Monday, April 26, 2010

Overcome the Pain

Silat Seni Gayong is known for it's hard training a la commando. The pain is our routine. The bloods, bruise and swollen is a daily gift! ;) Since I was white belt, last sixteen years ago, we were trained to hit as hard as possible our partner, while at the same time to receive the "hit" from our partner barely. At the beginning, we were trained not only to escape the attack, but also to work on the keeping the breath while being "attacked". This is I think the specialty of Silat Seni Gayong training. It has much similarities with the Kyokushinkai Karate, where the training is done in a hard way. Being a "Lasak" boy (strong, stubborn and endurance) is a must. Most of the students were not meant to be a real Gayong practitioner. As we always know, it is not you who choose Gayong, it's Gayong who is choosing you. We were almost hundred at the beginning, but only eleven left, that passed the red belt grading.

I remembered many things extreme that we tried to achieve the perfection. My partner Sabri was accidentally stabbed by a Keris. He was my first partner, and I admit that it was with him I knew my first "Pain". We received a praise by our Masters for our "unkindness, inconsiderate and unsympathetic severe Pukulan". We trained everyday at the Gelanggang Gong Serapat, for 3 years. After starting the weapons lessons, and becoming the Jurulatih, I thought the pain thing is finished. Especially when we are the Gurulatih, spending most of the time to teach, the ability to hit hard, and to "tolerate" the pain becomes weaker.

But luckily, Silat Seni Gayong has no "Khatam". Meaning that, the late Mahaguru taught so many thing that even a constant learning and training more than 10 years, I still found myself a dummies in front of a newly met Master. Every Master has his own specialty. Many bare hands technics are still there to be mastered. A part from the Kombat, Kunci Maut, Pecahan Kunci and Pukulan, the Pukulan Wanita, derived and selected from the "Jurus" or "Seni" of Silat Seni Gayong. Well brothers and sisters, it's time to get rock n roll! Feel the pain, and you will master the names! ;)

Simbar Cakar Helang, Kuda Gila, Tembi Hentak, Sepak Rajang Hentak Adam,Emas Sepukal, Tembi Siku, Tebar Jala,Tembi Sula, Rimbat Jerat Maut, Seligi,Rimbat Kuda Gila, Pecah Gendang, Jantung Pisang, Setangkai Padi,Selayang Pandang,Selayang Pancung, Harimau Kumbang, Seni Belian,Rajawali......etc... and many more!

Megat Terawis Trang Tang Tang

Cikgu Zul Sawa the Sinking Python

Cikgu Radzwan the Black Panther

Seni Pemusnahan & Pemecahan

One of the "leisure" activities that make Gayong training becomes interesting and "eagerly waited" by the students is the "Pemecahan" or "Pemusnahan" (Breaking and Destroying).

Master Mufti Ansari always says that this is the moment that we learn not only the respiration, but to learn how to use the "soft" movement, to break the hard object. A hard object can be broken by using external force (Kudrat), but it is preferrable to loose your hand, instead of filling it with energy, fearing that your hand will hurt.

In Silat Seni Gayong, the popular hard object that used during the training are like roof tiles, bricks, river stones, coconuts, and the extreme level is breaking the iron bar. The one to two inches wood plank is used for the breaking technics with fingers.

I'm sharing the photos during the training at Cikgu Mufti's Gelanggang at Kepong. Merci beaucoup Cikgu pour un super entrainement et un discour tres detaillee!!! ;)

Pelempang Pak Pendita

Asah Siku

Tendang Sula

Tolak Lintang

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Mahaguru with Sundang Lipas and Keris

Just to share for those who didn't watch it yet. The video is from Chula Hitam's Channel of Youtube (Cikgu Azizan of Gayong Labuan). I think it was uploaded since last year. Ayahanda Amin Hamzah was showing the Sundang Lipas movements. Sundang Lipas is a double lames sword of Bugis people. It is tied normally with Sarong to be put on the back.

