Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Day in Malaysia

I just got this message, and really, I am ashamed of being Malaysian. This is one of the most ridiculous thing that happens among young Malay generation. It is not mainly the question of celebrating the Valentine's day it self, but how they celebrate it. In the Star Online, said that, the girls are urged to not to wear the panties during the Valentine's day to show their love to their lover. The no-panties promotion, Jangan Pakai Seluar Dalam, is circulated among the teenagers.

This is really bullshit. The fruit of the carelessness of leaders and parents. This happens when our country is exposed abusively to the negative influence from outside. Look what happen now in our Moslem neighbors. Many disasters happen as the sign of our sins. The second caliph, Umar Al-Khattab (r.a) once said, if you want to know the future of one civilization, look at their teenagers. And I am pretty sure if this continues, Malaysia will be a doomed country.

Look at our teenagers. What a serious social problems that we have! How it is easy to get the porn DVD in Malaysia nowadays. Even worst they make their own with their handset. When he starts to commit a sex at the really young age, beleive me, he won't be interested in education at school or at university anymore. What happens in the future if no one is interested anymore in the education and technologies? There will be lots of problem of out-married pregnancy, rape, and even can bring to suicide and prostitution. Where is the Moslem and Asian values in our society? What is the different of a virgin girl and not in front of Malay guys nowadays? Look at the "Malaysia's playboy magazine", Mangga, who legally shows the uncovered and sexy Malaysian celebrities that every Mom feel ashamed if their boy sees such of the thing.

The drugs also seems to be easily accessible in our country. The Pil Kuda, Shahbu, Morphine, Cocaine, and others can be owned in a low price. A young man, killed his mother because need money for his dose. This is only one case among thousands in Malaysia. I have seen all of this. I know how it feels. I know that once you are addicted with the drug, there is no more family or friend. Last 10 years, most of the drug consumers, or pushers, were the adults. But now statistic shows that more and more teenagers and students become the drug addicts..

I know that to change this, it can't be in a blink of eye. Everyone of us, who has the faith and conscience must fight this before it is too late. I don't want my beloved country,my society, my neigborhood or my family affected with this. Many Malaysian think that by doing this, by having this "liberty", by live like the teen movies "American Pies", or by "not wearing their panties during Valentine's day" is modern and soooo civilized. They are the wannabies, fools and non-educated university's students. They think when they have a blond-dyed hair, blue eyes (cheap contact lenses of course) and can speak English in "Manglish" way, they are as the updated as the overseas students...

This is where our Gayong communities can play the role. Gayong comes from Malay people. I found that if we do Gayong in the true way, with the principe that we learn and we promise during the Mandi tapak, Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi, one can be educated. How could you disrespect you Mom while you promise to obey her during the Mandi tapak? How could you take drugs while you know that it is Haram (forbidden) in Islam? How could you let your brother or sister in the problems, while you can help him/her with your strength that you learn in Gayong???

I think this is the time to fight for this. Gayong is not only a martial art. It is the way to educate, and to save people, from his own enemies. I urge my Gayong brothers and sisters, and my Silat family to save our own society. We must have Silat club and class in every school and universities. Gayong teachers must bring the real Gayong teaching, not limited it as a self defense class. We are Gayong. This must be one of our priorities before everything is too late. Jangan nasi sudah menjadi bubur....

maaf banyak2 sedara2 semua... tengah marah ni. bila baca pasal keruntuhan akhlak anak2 muda kita, rasa nak rajawali jer budak2 laki n pelempang pompuan yg gedik2 tu. sabar... sabar... Astaghfirullahal a'zim.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


it was during a hard time as a student. it is not easy to have two commitment at the same time. being an engineering student makes me weak and don't spend enough time for what I always love to do: practicing Silat. luckily, I was invited on that weekend for Gayong seminar at Limerick and Dublin.

The cliff was beautiful, subhanallahal a'zim... I took that chance to continue my Gayong Blues of Amok series. It was just couple of minutes, but I was suffering like an old man. ah.... stamina oh stamina....! need you now! I didn't expect that the tourists stopped by and clapped their hand after I had done my movements. Well.... at least, a Silat practitioner is also an artist, am I right? and an artist deserve some appreciation. We should have prepared a cap for anyone who would give a tip for the demo! hehehehehhe

hopefully, 6 months in Malaysia by this March will permit me to train as much as I want. When we learn a lot, we teach a lot. And that's why most of the time, we spend much more time on teaching than training.

