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Master Cikgu Sazali: The Dato's Son

Cikgu Sazali with the Dato's "small brother" Sundang Lipas

Cikgu Sazali is the son of Dato' Meor. Although he was an adopted child like the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom, he was raised and taken cared by the late Dato' and Datin since at the early age. It is indeed a great pleasure to have a chat with him, although I spent only a "tea-time" at his house. It was not difficult to find him as everyone at Taiping should know the every Gayong family there.

Before coming to visit him, I stopped by and took a look at the Dato's house. It's sad to view a great Mahaguru's house and Gelanggang where most of the senior Gayong Masters nowadays came from in such a pity condition. I wish I could see it when it was still "beautiful". Cikgu Sazali indeed revealed his sad feeling about the house. The Dato's mural painting is still in the house. I am not sure exactly what is happening, but I think all of the member and disciple of Silat Seni Gayong should do something. Everyone of us Anak Gayong must think and help. How could the great Gelanggang of Ayer Kuning could be "degraded" in such of horrible condition? But no one seems to care, even though for certain, they cry for the situation but helpless and unable to do alone.

I wish I could help. But if I am allowed to ask the Gayong leaders, I wish that our federation could do something to make the house at least as a memorial or a museum. InsyaAllah with the help, contribution and prayer, we all can do it!

Rumah Dato'

Mungkin sesetengah berpendapat membaik pulih rumah arwah Dato' atau menjadikannya sebagai satu "muzium" dianggap remeh berbanding projek-projek Gayong yang lain. Tetapi hati kecil ambo tetap berharap dapat melihat gelanggang ini "gah" kembali, sebagai jejak warisan bagi muda-muda baru bagi mengenal asal-usul Gayong. Wisma Gayong, Pusat Latihan Gayong, Akademi Gayong, Kedai Gayong, Restoran Gayong, Kilang Gayong, semua telah dirancang. Memang sukar untuk merealisasikan semua perancangan dalam masa yang sama, tetapi diharapkan adanya kemajuan dalam melaksanakan idea-idea ini.

Kerana itu, tanya diri kita sendiri. Jangan sesekali tanya "Apa yang pertubuhan boleh beri pada kita, tetapi tanyalah apa yang kita boleh beri pada pertubuhan?" Silat Seni Gayong adalah hak pusaka Allahyarham Dato' Meor, bukan hak kita (ambo bukan anak-beranak arwah pun! huhuuhh). Kerana itu perlunya kita tunaikan "HAK" Allahyarham, dan "HAK" pertubuhan yang kita berdaftar. Hanya peringatan pada barisan cikgu-cikgu yang terlupa... sampaikanlah pendaftaran ahli, sijil gelanggang, sijil gurulatih, sijil pembantu gurulatih, dan lain-lain pada pusat. Itu hak pertubuhan. Dan berlaku adil dan baiklah dengan guru-guru kita, bantulah mereka semampu kita dengan wang ringgit, masa dan tenaga. Itu hak guru. Jangan lupa salurkan wang adat perlimau tapak, seni dan lain-lain untuk waris keluarga Allahyarham. Itu hak Arwah Mahaguru....

WaAllahua'lam. Tersaloh kato, terkasar bahaso, mitok maaf deh cikgu-cikgu sekelie.....

Al-Fatihah to the Teachers...

The old mosque of town Taiping

Alhamdoulillah, I had a chance to visit the burial sites of Dato' Meor, his wife Mak Datin and Cikgu Siti Kalsom at Taiping. It is situated at the Masjid Lama grave site. It was lightly raining, and I arrived before the Maghrib prayer. Spending a little bit time to say Salam and reciting the Yasin to them, I made the Doa so that they are all "taken good care" by God. Hopefully, all of their effort of teaching us the knowledge of Silat Seni Gayong will be considered as the Pahala (Hasanah).

We all love you!

