Until my mouth mumbling itself ... "Ini baru laa Hijau!" (this is the level of a Green belt holder should have!).

The quality of Gayong practitioner nowadays must be a topic that the Majlis Gurulatih must discuss. What worries me a lot, the "Belt-selling" thing exists in Gayong. Certain just don't do Silat like us in a normal way. They don't know the syllabus (and of course they don't even know the non-syllabus neither!). They don't train like us who starts at really young age and learn and train until now. However, they seems to be "more" senior than us, having the Belt and Sandang ranks higher than us. It is true for a sincere Anak Gayong, we don't care about what Belt or Sandang someone has. But when those the "untrained" people lead the team, we could expect for the failure....!

Tepuk dada, tanya diri sendiri. Ask yourself. Look around you. Belt (Bengkung) is a proved that you passed a minimum requirement of certain level (in terms of Syllabus and Lessons). Sandang is according to your Belt, and plus your contribution to Gayong, like developing Gayong in your area, teaching and maintaining the Gelanggang under your responsibility. Sandang is a power and a trust from your Master....

The ceremony was attended by more than 1000 guests, and the demos were performed by Pusaka Gayung, Harimau Rajawali Tujuh, Cimande and Cekak Hanafi demo teams. I was delighted to meet Cikgu Majid, Pak Ngah (Gurun), Cikgu Rasip (Pusaka Chief for Selangor), Cikgu Sulaiman Sharif (Gayong USA) and the young Masters like Cikgu Tuah, Cikgu Jebat, Cikgu Kasturi , Cikgu Kahar, and others Gurulatihs and Jurulatihs. To Daus, hehehhee jumpa lagi la kita. ;) Bravo to Pusaka Gayung for the demo and ceremony.

Pecah Gayong Perpecahan Sayang, Satu Masa dan Ketika Akan Kembali Berteguh. Fikir-fikirkan lah..... Think about it...


Happy Birthday CikguMufti!
Semoga Panjang Umur dan Murah Rezeki!!!

Psssttt Abe Nik, Cikgu Pendita tertanyo-tanyo, mano buleh gambar lamo Cikgu tu??? Dio pon terkejut tengok gamba dari majalah Pendekar tu! hehehehe

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am a village boy. Raised by both of my parents and my grandma at village Gelam, not far from the "Pekan" of Pasir Puteh. As a grown up man, I miss my childhood at the village. I was told by my grandma that the our village was named Kampung Gelam because there were only the Gelam trees when it was first opened. Then people came,and the village started to grow. It dates long ago even before the "Merdeka" (Independence). It even exist since the time of the Pasir Puteh holy knight Tok Janggut.

But nowadays everything was vanished. Every house was destroyed. I was told that one day, the villagers received a letter from a man with bulldozer and a pack of gangsters. They said that they were sent by a "Big" man, showing a thick letter, to ask every villagers, about 100 houses, to leave in 3 days because he claimed that "the real owner" wanted to build a modern building there.

Our house was included. They took the village by force, brutally destroyed the houses, and ignoring the old folks and children standing under the rain while looking weakly to their house being wiped off by those gangsters. It was many years ago. And I passed by yesterday to look what happens there. It was a "Padang Jarak Padang Terkukur", abandonned and wasted. I heard from people that our Tengku Mahkota, (the Prince of Kelantan), the future King of Kelantan heard the villager's prayers and ordered that everything was immediately stopped.

Many knows the crisis which is happening inside the Kelantan Royal family. The King, Tuanku Ismail Petra is sick, and normally will pass his position to his elder son, Tengku Mahkota Muhammad Faris Petra. But Tengku Mahkota is not like other prince. He is the TRUE prince. He is the TRUE leader. He is the future King that Rakyat wants. That's why certain people "INSIDE" the palace dislikes him. He was a modest prince who would simply wear the Jubah or Baju Melayu, and sandals, praying with the Rakyat (people) at the mosque and the one who knows what a Sultan must do to his people and state according to the Qur'an and Hadith. We the Rakyat in Kelantan talk, and we know who is the real one, and who is "acting"!

One of history that I heard about him is that, when Kelantan was having an extreme drought, the Menteri Besar (State Minister) Tuan Guru Nik Aziz with Rakyat, were led by Tengku Mahkota during a prayer Istisqa (Asking to God for the rain). After finishing the prayer, it started to rain and the sky heavily poured the water....Soubhanallah hala'zim...

