Monday, September 26, 2011


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Ok I have an announcement! This coming Sunday, the 2nd Octobre, we'll have a Capoeira class, directed under the Instructor Pixote, one of the famous capoeira instructor from Senzala Capoeira. He himself is my friend when I was in France.

The seminar is open for everyone.
Venue: Block W, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (Gambang)
Date: 2 October 2011, Sunday
Time: 2 p.m - 8 p.m (with break for prayers and refreshments)

Fees: RM 60*

*normal price for every participant.

Reduced price is only for student (contact me at 0136510507) : please bring your student ID during the registration.

Please wear a suitable sport attire!

The instructor will teach the basic, intermediate and advance level of Capoeira Senzala. The art of Makulele (Machete/Parang Brazil) also will be revealed and we will submerge in the beauty melody of Berimbau and Pandero! ;) Come and don't miss the chance to learn this art!!!!



Kami akan adakan seminar beladiri dari Brazil, iaitu Capoeira Senzala, yang akan ditunjukkan oleh Jurulatih dari Perancis, Instructor Pixote. Beliau juga adalah sahabat saya sewaktu di Perancis dulu.

Seminar ini terbuka kepada semua!

Tempat: Ruang legar Blok W, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (Gambang)
Masa: 2 Oktober 2011, hari Ahad
Jam: 2 petang- 8 malam
yuran: Rm 60 (untuk pelajar, bayaran kurang sikit. kontek saya ye untuk info di 0136510507. sila bawa ID student)

Sebar-sebarkan pada sahabat2 yang berminat.... ;) semoga majlis ilmu ini dapat mendatangkan manffat kepada
kita semua! Amin! ;)


"KILAU SAFETY TEAM" first aid course 24 Sept 2011

Fakulti Kejuruteraan Pembuatan , Universiti Malaysia Pahang

pocket mask


Buat-buat khusyuk....padahal tengah tengok nota kat bawah hehhehe

1 senyum untuk 1 jawapan hehe

CPR.... bukan CPU yer!!!! (selalu tersyasyul tua-tua mcm ni hhehheh)

Alhamdulillah, we had just finished our Intermediate Level of First Aid Course last Saturday. It is one of the requirement of the organizer (WSC) that every team has an safety officer and a first-aid officer, and all of the safety team must know the procedures of the first aid.

Many thanks to our instructor from Red Crescent of Headquarter, KL, for spending a whole day to teach train our team KILAU before going to Australia.

Not to forget thank to the Safety Team, Mr Kamarul, Mr Shahanzir, Mr Nasrul, Mr HAfiz, Mr Ifrad, Miss Afiqah and Miss Atiqah. And many thanks to the FKP and UMP that allow us to realize this program. ;)

Mr. shaiful hakim


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Les Combat de Machette " ZinZin "

Bon bon bon. Apres kelke temps ca me fait du bien de pouvoir ecrire en francais. Mais le problem si je continue comme ca les Malais vont me tuer. he he he. la c le video de notre demo de groupe Naga Rantau pour la pre-ceremonie de graduation du notre universite. et si ca marche bien, ce sont les machetes fou la qui vont venir a Lille a ce toussaint la!!!! ;) InsyaAllah ;) en effet y avait de demos de Keris, Bunga Tanjung Teratai, Pisau etc, mais on a pu que prendre ces 3 pentas la.

j'ai un grand format pour ce video, mais depuis m'installer a nouveau bureau, tout marche plus! je peux meme plus ouvrir le Youtube! donc mieux petit ke rien!!! ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dato' Meor and Sundang

photo from Ustaz Khalid's collection

One of the special art in Silat Seni Gayong is the Sundang Lipas. Many would wonder, how this viking-like sword would become one of the lesson in Gayong. It lies under the fact that the Bugis people, were the warrior-sailors. They were the master of the sea. They conquered the ocean with their huge and war-equipped ship. The Bugis people were always known for their braveness, fighting skill and navigation expertise. For this co-relation, some Gayong people even dare to beleive that Bugis people perhaps came from a clan of viking people who settled down in Celebes island and mixed with the Malay of the Sulu Sultanate. I am perhaps one of those who thinks like that. ;)

Dato' Meor is the great grand child of Bugis prince, the warrior himself who came to "Tanah Melayu" (Malay land) with his other 6 brothers to find a new settlement, after their country in Celebes were lost under the Dutch. But their intention was not only to flee, but they were searching the Malay to recruit them. Recruting the Malay people with the Bugis art of war to fight back the colonisation of British and the Dutch.

The British and Dutch, and even the Japanese, all had gone nowadays. But the spirit of our ancestors is still here.