Just a word: Beautiful...! ;)

An article of Sundang from Pak Pendita:

The Sundang Lipas, Pedang Sabil and the Ceremony Keris of the late Dato' Meor (photo from Panglimahitam.blogspot)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bergayong With Brother Hafiz

It was our preparation for the IPO 2009 at Paris. We trained at one of my previous club at Nanterre. One of the experience that unforgettable is that we continue our training far away from Paris, about 20minutes by train. It was a public park, which was already closed because we arrived there at midnight! However thinking about the importance to perform a good demo at international event like IPO, we continued the training until 4 in the morning although the parc was dark and we were frezing cold! We went back home together by latenight bus until Paris, but we finally separated. I went out at one stop, while Cikgu Hafiz continued his journey to La Defense. It was only in the next morning that I got a message that he was lost, and only arrived at his destination at almost 8 a.m! At 12 p.m we had already to move to the stadium for the demo!!! But what we could say, this is our obligation. The few Malay left at Europe who are still proud with the art of Silat Seni Gayong. To brother Hafiz, thank you very much for you support to Gayong France.

Cikgu Hafiz, was the one who created the Gayong Midlands, when he was a Master engineering student at Stock of Trent. He was the one who came to support the Gayong club of Plymouth as a martial art coordinator in a theater presented by the Malaysian students.


Video I took last 4 years somewhere at Pasir Puteh with my handphone. It is really rare to see this kind of performance nowadays for many reasons. Firstly, there is almost no young generation interested to learn this cultural event. This people 'game' of Kelantan people, like Makyong, Wayang Kulit or Dikir Barat will vanish if no action taken to let this heritage keep alive. Secondly, like as an artist, this is their source of living. The performance depends mainly on the need.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Looking around my Silat staff, I found my Capoeira toys. It was a gift from my Mestre, a Capoeira Master from Montpellier, France. He is a Brazilian Master, residing in France since many years. He gave me this Berimbau, with the Panderro, in exchange of my Pencak Silat trousers. ;)

The experience with Capoeirists was fun, since there is no politics. During the Roda, everyone can join, regardless your capoeira style or association. There more people participating the Roda, the more fun is there. The capoeirists bring the energy, clapping and singging together, with the Berimbau and Panderro. You can join whether you are from Regional or Angola.

Mestre Sorriso & Julien (Experto)

I played with Sorriso during my Bapteme (Baptist), and named as Tranquinho. That name was quite sucks for me initially, seems he said that I was small but move fast, like a trunk of a tree blew by the strong wind. Whatever Mestre! lol. But after being called with that name thousand times, I finally accept the destiny of being called with that name. It's much simpler that Narapatinantaboga! lol

In Capoeira, we make certain muscles works differently to compare with Silat or Muay Thai training. The sweeping and swing concept is important, and the equilibrium is vital. In Capoeira we sing, some song are religious, mainly about the Christianity, although they do exist the Moslem schools of Capoeira in Brazil.

Tranquinho & Finitia

However, the game inside the Roda could be dangerous, as certain likes to humiliate and dominate others during the game. You can simply humiliate your adversary by performing the extravaganza acrobatics moves, but the best way is to "knock him out". During the festival (baptist), you can see those instructors who are playing to help the beginners to improve their game, while certain instructors play to show off that they are the seniors, with style of so-respect-me-dummies!

training with masters

I was accidently broke one of my adversary's nose, with Mea Lua Reversao. It was so serious that his girlfriend hated me so much! What could I do? I heard that he was flirting her girlfriend who was standing outside the Roda during the game. That's what our Mestre always warn us. Attention!!!!!

Mestre Garrincha & Malek

By the way, practising Capoeira as a non-brazilian,especially outside Brazil, will cost you "the price of your ass skin" (french expression). The traditional Berimbau, or Pandeiro, will easily cost you half of your bachelor's saving. The normal Abada trousers could have a price until RM120 and up. This is due to the trend, publicities, and business, that force the Capoeira instructors who have no job other than teaching Capoeira to make this activities as his living earning, and make most of the students find hard to continue with Capoeira.