One of the prayer that directly accepted by Allah is the prayer made by a Sultan who is ruling with justice and truth. What would Kelantanese people want more than an Ulama' (Religious Scholar) Minister, and a fair and down-to-earth King? As a pure Kelantanese, I do hope and pray that this Daulah (state) will be blessed by Allah with a Umara' and Ulama' that rule with justice. And the "Panglima"s, we serve our King. DAULAT TUANKU! DAULAT TUANKU! DAULAT TUANKU!!!

Let the photos talk to us....

(all credits to the photographers. many thanks)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Perutusan Raja Sehari: Invitation de Marriage: Wedding Reception

Groom's Map

Bride's Map

After Istikharah and Mesyuarah with family, the decision was made!!! ;)

I would like to invite to all Silat community, Masters, Gurus, Cikgus, Gurulatihs, Jurulatihs, brothers and sisters to our wedding reception on 10th of June 2010 (Thursday) at the address Kg. Changgai, 16800 Pasir Puteh, KELANTAN (Bride) and on 12th of June 2010 (Saturday) at the address 373 Taman Sri Aman (1), 16800 Pasir Puteh, KELANTAN (Groom)

Hopefully your presence and prayer will bring the blessing and the happiness to our ceremony, the day we become husband and wife. Thank you for being a part of our special day.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chatting With Cikgu Mufti

Me, Hafiz & Faiz came to visit Cikgu Mufti and Cikgu Peah last time. A long chat with Cikgu Mufti made him took out every of his weapons, not mentioning lot of his drawing on the A4 paper explaining the Malay traditional weapons that we rarely see nowadays. It was a lucky night when a weapon "exposition" became a weapon class. Faiz and Hafiz, bring your Sundang Lipas next time!!! ;)

***still searching for a Sundang LIPAN...! ;)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


photo ramai-ramai

srikandi gayong

memohon izin untuk berdemo

bergambar bersama Cikgu-Cikgu lama


Buah Satu Malaysia of Cikgu Kahar

Mamat Epol ni memang photogenic hehehe

Cikgu Hamzah membuka Gelanggang

Entah ape yang disulanya Cikgu Jazwan ni???? hehehhe (Jurus rip-ass Naruto)

Wan kena buli

"OOO!!! Berani ko buli aku dulu time kecik2 ekk??? Skang cakap minta maap!!!"

"Rasakan deodorant baru ku!!!!"
"Ades ades, a ah, haruuumm.. dah laa cepat lepas aku!"

"Kalo bejalan, jangan mendogak ke langit. tunduk juga ke bumi. kan dah kenaaa..! "

Cikgu Muhamad: Never Being Shy To Learn

Being "worn" a Tengkolok/Topi Bugis by the late Mahaguru, while being observed by Cikgu Mat and Cikgu Siti

The seminar of Tembi Hentak and Jantung Pisang was done perfectly. The seminar was directed by Cikgu Jazwan Kahar, and was attended by many Gurulatih from all over Selangor, Pahang, etc. What surprise me was the presence of Cikgu Hamzah (The Senior Master of Shah Alam) and Cikgu Mad (The Senior Master of Melacca), who came to learn with a young teacher like Cikgu Jazwan. I took to chance to talk with Cikgu Mad. That Master said, "I learn what I don't have, so I come here to learn". He admitted that certain people badmouthed him because he came to Ipoh to learn certain "lesson" with Cikgu Amin Hamzah. He said that "I didn't learn that "lesson", so why should certain people is not happy with that? In learning the art of Gayong, any politic point of view must be neglected. We want the Ilmu. We are still the "Murid" (disciples) of Dato' Meor, and we are brothers, eventhough a part of us is from PSSGM, Pusaka, Warisan, Pasak or Serantau.

Training with Cikgu Hamzah. Learning must never stop!

Listening to this "old" Master, his soft but firm words assure me a lot. I admit that I travel a lot way around to find, to know, and hopefully to learn with any Gayong Master that I heard to be the authentic one. But somehow, certain people, cannot accept this for the reason that I betray my Master. MasyaAllah, Wanau'zubillahi min zalik. Never in my mind to do such thing. Derhakakah aku??? Am I a traitor because I am a disciple of a Master from the other "camp"??? I just take the chance to meet the old Masters, before it is too late to meet the elders who were among the direct students of the late Dato'.

Cikgu Mad is one of the best example of a true Master. One of Hukama' (Wise Scholar) said once, "You are a Master, as long as you consider yourself as a student. But once you think that you become a Master, you are indeed have many things more to be learned"

Cikgu Mad was happy to share with us one of his photo, when he was being worn on his head by Dato' Meor a Tengkolok Bugis (Topi Bugis).