Everyone of us has a role to be a part of the recruiting process. Whether we are the one who teach or the one who be taught, but the tradition of "recruiting" the warrior must continue! ;)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Safety-Security-Rescue for KILAU solarcar team members


T-Baton technique & Self-Defence

Rescue technique

Terima Kasih Team Naga Rantau & PSSGM Pahang

Terima Kasih buat semua yg terlibat dalam menjayakan demo Silat Seni gayong bersempena pelancaran pra-expoconvo UMP 2011. Semoga silaturrahim kita bertambah erat, dan ilmu bertambah berkat. InsyaAllah , kita buat lagi gempaq, Ok??? ;)

Tahniah buat team Bunga Teratai-Tanjung yg memulai persembahan dan diteruskan dengan Anak Harimau dan Kombat.

Tahniah juga buat team Pisau yang mantop berkunci maut.

Tahniah juga buat team beladiri jalanan yang cool dan confident.

Tahniah juga buat team keris yang ganaz.

Tahniah juga buat team Parang Gila yang menghiasi malam dengan percikan api dan meremangkan bulu roma para penonton.

Tahniah juga buat team pemecahan last minute punye plan. hehehehe

p/s: sapa-sapa yang ade teramek video malam tu, harap2 bole kongsi ye. disebabkan kerana kesilapan teknikal, camera video kami tak dapat dipasang malam tu.... huhuhuhuh. semoga Allah membalas budi baik kalian semua dengan pahala ...amin! ;)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aduhaiii.....Parang Gila...

Parang Gila with blood....

Tengah dok lepak2 menenangkan diri di pagi raya, dapat calling dari Mr Zaki kami... Dia cakap keluar kat radio liputan pra-expoconvo UMP akan diadakan di Teluk Cempedak, dengan ditekankan tentang persembahan "Parang Gila". hari ni lepas trening untuk persembahan esok, dok relek2 kt opis bukak ecomm UMP, terjumpa pula sekali lagi announcement pasal persembahan "Parang Gila"... sampaikan ada guru besar sekolah telefon En Zaki tanya pasal demo Parang Gila dia nak bawa murid2 dia satu bas....

aduhaaai.... kami ni insan yang lemah... cuma mampu berdoa dan berusaha menjadikan demo esok malam sebagai penanda aras team Naga Rantau setapak lagi ke hadapan. Seperti biasa, amalan tradisi kami, habis semua terlibat dgn demo. Cikgu2 nya sekali pon kena bertempur berpentas. Problemnya, paham2lah ayam pencen....dok dalam aircond jer... hehehehhehehe. semoga Allah swt permudahkan perancangan kami ya Allah... Amin.... doa2kan kami di Pahang ini. berkat doa tuan puan harap semua berjalan lancar. Sapa yg ada around kuantan jemput datang yer...


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and hello to everyone.

Universiti Malaysia Pahang's solarcar team, KILAU of the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering, led by our team manager Prof. Dr Zahari bin Taha, will participate into the World Solarcar Challenge at Australia from 16-23 Octobre 2011. This is the very first time for UMP to experience this world-class competition and we are all excited to give our best shot to be one of the good team competiting there.

As an appointed Safety Officer for the team, I am incharge the safety, security and the well being of every team member, and also the safety of other

competitors and environment. As one of the requirement, I decide to train my team in the "Safety & Security" on this coming Sunday (18 september 2011), and will be done at Blok W, Universiti Malaysia Pahang from 9am-5pm.

For those who are interested to join the workshop, please wear the appropriate clothes, preferably the T-shirt, with khakis or track suit or Silat/martial art trousers. please wear the sport shoes.

No fees is fixed, but some donation will be collected to support our team KILAU. Not the value of your money will be counted, but your sincerity to support our team and your little help are meaningful for us.

The workshop will be concentrated on the guidelines for the Safety and Security practitioners, and also for the public, and the martial art and self-defense techniques also will be discussed. The first part will be the bare-hand technique, and the second part will be the T-Baton (cota polis) and Stick.

***jemput datang, takde duit untuk didermakan pun boleh datang. Taknak trening tapi nak tengok2 pon boleh........****


self defence for all!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Naga Rantau Team is invited by the organizer of EXPOCONVO11 of Universiti Malaysia Pahang to do a demonstration at Teluk Cempedak on 16th September 2011. Be there at 8 p.m. To all Naga Rantau, get prepared! This is one of the important demo for our next program! ;)

Jemput datang Dato' Datin, sahabat, tuan puan, saudara saudari sekelian! ;)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt...

Our first solarcar, made by the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering of Universiti Malaysia Pahang will compete in the World Solarcar Challenge at Australia in Octobre. Our car will be sent at the end of this month, so we are going to have our final "retouche" before going abroad. We'll spend 3 days to test our car fiability to Mersing. This is one of the simulation of emergency plan for our team.

Our solarcar is named "KILAU", meaning the shining, to represent the solar energy and hopefully will be one of the 'shining' team in Australia. The name is also to remember the great warlord of the Royal Sultanate of Pahang, Mat Kilau. Hope the name will keep us a great spirit to strive for the best. Doakan kami ye! ;)

shaiful hakim bin mohamed noor

(Safety Officer)