Tengku Daeng Meor Rahman Bin Tengku Daeng Uda Hashim: The Dato's Tomb

Datin Faridah Binti Mohd Yusope: The Mak Datin's Tomb

Siti Kalsom Binti Naning@Meor Abdul Rahman: Cikgu Siti's Tomb

From Him we came, to Him we return. As the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once said: "Everything will leave us when we dead, except three things. Our sincere donation to the needy person or situation, a knowledge that we taught and brings the well being, and a religious child that always prays for us". Aukamakola Rasulullah s.a.w

And the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also said once: "The wisest man among you is the one who always thinks about the death (to prepare to meet the death with the good merits)". Aukamakola Rasulullah s.a.w.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Photo ihsan Saudara/Cikgu Zarilla Zamani :
The late Cikgu Zul at the right of the late Dato' Meor

I am one of the new generation of SSG in Kelantan. Many of the senior Gayong Masters nowadays in Kelantan have decided to take a break due to some obstacles. But there are still the "strongest" left that keep teaching and "turun Padang" (participating) so that there will be a continuous group of "Cikgus" taking their responsibilities in spreading SSG.

Every Gayong Master that I met and with whom I learned with since 1996, will mention one name. The one Master that probably "arranged" and made the Kelantan PSSGM syllabus, from the beginning level until the black belt. But he didn't put every Gayong lesson in the syllabus. Many other Gayong art and technic was taught without being asked during the belt grading.

The Master that I meant is the late Cikgu Zul.

I personally didn't had that great chance to learn from him. But I start to realize that there is a close similarities of what I learn from Pasir Puteh and Machang, with what I learn with Masters from Kota Bharu and Bachok. Since everyone of them mentioned the Master's name, it makes me curious to know better about him.

Hopefully, this "opening" will make those alive Masters will tell us who is him exactly, and what did happen actually that made this Master went away and rather moved alone than developing Silat Seni Gayong under official Kelantan Gayong federation...

So please Cikgu-Cikgu, Guru-Guru, and all Gayong Masters, tell me more about the late Allahyarham Cikgu Zul, the one among the right man of Dato' Meor in Kelantan, and the previous Khalifah Besar of Gayong Terengganu... (Correct me if it's wrong)

So the quest is begin. Let us trace back the history.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Family's photo of the late Ayoh

This one is the sentimental heritage of our family. The person in the photo was the late Ba, my Ma's ex-husband, my brother Abe Joe, my sister Kak We, my grandma Mek and my grandpa Ayoh. I was not exist yet at that time!!! My grandma is the second wife of Ayoh. The late Ayoh is Malaccan, and his first wife was in Malacca. Eventhough Ayoh was the step father of my Ma, (my blood grandpa named "Che' Kodir") but my Ma was raised by the late Ayoh since the early age. He was the one who taught my Ma to read the Quran, Malay language, English and Mathematics. Ayoh had many children at Malacca with his first wife, and I still remember of our family being visited by the Malaccan families. But it was dated long long ago. The first and the last time I went to see them in Malacca at "Nenek"'s house when I was still in primary school. And after the death of my grandpa Ayoh, the relationship with our Malaccan families seems buried with him. No address left, nor the contact numbers.

But "air dicincang tak akan putus" (the family relationship won't never lost). I kept a promise every time I come back to Malaysia, I'll try my best to search again the family. I was told by my Ma and my grandma Mek that the late Ayoh was born at Sungai Jerneh, and his family lived at Lubuk China. That was the only information we got. But I made a prayer so that God will make us meet again.

It happened last few days. I brought a tourist family to Malacca. After leaving them at the hotel, I sent sms to Dato' Ismail Jantan, the Gayong Master of Melacca, to visit him. Alhamdulillah I was welcomed to his home by him and his wife Puan Mariam at Kampung Ramuan Kecil even though they were really occupied with Gayong activities lately. After talking and chatting about many things, I told them that my purpose of coming to Malacca is to trace back my family.

When I told Puan Mariam that my late grandpa was Mejar Hamid bin Jalil from Tentera Melayu who married a Kelantanese woman, she was surprised and asked me "Chamid??? (Ayoh's surname in Malacca) You are Chamid's grandson??? Chamid the one who this and that???" I said "Yes, I am". And subhanallahalazim, my prayer was accepted by God. To' Mail and Puan Mariam brought me to meet my uncle whom I'd never met before! He is the step brother of my Ma. I was then brought to meet my aunt and her husband. I was welcomed with a warm hug and our eyes didn't stop from pouring tears. 1987 was the last time they came to Kelantan. The early 90's we went there just for a night in our passage to Muar. And after years, I finally met my aunt and my uncles..... (~_~) sob sob sob...! I called my Ma and my Mek to tell them the good news and to let them speak in telephone. It was a sentimental moment. What could we talk after more than 20 years separation?