Cikgi Nyz start to criticize my belly size. Ok my dear, fine! You will see in couple of months, I'll get my previous cut again! heheheheheh (kalo tak fit balik mampos...!)

training training training!!!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


It has been a while since last time that I exchange some news with brother Arif Rahman from Australia. Apparently Gayong group exists in Australia and they move under the name of GAYONG ANAK HARIMAU.

The Gurulatih, Cikgu Abdul Razak Othman, is a certified Gurulatih from PASAK Singapore. He teachs at Adelaide, South Australia and Melbourne.

Jurulatih: Mr Abdul Razak Othman
Ph: 04 3104 5949
Training location: Western Youth Centre, 79 Marion Rd, Cowandilla SA 5033, Australia
Time: Thursday 6.30 - 8.30 pm

I personally wish you guys good luck and hope that Gayong will spread to all over the Aussie land! Aand please feel free to share with me any news or photos. ;)

Salam Persaudaraan....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Real Art of War Axe


*godek godek gambo lamo, tingat balik gambo ni. patut post dekat "Seni Kapak" dulu... hehehehehe.

Cikgi Nyz is showing us the highest level of Seni Kapak.

As what I said before, don't ever mess with women...!!!!

Seni Lembing

Malay Spears...

Lembing and Tombak (Spear and Javelin) is one of the weapon that we learn in Silat Seni Gayong. The lesson is placed under the advance level in our school, which means that one at least must has a sufficient knowledge of other Gayong weapons (Simbat, Pisau, Keris & Parang) before learning it. This art is herited from the legendary Laksamana Megat Terawis, the warrior from Perak, who was then became the Bendahara there. As like as Keris, Lembing has the Khatam ceremony. The ceremony called as Khatam Lembing, must be done at the waterfall.

The term of Tombak is actually always confused with Lembing. The Tombak, normally has a blade like a leaf, (straight and fine form like bamboo leaf or short and curved like standard tree leaf) with a pointed part at the end of the holder. It can be use to slice, to stab, to block, to hold, to pick, and even to lock the enemies. The Lembing,in the other way, has a Keris-like form of blade. It's wavy blade, with a light and balanced weight is supposed to be used for throwing to the enemies.

It is not as easy as learning the Simbat. Lembing or Tombak is longer, and has a sharp end. One need to master it's size first, meaning that we train to take account the attack and defence distance. The Asas, Asas Serangan and Asas Elakan are among the good exercice to familiarize with this weapon. After that, one must train to master it's weight. The Gerakan Tombak Pecah Empat is good as training. Everyone must have seen how Cikgu Awang Daud's battle against Omar Syarif at the sea side in the Loceng Maut movie. Eventhough it is a choregraphy, but still it shows a lot of Tombak application in the battle.

Kunci Lembing, is the best part. This is how you lock your enemy with your Lembing/Tombak, a by using his own Lembing/Tombak. And of course, the Pentas is the one that every young Gayong practitioner prefers! The choreography will help every student to learn the "Tapak", polish his skills of "Elakan" and "Serangan", and especially, to have a feeling like a 14th century warrior having a duel with the Tombak! ;)

Paris, 2008

Buah Berangan

Woh Berange Panah-Panah ni Abe wooiii....

Nothing is better than a warm and fresh French "Berangan" fruit during a cold and tiring day after school. It is just that the french version is bigger than it's cousin found in Malaysia. This reminds me a lot to the local song, in Kelantanese dialect that we used to sing most of the time, le song the Buoh Brange (Berangan fruit). I know that in certain village, there must be a slight different in terms of words and pronounciation, seems we did't learn it from book, but rather from repeatition among the children.

