Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and hello to everyone.

Universiti Malaysia Pahang's solarcar team, KILAU of the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering, led by our team manager Prof. Dr Zahari bin Taha, will participate into the World Solarcar Challenge at Australia from 16-23 Octobre 2011. This is the very first time for UMP to experience this world-class competition and we are all excited to give our best shot to be one of the good team competiting there.

As an appointed Safety Officer for the team, I am incharge the safety, security and the well being of every team member, and also the safety of other

competitors and environment. As one of the requirement, I decide to train my team in the "Safety & Security" on this coming Sunday (18 september 2011), and will be done at Blok W, Universiti Malaysia Pahang from 9am-5pm.

For those who are interested to join the workshop, please wear the appropriate clothes, preferably the T-shirt, with khakis or track suit or Silat/martial art trousers. please wear the sport shoes.

No fees is fixed, but some donation will be collected to support our team KILAU. Not the value of your money will be counted, but your sincerity to support our team and your little help are meaningful for us.

The workshop will be concentrated on the guidelines for the Safety and Security practitioners, and also for the public, and the martial art and self-defense techniques also will be discussed. The first part will be the bare-hand technique, and the second part will be the T-Baton (cota polis) and Stick.

***jemput datang, takde duit untuk didermakan pun boleh datang. Taknak trening tapi nak tengok2 pon boleh........****


self defence for all!!!

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