And me, feeling happy, satisfied, relieved and proud, promising them to come back again to Malacca. This time I'll come with my family from Kelantan for sure!!! I am feeling so well that I could say "Family is everything".

Ayah Ngah, Makcik Samsiah and Ayah Busu

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Man of Two Owls: Cikgu Nik from Merapoh

Two guardians : The owl is always known as a bird of wisdom. It represents a symbol of knowledge, wise, rational and justice.

There was one night, where all around the road was filled with the mist. I was driving my Kancil from Kuala Lumpur going back home at Kelantan. The watch showed the time was 5 o'clock in the morning. Even I've switched off the air conditioner, I was still shivering of the cold outside air. I maintain the speed of my car at 80km per hour. My wife was still sleeping. I can't see nothing where were us. What I could see was just thick forest and hills. I felt strangely tired and sleepy. I nodded sometimes but managed to force my eyes to look at the road.

After hours of struggle, we arrived at a destination. We stopped at Merapoh. I was invited by one brother, a Pusaka Gayong Cikgu, who is a student of Cikgu Awang Daud and Cikgu Majid. Even though it was too late, they welcomed us gratefully. We talk about many things. From Gayong, lessons, Masters, wirids and petua until the Fajr prayer.

A simple and religious man, Cikgu Nik Iznan sat in front of me while drinking hot coffee with "biskut". Like me, he is a pure Kelantanese blood and raised like other "Orang Kampung". He is also the owner of the blog Aku & Gayong, one of the best blog about Silat Seni Gayong. His blog is much appreciated by many Gayong students and always full of teachings and advices.

In the morning, we prepared to move, but were surprised to found two little tiny creatures making a sound at the back of his house. Soubhanallah, two beautiful owls in a cage, widely opened their eyes to greet us. The last time I saw the owl when my late grandfather was still alive, as he kept an owl and fed him with fresh meat in front of our house under "Ketapang" tree. I forget how did Cikgu Nik get this birds but really, it was exciting to "talk" to these creatures.

Ambo berpesan kepada anak-anak Gayong sekitar Merapoh atau Gua Musang, boleh lah datang bertemu Abe Nik kita ni. Orangnya merendah diri, cakapnya berlapik, penampilannya juga menarik. Beliau bukan orang baru dalam Gayong. Malah, antara anak Gayong Kelantan yang berpeluang belajar Silat Seni Gayong dengan Guru ternama di Perak, Kedah dan Kelantan. Kalau ikut dari segi silibus, tak silap ambo ini, sudah berbengkung hitam dalam Pusaka Gayung. Sanadnya sahih, antara anak didik Cikgu Jebat, Pak Andak Majid dan Pak Su Awang. Daripada adik-adik semua belajar Gayong yang "tak betul", marilah jumpa Cikgu Nik ni. Dia sentiasa merendah diri kata "ambo tak pandai, tahu sikit-sikit jah".....

Comel teh sijil hitam pusaka gayung. ambo saja letak ni, minta izin abe nik deh. suka tengok kepala singa tuuu... hhehehe

Kenangan Cindai...

photo from Cikgu Nasir blogspot

It was a seminar organized by Gayong Bachok under Cikgu Nasir, Cikgu Muzairi and Cikgu Roslan. The course was directed by Pak Ngah Izahar. Many of the senior students of Gayong Bachok were present during the seminar. But every time I look at this picture, it makes me smiling alone. It happened when we were asked by Pak Ngah to make a Tengkolok Bugis. We tried it very hard and were asked to wear it proudly on our head for a photo session. But I suddenly heard a funny comment from one of the Masters about our Tengkolok which looks like a Monkey's private part. That made us laugh like crazy! Well Pak Ngah, at least we did it! hehehehehehee..

thanks a lot to Pak Ngah, Cikgu Muzairi, Cikgu Nasir, Cikgu Roslan, Abe Di and brothers who came to the seminar. May Allah bless our sacrifice for searching the Ilmu... Amin! :)

Finding the Keris's "Final Buah"

Master Mufti Ansari was playing the Keris with Cikgu Wan Kancil

"Khatam" means Finish. Khatam Keris means a ceremony we undergo after finishing learning the Keris technic in Silat Seni Gayong. Khatam Keris only could be done at the sea, with every Gayong practitioner must master and remember the technics and skills. We learn the technic (Buah) from the 1st until 20th. The 21th is the "Buah Khatam" (the final technic/the conclusion). The interesting fact about the 21th technic is that this Buah is "hiding" in the 18th, 19th and 2oth Buah......