One of the experience that I can't forget is during the dinner at Mestre's house. If I'm not mistaken, it was his birthday, and he prepared us the rice with red bean sauce. I was honored when he asked me to "presented" him the Silat, which I made a modest "Bunga Teratai and Bunga Tanjung", while himself played the Atabaque. If you are reading this post, I would like to thank Mestre Sorriso, Expert, Pixot, Maxim, David, Finitia, Light, Meloncia, and all of Capoeirist mates at Montpellier. Last two years festival was my last time with you guys. Hope to see you all again. Muito origado, até a próxima!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

PAK NGAH IZAHAR: Senior Gayong Master of Batu Kurau

Pak Ngah Izahar shared some stories to us

Pak Ngah Izahar is one of the first batch to learn and to train with the late Dato' Meor in Perak. He got his Green Belt in the Jun 1959, and one of the holder of Gurulatih card issued by the Mahaguru. (There were only 11 cards issued, and his card has a serial number of 007! Malay James Bond lol)

Gurulatih card. VIP pass to bring weapons! lol

I still remember my first encounter with him, couple of years ago. I met him after being introduced by Cikgu Nasir during the Pencak Silat competition at Kota Bharu. While other Gayong Masters were sitting on the stage with their Silat uniform, Sandang and Belt, Pak Ngah Izahar was modestly sitting with the young Pesilats, in a normal outfit.

Black Belt certificate signed by Mahaguru

As a young Gayong student, I am always in the searching for the art of Silat Seni Gayong. I am in a great hunger and thirst for the knowledge. One of my experience, being tested by the outsiders inside my Gelanggang always forced me to be a better Gayong practitioner. Alhamdoulillah, from the Barokah of doing some Petua given by this old Master, any outsider came inside my Gelanggang will bow and show their respect. I am nothing to compare with those seniors and Masters. Hopefully my destiny with Gayong will last until my last breath ...

Bengkong Hijau certificate old school style

Spending sometimes with this "Old" Master, I learnt some Adab and correct manners one should do to learn with a Master. I would like to share some of my opinion, which I find really important and valid for everyone.

Respect the Adab (procedures) if you want to learn with someone. If there is a verbal contract, then you must keep the promise. If you invite a Master to teach you some lesson (make a seminar for example), treat him the best way you could. "Lapar, lapar semua. Kenyang, kenyang semua" (bad or good is faced together). Think about his welfare, the transport, accommodation, meals, and his time. A Master normally won't talk about money. He has family to support. It is our responsibility to understand this and to make him happy to teach and give us his valuable knowledge. He deserves to be paid with a reasonable gratitude. Think it as his salary for the whole seminars, and don't forget his pocket money during the seminars. By the way, he is here because of our invitation, right?

A lesson (Ilmu), needs the Barokah. The Barokah comes when the way of getting the Ilmu is by using a good way. We need the permission from the Master before teaching it to others. This is the trust that we must keep. Traditionally, as long as the Master is still alive, you won't teach it to anyone, except that you get his permission first.

Never feel ashamed to learn, even with someone who is younger or has the "Chula" (stripes on the belt) less than your's. Be a student is always a safe way. Be a Master then everything is your responsibility. Throw away our egos, and come to learn as an empty glass. If we come by considering us as a full glass of water, nevertheless how much the "new" water poured by the Master, nothing will stay.

Never sell this art. If the late Mahaguru wanted to be rich, he would have been a rich man. It doesn't mean that a student must not pay anything to learn Gayong. This is a sacrifice that one must do to gain the knowledge. But a teacher would never refuse a student who has no money to learn with him. In exchange, the student can help the Master to train the beginners, or make some service to the Master.

Last but not least, let search and seek the knowledge of Silat Seni Gayong from the old Gayong Masters before it is too late. Many had left us, and we should never let the art disappears with them. Forget the clash and the difference between us, smash and crush your "Nafs", and never felt ashamed to learn!!!

