Monday, February 24, 2014

Kursus Memanah Tradisional KK5 (PHOTOS)

Sesi 1 Photo kenang-kenangan dengan Cikgu Azizul, Jurulatih pakar 
Bengkel Memanah Tradisional KK5'13

The Prophetic Archery (Memanah Sunnah) is an art of the archery in the way the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught. One of the 'sanad' (lineage) of the Sunnah of the archery is from one of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) companion, Hadrat Sa'ad bin Abi Waqas r.a. The western style of archery is a little bit different compared with the Memanah Sunnah.

The method of 'thumb'-ring, as one of the signification of the Syahadah when releasing the arrow as a full Tawakkal to the God the Almighty is one of the philosophy in the Memanah Sunnah. With the level target it is totally depending on the feel which is the Soufist always says "Rasa". The training was divided in 3 parts: Ground Archery, Combat Archery and Horse Riding Archery. Since it was only the introductory workshop, we limited the contents only to the first part. My Gayong brother Cikgu Arifin Bastan and family, Pak Anwar (Principal of KK1), Mr. Nasrul (Principal of KK2), Ustaz Abduh (KK4), Mr. Khairul (KK5), Mme Liyana (KK5), Miss Zainon (KK5), Mr. Aqla (JPPH) were among those who participated.

Alhamdoulillah, our instructor came from KL, Master Azizul, who was Anak Gayong and now concentrating on the Memanah Sunnah under the name of "BOW & ARROW". I would like to thank both of Master Azizul and wife, for coming and sharing your valuable knowledge and skill with all of the student of KK5. Thank you again and insyaAllah the next time, it will be a Horse Riding Archery! ;)

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