I heard that there are certain Masters, who has the "Buah Tuah Lima Bersaudara". They are Buah Tuah, Buah Jebat, Buah Kasturi, Buah Lekir and Buah Lekiu. I'm sure that I'll find those Masters who know about this. Please Master! Teach me!!! ;)
I was told that every type of Buah is the speciality of every Tuah brothers. It used to be their secrets and the most fatal technic that they use to "end" the fight.... WaAllahua'lam...

Meditation Moment...

The higher you climb, the harder you fall. But it's not how painful you will feel. It's how you will stand up again, and defend your dignity and the truth. Many thanks to all Masters who gave me many guidance and advice to overcome the crucial moment in my Gayong life.

Life must go on. The anger will cause to our destruction. The worries will bring us to no where. The fight will spare us from the blessing and peace.

A bald man was meditating under a table at a propulsion lab in UPM. Tensen project tak siap ni heh heh heh....! But one thing is true, I miss la France!!!!! ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Let the photos speak themselves....
(Pusaka Gayung)

Pak Andak Majid Mat Isa

Pak Ngah Mat Aris (am I right Cikgu Nik?)

Cikgu Tuah

Cikgu Jebat

Cikgu Kasturi

Cikgu Lekir

Cikgu Lequi


Cikgu Mustapha Kamal

Called as "Lipan Bara" (Red Centipede) in Silat Seni Gayong, he was one of the senior Gayong Master that still active teaching and moving everywhere to support the Gayong activities. His name was popular since he was one of the Gayong disciples who came along with the late Dato' Meor to Japan. The demo team was invited by the Japan emperor to perform and to present Silat Seni Gayong during a martial art event. It was so impressive that the Japanese called them the Malay Ninja. Besides, Gayong demo is full with jumping and flying, and our uniform is in black!!! Serious looking Master, he is actually a kind and sociable.

"I used to learn and to write down everything that I learned with the late Dato'. Dato' didn't teach us only the external technic, but he taught us also many "Ilmu Hulubalang". I used to have a telephone-directory-size notebooks, which I noted every Ayat and Amalan from the late Dato' but I finally decided to bury it in the earth". I asked this Gayong Master why do he did that. He said that, "we are in 21st century. The "Ilmu Hulubalang" is here..." (while pointing his index to his head). He added, "However, don't stop learning and searching. Take which you'd prefer. And never forget the Qulhuwallah, Ayat 9 and others Gayong daily practices. It's for our own benefit"

This Master however reveals his sadness of certain Gayong disciples who forget where did they come from and with whom did they start to learn. I did ask him about his opinion regarding the conflict happens between among the Gayong family. He just simply replied to me, while smiling "Ingat asal kita..." (remember the moment when we started (in Gayong))

For those who still didn't watch his interview yet, can see here in youtube.

I think that my encounters with Cikgu Mustapha Kamal will bring me to another level of "not just being a Gayong blogger". I'll try my best to go around and to "frame" a souvenir from every Senior Gayong Master all around Malaysia. They must have something to say, and many thing to share with. For the sake of Silaturrahim in Islam, forget a while which parties we belong to. Gayong Bergayut, Kata Bersahut...


Cikgu Siti Kalsom in Memories...

Cikgu Siti led the Gayong Knights during the Independent Day

No one could replace the late Cikgu Siti Kalsom. Even though a Malay proverb says "Patah Tumbuh Hilang Berganti" (everything lost will be replaced), but to have a woman as a real Master in Martial Art like the late Cikgu Siti is one in a million. She was the one who received the "Silat Seni Gayong" directly from the late Mahaguru, day and night. The responsibility that she carried was really big. As a daughter, she took the task after the death of the late Mahaguru of keeping this one of the biggest Silat federation in Malaysia and Internationally. She struggled for the unity among Gayong disciples until her death on February 2007. May Allah place her soul among the good people. Amin... Al-Fatihah.

Cikgu Siti's Sundang Lipas. Still kept preciously by one Gayong Master...

Her hope was to see a united Gayong federation. Even though she didn't have the chance to see it,let us hope to the new Gayong generation would fight for this mission! ZATTT!!!