Special thanks to Pak Ngah Izahar for spending his time with us. To Faiz and Adi, merci beaucoup! Hope to have more chance in the future to train together. Many thanks to Ustaz Khalid, and also to Cikgu Nasir & Cikgu Muzairi for making this happen. All respect to all anak-anak Gayong Batu Kurau and Bachok.

Saya dengan rendah diri memohon Guru-Guru semua sudi menunjuk ajar diri saya. Yang mana terlanggar adat dan adab, teguran dipohon. Diri masih jahil dan kurang ilmu dalam bergayong. Yang mana terlanjur kata dan bahasa, maaf dipohon. Terima Kasih pada yang sudi menerima. Bak kata orang tua, Silat itu Silaturrahim....

discussing after every training is a must... don't forget the pillows! ;)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cikgu Ezhar Abbas: Khalifah Besar Selangor

always smiling and full of funny stories. that's cikgu ezhar! ;)

Cikgu Ezhar Abbas is one of the Khalifah Besar of PSSGM Selangor. We met for the first time when I was invited by Cikgu Ariffin to the graduation day of Silat Seni Gayong United Kingdom and International. Alhamdoulillah, I came to his house at last at Cheras Baru. We talked about many things, mainly concerning PSSGM. He mentioned certain names which makes me want to meet those "Big" Masters behind PSSGM Selangor, like Cikgu Zainal Badak, Cikgu Sani Morni and Cikgu Ibrahim.

He asked me if I took any photo or video last time when he came to UK, so he sucessfully made me explore any bit of my external Gayong hard disk, to find the photos and the videos! I finally found the video that I edited, but still to be modified before ready to be uploaded here! ;) . I put Cikgu Ezhar's action last time at UK, showing the deadly technic of Cindai Jantan and Rajawali.

I heard that Cikgu Ezhar was hospitalized last time, but alhamdoulillah that he's now in a good health.

Hopefully the Mandi Minyak programs at Kuala Kubu Baru last Saturday was done smoothly. Share the photos please! ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Te' was having her lunch at perhentian.

I went back to Pasir Puteh last weekend to visit my family and to support the new students who were taking the grading. I came back to Sungai Besi with the my small "Kancil" packed with the cooking tools, "bantals", our new cat Te', kidnapped from Kampung to be forced to marry our boy Joix, and Silat toys.... ;). I even took my Gendang, Gong and Canang. Anyone is available to play the gendang with me at Sungai Besi???? lol. I left my Serunai at Paris. Waiting to get it back here!!! ;)

I checked my weapons there, few were lost!!! I was told that certain came to borrow my weapons for the training but didn't bring it back!!! I was so frustrated, but surely I'll find my toys again. So I decide to bring some of my training tools with me here. The rest I locked up the cupboard. Hope these toys will help me to fill my leisure time up when getting bored at home... or at UPM! lol

Big Boys have their own toys....

I would like to spend more time to meet all of my Gayong and Silat Masters at Kelantan, but the time was limited. Hopefully I'll get more chance in the next time insyaAllah.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Red Belt Grading Pasir Puteh-Machang

Cikgu Ibrahim Yasok: The Khalifah Besar Kelantan

Cikgu Ibrahim Yasok is the holder of Sandang Khalifah Besar of PSSGm Kelantan. He is the member of the Lembaga Beradat, the member of Majlis Kehakiman, the chairman of Majlis Gurulatih and of course the holder of 6th Dan Black Belt. He participate actively with the Pencak Silat competition organized by PESAKA and PERSILAT, which he is also the Wasit Juri.

I've heard that he was also an actor, mostly inside the Malay Silat drama. He is among the one who arranged the syllabus of PSSGM Kelantan used nowadays, with the late Cikgu Zul. I heard the name of the late Cikgu Zul from Cikgu Nasir himself, saying that Cikgu Zul was his teacher in Gayong.

