Tuesday, February 19, 2013

La Fraternité de Tekpi

Tekpi Brotherhood

We had just successfully organized a Tekpi class. It was still the holiday in UMP and was a right moment for the "seniors" to get trained themselves! ;) Three brothers from Segamat and one from Pekan came to get initiated in the Tekpi techniques. Tekpi, is a weapon which was called as the King of the Weapons for it's nature of being able to be used in various combat with different type of weapons. I started teaching Tekpi in France and now in Universiti Malaysia Pahang. The training of Tekpi is as hard as others, seems they are heavy for certain and used in the both of the hands. The Tekpi class will be undergone in three times before the grading/test of the techniques will be done. The minimum requirement to learn Tekpi, since it is the additional syllabus, is the Red belt holder, but here in Universiti Malaysia Pahang, the passion and hardworking student can learn them also although is still new in Silat Seni Gayong. 

me, Cikgu Shah, Cikgu I, Cikgu Boy, Cikgu Anwar

For those who are familiar with the Lian Tekpi, Kuntau Tekpi, or even in Buah Pukul or Buah Pukul Mersing, using the Tekpi is not a very big problem. The Buah Tekpi is very simple, very effective, very fast and very precise. In Tekpi of Kelantan style, the Ibu Tekpi or Mertua Tekpi will be taught during the "khatam" (grading) after 6 months of training. All of the credits and doa for all of my Tekpi teachers in Gayong and also in other Tekpi Masters. Jazakumullahu khairan fid dunya wal aakhiroh..

 Siku Raja, Mata Lalat, Ajar Budak...

Buah Tekpi, main-main kat ruang tamu

After almost 3 days, our class is postponed to the next meeting in the next months insyaAllah. Hopefully it will continued as we planned. Amin. Thank you to cikgu Shah, cikgu I, cikgu Boy and cikgu Anwar for being interested to learn the art of Tekpi. At least a modest sharing will keep the knowledge, accelerate the skills and bond the relationship. I feel very happy indeed as this is one of the wish of my late Master of transferring this art. Allahu.... We are the Tekpi Brotherhood. "Persaudaraan Tekpi".

 Cikgu Boy punya penangan. Yang ni tunggu masa nak khatam je ni hehehehehe

Posing sebelum balik. Yang tengah baju belang tu tak tahan...nak silang tangan gak tu heheheheh

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