Gayong Mencantum Bersatu Padu, Mengingatkan Junjungan Empunya Seru. Sama Sendiri Bantu Membantu. Selamat Sejahtera Hajat Dituju...


Cikgu Awang Daud & Cikgu Adi (photos from Cikgu Nik Iznan)

A legendary Young & Dangerous Cikgu Zulkarnain (Cikgu Nik Iznan's)

In Sungai Ibor, Gurun, there is a Gayong Master that many of Malaysia would know his name. This old Master, is still teaching and training the young Silat practitioners for the perfection. The man, who was holding a Keris up to the sky while shouting like a lion at the beginning of TV series "MAHAGURU", was Cikgu Awang Daud.

When Dato' Meor taught Silat Seni Gayong in Singapore, the British government was quite skeptical with Malay Seni Silat. They don't want any rebels, and besides, as what they could see inside other traditional Malay Silat, there were too much "dancing" and few practical combat technic showed during the demo. But the late Dato' Meor was an intelligent Martial Art Master. He "created" a Combat system to be taught to the British army. It was not an easy task for a normal person to do that because as Malay, we can't reveal our secret to the foreigner, but at the same time we must prove that Silat is one of the best defense system.

That time, the "Kombat" syllabus was born. One man was charged by the late Dato' to teach the foreigner, the British, the Sikh, and other British army. He was Cikgu Awang Daud. Cikgu Awang said "I trained the white people. Cikgu Majid trained the Malays!". The system was developed and until it became a perfect self-defense system based on Silat Seni Gayong.
Even after that, the Malaysian Army and Malaysian Police started to use Silat Seni Gayong as one of their syllabus, called as Tempur Tanpa Senjata and Seni Silat Polis.

the old school ADMAA logo

the latest ADMAA logo

Cikgu Awang Daud now moves under his martial art academy of ADMAA: Awang Daud Martial Art Academy. He teaches all of his knowledge that he learned from the late Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman and arrange in one complete syllabus for the ADMAA Gurulatihs. The best ADMAA trainer was his son, the late Cikgu Zulkarnain (Allah yarhamhu..), and now continued by the younger brother Cikgu Adi.

A few snaps of Cikgu Awang Daud while explaining about a Tekpi for training to Cikgu Nasir. It is heavier and much more difficult to hold and to swing. But a continuous training with heavy Tekpi will bring you a better result when playing with it! It reminds me a lot a pair of Tekpi at Tuan Rashid's house that we used to train with. As what I was told, Cikgu Awang Daud is one of the expert of Tekpi in Silat Seni Gayong. (and he is expert in many things too!).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Cubit-Cubitan, Tampar-Tamparan, Senggol-Senggolan Orang Gayong ni Tetap Dalam Sayang.... :)

Pertama-tama kalinya, pohon maaf kalau artikel ini mengusik ketenteraman jiwa Cikgu-Cikgu semua. Ini pendapat ambo yang kerdil. Ini apa yang ambo semat dalam hati dalam mencari ilmu Gayong, Ini adalah kata-kata hati ambo. Minta jangan menhukum ambo di atas kejujuran ambo menzahirkan pendapat ini....


Being a member of Gayong, or a disciple of Gayong? Two words with different meanings that could easily confuse everyone of us. "Member" has a meaning of "One of the individuals composing a group", while "Disciple"has a meaning of "a convinced adherent of a school or individual" (merriams-webster's online dictionary)

This is the most controversy topic recently that caused many "war and conflict" between Gayong family. This issue also made me and many other young Gurulatih all over Malaysia trapped in between the clash of the "Gayong Titans". The different point of view between Gayong Leaders and Gayong Masters exist since the time of the late Mahaguru. It happens everywhere in all big association all over the world. Since the bitter clash of Gayong Malaysia, Gayung Pusaka, Gayong Warisan, Gayong Pasak, Gayong Perwanit, Gayong Tiga Kalimah, Gayong Paduka, Gayong Purba and Gayong Serantau, even though every federation claims that the founder is always the late Mahaguru Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, the Anak Gayong seems to grow in term of number, but sadly separated by different names and visions.