Cikgu Ibrahim, with three others Khalifah Besar (also 6th DAN), Cikgu Razani Hassan, Cikgu Tuan Azmi Tuan Mat and Cikgu Wan Abdullah Hamzah, were endorsed by the late Mahaguru and the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom as the Khalifah Besar in the state of "Cik Siti Wan Kembang", while Haji Mansor Othman as the Yang Dipertua (The Chief of state).

Among the first generation of Gayong Masters in Kelantan (the holders of 5th DAN) , and still sitting under the umbrella of PSSGM is my Gurulatih, Cikgu Suhaili Che Soh (Pasir Puteh), Cikgu Nuri Mohamed Nor (Gunong), Cikgu Nik Mat Din Mustafa, Cikgu Mazlan Said (Melor), Cikgu Mohd Zaib Hj Awang, Cikgu Rahimi Mohd Nor (Tanah Merah), Cikgu Rosman Mohamed (Machang), Cikgu Nik Azman Nik Par (Gua Musang), Cikgu Aidil Azri Hj Abdullah (Kota Bharu) and Cikgu Zainal Abidin Mat Ya (Bachok).

I was grateful to meet Cikgu Ibrahim last weekend, during the Red belt grading at the Kamil Secondary School. One of my Master, Ku Rashid also came to support the three days course before the grading. I passed my White and Green belt under Pak Jab, who was one of the elders of Gayong in Kelantan, but now left PSSGM to create the Gayong Tiga Kalimah. For my Red Belt, and my Black Belt, the examiner was Cikgu Ibrahim. He is known to be the thoughest examiner in the state. It is a normal scene to see half of the students who took the grading with him failed. It happened again in Kamil last Saturday, when sixteen students, the green belt holders, took the grading. Less than half of the student passed the Red Belt grading. Others must take again the grading. However, he knows how to motivate the students... !

As everyone knows, my Master Hj Mansur Othman, is sick after the operation since last year. Cikgu Ibrahim and other two Khalifah Besar now take the responsibilities to take care all of the affair of PSSGM Kelantan. I pray to Allah so that PSSGM Kelantan will regain his strength and trust from all the Anak Gayong of Kelantan. Let the leadership goes to the elders. Gayong is Adat. And what Malay expression says, "Biar Mati Anak, Jangan Mati Adat" (don't let the Adat dies, eventhough it means that your son has to die)

I miss my hometown. Too much. ZAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When Two Gayong Masters Met

Master Mufti Ansari & Ayahanda Amin Hamzah

What we could say after two senior Gayong Masters met. What we could hear was only the Master's talks, not even at our level. They asked themselves about their friends in the Gelanggang with whom they trained together under the late Mahaguru. There was unseen feeling shown from their smiles and eyes : Love. The love for Gayong. The love for the late Mahaguru Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, the son of Daeng Uda Hashim. The love of friendship. The love to the new generation, and they want to see this art to still even after their time comes.

This what I can see from our visit to Ayahanda Amin Hamzah at Ipoh. I came with Master Mufti Ansari, taking the train from Kepong. My brother Hafiz of Gayong Midlands came to fetch us at Ipoh train station. He rappeared to be with short hair. And still single too. ;)

Everyone knows what is happening between Gayong Masters nowadays. As the young learners, we should know what is happening. We must take part of it as it's our obligation to keep the tradition of Silat Seni Gayong. We must hear from the both side. But we must respect their decision. Sami'na wa ata'na. We hear, and we obey. Among Masters, they have their own battle. For us, the "young and dangerous", we are here to learn. This is our battle. We can take the decision politely with respect and Adab, without being Biadab. Wanau'zubillahi minzalik.

Being the young Gurulatih is not an easy task either. It is easier to be more like a Ninja. Lone and lonely. Let say we just learn, don't teach, don't set up the Gelanggang, just train and learn. Learning Gayong is just for our own satisfaction. Training Gayong is just to our own performance. This is individualisme. This not what the late Mahaguru wanted. But when we teach, when we develop, when we have the Gelanggang and students, and just when we start to be known, there will be the unpleasants voices critisizing us. Luckily, this is just a part of our achievement! Being critisized meaning that we have done something "visible" and attracted their attention. Bad or good the comment is not important.