Time: 9 pm
Location: "Bouche du Metro" of Colonel Fabien
Temperature: 1 Degree
Vendor: vous voulez combien Monsieur?
Me: Vous vendez comment?
Vendor: 1 euro petit ou 2 euros grand.
Me: 2 euro svp
Vendor: Tenez!
Me: Merci... (..but not satisfied 8S )
(I found that the vendor will give you more Berangan fruits in 2 packets of 1 euro each than one big packet of 2 euros. Hehheehhe)

Cak Klepuk Klepi Klepa
Buoh Brange Lokoh Kulik
Akak Cghano Takdok Bakka
Maghi Same Kito Balik
Lek Lek Gung
Pok Salik Keno Singung
Sigung Sigung Samak
Samak Naik Nyo
Jupo Atu Gamak
Wak Laghi Masok Gol
Cak Kokpek Kokpek Kecuk

***Ahh.... I miss my village!!!! ;)***


Our Gayong club in Le Mee was visited by a group of Arnis, the Philippines Martial Arts, as an exchanged inter-martial program between our club with them. The video was taken the last few years. Just to share with everyone. Cheers.

arnis au Mée
Uploaded by kabir7711. - More professional, college and classic sports videos.

Arnis 2
Uploaded by kabir7711. - More professional, college and classic sports videos.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


during a perlimau tomoi, Gong Pacat, Pasir Puteh

Tomoi is one of Malay martial art that is popular and widely practiced by many nothern Malay. Tomoi Siam, or internationally known as Muay Thai, is one of Kelantanese game. Being a Kelantanese in a small ville like Pasir Puteh, we live with Silat Jatuh (Tari and grappling), Silat Tongkat (Silat with stick) and Tomoi. Ahhh... what a good memory in the young age. It has been three years that I stopped my muay thai activities, due to the busy life full of exam and Gayong activities. Must find a new gloves for the next 6 months travel to my country! ;)

I am proud of one of my friend, Cikgu Kacak, who is a school teacher somewhere in capital, but still sharing and developping the Tomoi school that he learned previously to the new generation. He is a friend of mine, and if I'm not mistaken had learned Gayong for two years when we were at Kamil secondary school. As far as I aware, only both of us who still "loyal" to live in the martial arts world and make it professionnally, eventhough when we were younger, many of us were the practitioners of Silat and Tomoi.

Ok, wish you a Congratulation and Bon Courage, Cikgu Kacak! ;)

***start to find that it's hard to do the 300 times pumping (tekan tubi)! heheheh****

Cikgu Kacak and his students


Ayat Tujuh...

"Ayat" is meaning the sentence. But in Silat, Ayat is the Quran versus that we recite, depending on what we need to do. Every single Quran word is protected by the Angles. That's why no one can try to change the content of Quran. The Prophet Mohammed saw always said in many of his hadith fadhilat (merits), informing the virtues of certain Quran versus that can be a cure for sickness, the easiness in doing something, much barokah, and even to protect your self and your family from any danger. Ayat can be also in Malay words, but beware, refer to the Muslim scholars if you are not sure about the meaning of the Ayat. This type of Ayat is known as Mentera or Jampi in Malay words.

Allah know best...

Monday, January 18, 2010


They said that the 3rd Monday of January is the worst day in the year. At first, I didn't think about it at all. But what happened during the whole day made me admit the truth behind it. The 3rd Monday, meaning that 2 weeks had passed after the Noël (Christmas) holiday in France. It means that every student had already enough time to rest and to prepare for their exam on the beginning of shining new year. It means also that you are happy after buying new Baggy and Celio T-Shirt, electronic gadgets, Silat training weapons, and Comics during the Soldes (sales) after Christmas all along the boutique at the La Défense, Chatêlet or Champs Elysée, and booking many Ryanair ticket for the destinations that you don't even have any little idea what will you start to do once arriving at the airport. 2 weeks 'vacances' meaning also that you are in a good health, good mood and good appearance.

However, it is just a theory. Don't ever relate the quantity of holidays with the productivity and motivation of a student...never! New year celebration will change your biological clock and you will suffer the insomnia for the whole night and psychological jet lag due to the indiscipline life style. How it is terrible to wake up in the morning and run to the Metro at 7 o' clock in the morning, while you didn't have the time to take a shower or even brush your teeth? How it is so panic to realize that you are going to have an examination during the first day of the rentry, and dozen of papers for the 3 first weeks after? How it is hard to find that you got only the "negative" symbole beside the numbers of the balance left in your bank account and has to get ready to eat "Maggi" for the rest of the month? I bet everyone had experience this at least once in their student life! ;)

But don't worry, the good news is that, we are not so far from the happiest day in the year. It is said that 21st of Jun is the day that almost everyone will wake up and smile to everyone! ;) Well, the problem is only that, with a life of a lot of paper works, projects and exams, 6 months, about 180 days would be long like hell!!!