The conflict cause many new members confused and sometimes misunderstood. It was not rare to see a Pencak Silat competition of Olahraga trembles, and becomes a real fight when a Pesilat from Gayong Malaysia meets a Pesilat from Gayong Pusaka. Or a Pesilat of Gayong Warisan meets a Pesilat of Gayong Pasak. Although it happens mostly among the youngster who doesn't know the Gayong elders from other federation, but it proves that there are still stupid persons who think the membership is everything. Silat Seni Gayong is just not an association. It is a "Perguruan" (A doctrine). Once a student performs his Mandi Sintuk & Mandi Seni (Ritual Bath), he is accepted as a disciple and becomes brothers/sisters with other disciples of the late Dato' Meor. It means that we are just one big family, one father, with many children. All of Gayong groups are our families. We become as brother and sister for eternity, as long as we don't commit disloyalty vis-a-vis the founder and the doctrine. But one can be a Gayong member by paying his/her annual fees to the federation he/she belongs to. He/she has the right to vote during the election and he can develop more the Gayong federation's growth and economic power as a NGO.


The worst thing a Master could do to his student is by forbidding him from learning with other Master. Let say a student learned since many years with a Master "A" from Gayong Malaysia. But after years of training, he/she would like to learn more with other Gayong Master that had learned directly with the late Dato' Mahaguru. The student heard that the Master "B" learned the "Keris" from Dato' when he taught Gayong in Singapore. The problem is that the Master "B" that he/she likes to learn is not in Gayong Malaysia. So tell me sincerely brothers and sisters, is that student doing wrong by going to learn with that Master for the sake of seeking the "Ilmu" (art & science) of Keris??? Is it written inside the rules and regulations that we lost our membership by learning with Master from different Gayong federation? Is it correct to hate and to refuse from learning with Masters from different Gayong federation? Where is the precious quotes of the late Dato' Meor saying that "I didn't teach Silat Seni Gayong to only one student. Go and find the art of Silat Seni Gayong from every of my disciples (after I pass away)"??? How could you sure that your skills and knowledge came from the original version of Dato' Meor? Or maybe you learn a "modified" version of your Master?

Crash your ego, forget your "chula" (DAN/stripes), fold your Sandang, and go learn more and train more with other Master as much as you could! Yes, we are the member of PSSGM, but we are the disciple (Murid) of Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman. Silat Seni Gayong itself is to master the art. Being a disciple meaning there's no tolerance of not being good and we must be expert and skillful in doing the Gayong technics. The real hierarchy in Gayong is your skill and knowledge of Adat and Pelajaran. Forget the "Jawatan" (position), as it is not one thing that you seek. It is given. If we try to seek it, just wait and see the destruction. Isi dulu diri dengan ilmu. Kerana ilmu itu lebih utama dari harta dan jawatan. Ambo berpesan pada diri ambo dan saudara-saudari sekelian..... ;)

So ask your self. Are you a Gayong member, or a Gayong disciple???


Anak Gayong Veronique, Daoud (and his wife Noraini) and Rebecca

Congratulation for our brother Daoud for his wedding recently!
Sorry for the late to wish you all the best and may you love and hold each other in the worst of times with trust, faith and belief;
hoping the best for you on your auspicious wedding!

Quand deux etre s'aiment tellement qu'ils decident de s'engager ensemble pour l'avenir, devant eux les attend tout un monde a construire fait de ce que chacun desire, peu importent les evenements. Que ces moment de vie partagee vous apportent tout le bonheur reve!

Awaken After Falling Asleep

A great man's mind : Dato' Meor Mural
(photo from Cikgu Jaz's facebook of PSSGM S'gor &KL)

The late Dato' Meor's mural drawing is not only an art to be appreciated in term of it's uniqueness and it's surrealism. Only those who learn the "GAYONG" understands what exactly the late Dato' wanted to tell us.

The eyes, the tears, the horns, the black cats, the water container, and other elements hiding the important lessons, principles and missions for Anak Gayong.

The truth is that the drawing reminds me a lot to something. Something that changed my believe forever...

For certain who is lucky (or unlucky!), had a chance to witness the mural in a real form in front of them. The Dato's mural drawing was "translated" in one bizarre drawing inside the Gayung Pusaka's first Tempur Tanpa Senjata book. The drawing of an eye with the tears, a hand with long nails, a frog, and other mystic objects were presented to describe a topic of "Seni Belian" (Kebatinan) in Silat Seni Gayong.