Cikgu Hafiz, the Malay Tiger Gelanggang Chief, Midlands
to Hafiz, Kak Shila and Azman at Simpang Pulai, sabar-sabar ekk dalam berjuang! ;)

Pecah Gayong Di Dalam Dulang, Dulang Hanyut Ke Lautan Tujuh.
Perpecahan Gayong Perpecahan Sayang, Suatu Masa Dan Ketika Kembali Berteguh.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


My first Gayong demonstration was in 1996, when we were asked by our Jurulatih to perform during the Gelanggang opening at on of the high school in Pasir Puteh. Then we just didn't stop to perform, as there is always the demonstration invitation from everywhere. There were good experience, and there were also the bad moments. There were the time where everything was done smoothly, and there was the time where everything went strangely spoiled, and accidents happened. Demonstration is one of the Silat Seni Gayong training. That's why we learn the Pentas. There is the Pentas for the syllabus. But for the demonstration, we modify the existing Pentas, we add the Pelebat, we decorate it with Tari, and we furnish it with the acrobatic. We learn not only to memorize the Pentas steps, but also to create one, especially for the demo in front of the public.

Always teaching is bad, because we will loose the stamina, eventhough we'll become brighter and cleverer in terms of knowledge. But to be good in the practical way, we need to perform. The stereotype of reserving the Demo only to the young-red-belt holder is bad. People want to see the Black belt holder. People want to see what do we have behind those stripes and colors!

Among all of my demos, this one was really close to a serious accident. A Demo at MAS,Le Mee sur Seine, 2008. Even me everytime I look at the video, it reminds me that on that moment, I was sure I broke my neck, or by vertebra. Luckily, when I stood up, nothing happened. That's why I tried for the second time. The moral of the story, don't ever ever do the acrobatic stuff with your new student if they are not ready!!!! After the demo, he (Stephane) felt so guilty for what happened. It took him about a month that to regain his motivation to come to Gayong class for the training!

Silat demo mas 2008
Uploaded by kabir7711. - Check out more sports and extreme sports videos.

I broke my leg once during my training doing the "Roda" without hands.
I cut off my partner's face during Machete Pentas (Taufik Hussin). We saw ONLY the blood.
I stabbed into my partner's stomach during the Keris Pentas (Sabri Yaacob). Blood.
My Partner (Amir Mohamad) sliced my hand during Machete Pentas. Blood.
My partner (Hafiz Mohamad) sliced my hand during Machete Tekpi Pentas. And Blood.
I ...Blood
My partner...Blood
My partner...Blood

That's why Red is the color of the bravery....



Adakah Pemandu Bas UPM Benar2 Telus dan Beretika???? TIDAK!!!!! Marah NI!!!!

This is my third week in UPM, at the Propulsion Lab, Aerospace Department of Faculty of Engineering. The project is interesting, my "lab-mates" are all friendly, my supervisor is the most cool and sporting Boss I've ever met, the staffs and environment is so comfortable to me. But yesterday and today, was a truly hard test for me. I took the commuter from Bandar Tasik Selatan every morning, and go out at Serdang station. To reach the engineering faculty, we need to take whether a :

1) rapidKl bus for RM1 that takes us about 30-45 minutes to reach the faculty, with half of kilometer walk distance.

2) a taxi. eventhough they have a big label "Metered Taxi", it is all bullsh*t. They said that they have to charge RM10 (one way) the student who intend to go to the campus as they cannot assure to have any passenger on the way return back. In most of the time, they have. Even you are from the campus going to the commuter station, they still charge you RM10! ...... pussies.....! >8((

3) luckily, as a UPM student, we have a bus coming from and to campus to fetch the students at the commuter station. Bad thing is, it's once per hour.