And me, after falling more than 2o times while attempting to play the ice skating in front of the Hôtel de Ville, I woke up in the morning with a "la geule de bois" (hangover) and had a hard day to present myself for the lecture at the university. From 8a.m to 6p.m, I didn't stop bagging my head. Since that the next morning I got an exam, I decided not to sleep at all along the night, accompanied by dozen of glass Milo and Kopi Haji Hamid Pasir Puteh posted by my beloved Ma. The exam was not so satisfying. I had again to prepare myself an interview for my PhD, but I didn't find any formal clothes to wear. So I asked someone to borrow his shirt, slack, neck tie, and even socks. But I forgot to asked his shoes too. So I found my self to be interviewed with my adidas snickers. Ashamed.... but still hoping!

After a heavy-duty day, I went to our officer's house to take my bag, by accidently slept soundly and profoundly until night. What a terrible monday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gayong France Photo Session

Gilles of

Last Saturday, I was having a photo session for Gayong France. Gilles, the editor of website Masterfight came with his big equipment on that cold and snowing day. We were three, me, Ben and Gilles. Gilles was a Viet Vo Dao teacher and now he concentrate on his research on the martial arts.

He made an excellent work during the photos session. Hope that this project will be realized as soon as possible for the sake of Silat Seni Gayong. Thanks Gilles, thanks Ben, and thank to me too! hehehehehe.

*About 1500 photos were snapped during the whole day. It's hard too stand still with your kick high in the air! ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


For those who always love brother Amy and his group Search, our brothers in Dublin, informed me that SEARCH will perform their last performance in Dublin and UK. Please contact them for more informations and booking.

SSGI Gayong Seminar & Belt Award Ceremony

Alhamdoulillah, the belt ceremony and gayong seminar had been held perfectly. Unfortunately not everyone could attend due to personal obligation, seems that most of Anak Gayong in Dublin will have their examination in a week. I would like to thank Taro, the president of SSGI, and the comittees of Association of Silat Seni Gayong Ireland. Normally I should have come with Cikgu Anuar from Limerick to handle this program, but he couldn't make it. InsyaAllah next time we'll do it again together. Thanks a lot to Bro Anuar and Kak Aisyah for welcoming us at your house in Limerick, and bring us to visit the breathtaking Cliff Moher.

Gayong Limerick: Cikgu Anuar's house

For Anak-Anak Gayong Dublin, especially to those who came to Limerick,to those who worked all night to edit and to print the certificate ,to those who trained all night long the Kuncian and the Pisau, to those who cook and bring the food, to those who clean and prepare the hall, to those who went searching for the knives and belts, to those who participated the seminar and the ceremony, and to those who welcome us at their house, and cooked, and even locked in the toilet at 5 o'clock in the morning after the training! hehehhehehe..

We were trying hard to save Buya...

Homemade tools

The victim. Now we believe that he has a toiletphobie syndrom...

For those who received the belts (Haris, Taro, Chot & Feer), it is your duty and reponsibility, as the seniors at Dublin to make sure that the activities must be continued. For the new comers, I wish you all Bienvenue, Welcome and Selamat Datang. Eventhough we didn't make the Mandi Tapak for the time being, insyaAllah we'll make sure that by March every Anak Gayong will have completed the tradition. Prepare for your grading, while at the same time don't forget to learn the non-syllabus Gayong lesson, especially now Cikgu Anuar is in Ireland! ;)

Pose in front of camera




Advices for the seniors and juniors...

Yellow (Kuning Rendah) holder

Red (Merah Rendah) holder

Red (Merah Rendah) holder







Sijil & Bengkong.....



Training the Seni Cindai

Buah Kaki

Praying & Yaasin Recitation

BUka & Tutup Gelanggang

Sawa Berendam/Sinking Python/Python Sousmergé

Training hard

The grading results

Rais (Kuning Tinggi chula 3)
Fadhlil & Hariz (Kuning Rendah)
Izdza (merah tinggi chula 3)
Chot & Taro & Eroz (Merah Rendah)
Asrih (
2), Tun (2), Muhaimin (2),
Fahim (
3), Liyana (3), Munirah (3), Ju (3),
Ammar (
4), Ipin (4), Feer (4), Syikin (4) & Diana (4)

The belt holders, don't forget to put the Chula on your belt!!!

Thank you very much once again and I pray that we will meet again really soon... Amin! ;)