I had a chance once to witness "the eye" from my Master, one of my student (in France) had met "the hand" unexpectedly and my brother a Gayong Master of Pusaka Gayung in other hand had a chance to witness "the frog" from his Master.

Only the God and the late Dato' Meor himself knew what he tried to tell us. It's us to interpret it in our own way. Brothers and sisters, don't ask me what and why about the drawing. I am just as much curious as you. Let we open the discussion....! ;)

Melayu! Bersiap sedialah kamu!!! ZATTTTT!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


With Cikgu Sam of USGF

"Sempoooii"! That was the first word my mind was murmuring when meeting this Gayong Master for the first time. The man I meant was Cikgu Syeikh Samsuddin, called as Cikgu Sam who came back to Malaysia to visit his family. He said to me, "post this photo so Jen and other American students could see me getting "Urut" by Master Kahar!", while giving a simple smile to me and Cikgu Jaz. But I don't think that I saw Cikgu Sam smiling to Cikgu Kahar, since everytime Cikgu Kahar "touches his Urat", his face looks so fierce and serious. lol

Master Kahar reflexology massages

He is the Gayong Master of USGF (United States Gayong Federation). Talking about the Gayong history in USA, Silat Seni Gayong was firstly introduced to the American by Cikgu Sulaiman Sharif. The name of "Gayong USA" was adopted to spread the art all over the country. The senior Gayong Master Cikgu Majid Mat Isa was also invited to USA to give his blessing to the Gayong students and Gelanggangs. Cikgu Sulaiman Sharif who is the author of "50 Martial Arts Myths" is still teaching and training the Gayong practitioners in Malaysia. I met him once during an event organized by Pusaka Gayung at Kg. Kerinchi few months ago. A serious and educated looking man, this Master must have learned "something" from the late Dato' to survive and to be able to open the Gayong class in the middle of the dangerous ghetto where the crimes are a daily event.

Cikgu Sulaiman Syarif of Gayong America

After Cikgu Sulaiman Sharif came back to Malaysia, Cikgu Sam continues the responsibility to spread the Gayong art in that continent. He is also the author of The Malay Art of Self Defense, the first Gayong book ever in English that make Gayong becomes popular and get attention from the Human Weapons, National Geographic and many other medias. What I respect from this Master is that he educates his American students so correctly. Those American could understand that to know Silat Seni Gayong, they must not only learn from their Master in US, but they must come and feel the technics from the Gayong Master all over Malaysia. Besides, the connection of USGF with Taman Nirwana (Master Kahar Redza and Cikgu Jazwan) is really close. This is what every International Gayong association must have. "A child, will never leave his Mother".

Hopefully the AFSSG (Gayong France) will have more chance to make a closer relationship with USGF. Let us work together to make Dato' dream comes true! ;) Many thanks to Cikgu Sam, Cikgu Jaz and Master Kahar for evrything. ;)

Friday, July 2, 2010


It is a sad story, with a happy ending. The separation is hard, but I had made my vow. I'm at the late 20's (am I????) and must start to work hard for my "family". ;) I love my hair (even though certain dislike it! lol) but I love more my family. I've to be more serious person nowadays! As to mark the change in my life history, a sacrifice must be made.

The "execution" was done by my Ma (the little one) and the rest of the "tail" was taken down by my Abah. Hehehehe. Good bye my little dragon.

It's time for a higher step in my searching for Gayong quest. The deeper knowledge. The more complicated. I think I am satisfied to learn the "Silat" and the "Seni" since many years. Hopefully this could be a right time to know better what " Gayong" is exactly. Gayong. Ga-Alif-Ya-Waw-Nga. It's spiritual. A "Kebatinan"(Ilmu Batin) in some words, perhaps. But I repeatedly ask myself those questions.

"Am I ready to dive into the Kebatinan, while my Solat (Daily Prayer) is not as Qurratul A'yun (my real pleasure)?"

"Am I ready to see the Kebatinan world, while my Solat still not make me forget what's happening around me?"

"Am I ready to feel the Kebatinan energy, while I still couldn't concentrate during my Solat when those mosquitoes give me their tiny bites and forget all the physical pain?"

Feeling that certain Kebatinan practices could endanger my soul, I must correct my prayer first before going far in this journey. First step to the Kebatinan: Learning to pray, like a prayer of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Allahu Akbar....