I came quite late yesterday, and arrived at the commuter station at about 10 o'clock in the morning. I waited for about one hour and half, and the UPM bus appeared. When I wanted to enter the bus, the driver asked where am I going. I said to the faculty of engineering. He said that he's not going there. So where are you going then Sir? He said that the bus is going to UPM. Excuse me? The faculty is inside the UPM. How come that the bus is not going to that faculty. The driver make his 10 cents, and poyo-like facial treatment, asking my UPM student card. I said that my student card is not ready yet. He asked me many stupid questions just to not allow me to take "his" bus. Finally, I were "kicked out" from the bus.

I looked to my self.. I am wearing a black t-shirt, a camouflage army-like pants, a pair of selipar jepun, and long curly hair.Hmmmmm.... Ok, so they must taught that I'm the outsider, pretending to be a student. What the heck? At least he could have thought that I'm a master student who can wear anything without strict regulation like the undergraduate students. But how come that he didn't ask other students' ID instead of me? They also were wearing round-neck t shirt, and slippers, and none of them showing their IDs. So that driver must be judging my hair. He is one of a good example of typical Malay people. We like to judge people from the outside. We love to give a good appriciation for the nice-looking people. That's why many were easily cheated by a long-sleeve predator.

Yesterday, and today, I forgive the driver. Tomorrow, I'll stay in the bus. If he ever tries to kick me out, I'll kick him first. Then I'll back hand him his Cekodok face. Then I'll Seligi his solar plexus. And finally I'll stab my right feet rightly inside his "battery". Don't ever play-play with me aaa.

Au Revoir.


Cikgu Mufti Ansari

Master Mufti Ansari with his sacred Golok

Cikgu Mufti Ansari was the first Gayong Master that had the permission from the late Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman himself, to teach this art outside Malaysia. The man, was the responsible of bringing the first Gayong demo team, performing the Silat Seni Gayong at the Bercy in the 80's. The team, if I'm not mistaken, as been told, was made of 18 participant, from Gayong Malaysia, Gayung Fatani (the late Cikgu Anuar Wahab), Silat Lincah, Dayak (from Borneo) and others Silat styles which I've forgotten (next time I'll keep my note book in my pocket!)

The story of his life, how did he come to Paris, and how did he survive amaze me. When he came to France, he was already a Gayong Black Belt holder, receiving it directly from the late Mahaguru. Cikgu Mufti taught not only in Paris, but had the clubs at the Marseille and others. Everywhere he moved, he created Gayong community, in Germany, in Denmark, and even in Sweeden. Cikgu Mufti taught not only the art of Silat, but also the culture and the life style of Malay people. Cikgu Mufti bring his students once from France, to meet the late Dato' Meor in Taiping. Dato' Meor, sitting while talking to Cikgu Mufti and his students, was massaging his legs as usual. Without being told, the french students, approached Dato' and massaged him. Dato' felt so touched of the good manners of these "white" Anak Gayong, even he shed tears, telling that "Mufti had taught these white to be as Malay".

Cikgu Mufti had been in the "meditation" for a long time. And he comes back recently. I've been trying to contact him since 2005 when I would like to ask about his students in France. Being as one of direct students of the late Dato', he is known as "Panglima Hitam" (Black Knight), from his ancestors of Kiyai Ismail, the Master of Keris and Golok. I was told that Kiyai Ismail and Kiyai Salleh were the disciples of Kiyai Lohor, the great grand father of Cikgu Mufti. Cikgu Mufti teaches at Kepong (Kuala Lumpur) recently and is one of the promoter of Pertubuhan Seni Gayong Serantau Malaysia.

Cikgu Mufti is also an artist, a painter, and a professional national level shooter. God bless you Cikgu! ;). Cikgu Mufti is also the husband of Cikgu Safiah Mohd Noor. Cikgu Safiah, was the first female black belt holder from Selangor, other than the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom. One of the senior Gurulatih that taught many Gayong Masters that exist nowadays.... All of my respect Cikgu!!!

Cikgu Safiah in action. From Pak Aji's photos (