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The first of Muharram, the Naga Rantau team had been invited by Pertubuhan Seni Pencak Tualang Tiga, whose Master is a very well known. I came with my wife and son, and 11 other UMP students in the middle of the Hulu Perdik "jungle". It was a very lucky for us to be allowed to learn a new form of technique within this Golok of Pak Kiyai style. The Golok style is the heritage of Master Mufti Ansari from his Master, Pak Kiyai Hj. Ismail from Segamat, whose nickname was Haji Bujang. We were trained inside the forest nearby a river, of the Gelanggang Panglima Perang Haji Bujang.

"...meh, sapa yg belum kena suap???"

 among the Srikandis 

The training was very traditional and even where we camped, we were trained to experience the warrior's way living in the jungle with a limited sources. The training in the dark also does help us to train more on the feeling other than the the ability of the eyes to see.

 Hilang Baka, Golok Tok Mudim, Liang Lahad, Putus Tali Kemudi....

The philosophy of Golok is a very interesting one for me. Contrary with the Parang (machete), Pedang (sword) or Sundang Lipas (double blade sword), Golok is a daily tool used anytime and brought anywhere. Compared with the "royal" weapon of Keris and Lembing, Golok is just a non-class weapon and never had been in a high-place as the war weapon. But despite of his un-glamorous appearance, Golok is the one who could be brought as close as possible to the target of enemy.


the only battery-supplied torch ;)


Master Mufti Ansari told us many of his stories with Pak Kiyai. And with the help of his students, especially  all of the Tualang Tiga Gurulatihs, the learning and training processes were done smoothly. In the morning, we all prepared to make our Golok as sharp as possible for some cutting test: on the banana trees and also on our own body like arms, ears and neck! ;)

mengasah Golok

Asah... kang tak putus kang malu....

Kain Merah 

The tradition of the ceremony of Khatam Golok is the various steps of "Adat", the red cloth of Golok practitioner, and the most popular three last Khatam "fruit" of Golok. At night we were asked to pass some ritual of Bersiram and Mandi Apung.

Sedia Adat 

Panglima Hitam...

The chance of training the Pak Kiyai Golok style was indeed a new experience for us. I would like to thank first of all to my Master, Cikgu Mufti Ansari for allowing us to join the Khatam Golok ceremony and also to the organizer of Pertubuhan Seni Pencak Tualang Tiga, the AJKs, the members, and all of the team. InsyaAllah, hope that we could meet again one day in a better experience! ;)


Gelanggang Naga Rantau with Pertubuhan Seni Pencak T3

with Master Mufti Ansari

"terima kasih ambo ucapkan
obor dinyala tanda sambutan
ulam dihidang pengalas malam
salam dihulur nikmatnya suapan

anak kecil fitrahnya nak tahu
membesar ia mencari ilmu
sudah berjumpa si paduka guru
kan dipegang digenggam dijulang selalu

sumpah setia tersemat di dada
tiada sesaat janji dilupa
tak kenal maka tak cinta
dah kenal, Golok bodoh jua dibawa

Jalan dah buka terang bersuluh
panduan dan mentera si kiyai sepuh
kemenyan dijaga bersungguh-sungguh
In sya Allah, satu masa... ke Pahang jua Khatam Golok kan berlabuh...."

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