Monday, February 24, 2014


The "Khat" means the art of the Arabic calligraphy. There are several famous known calligraphy in the Moslem world, but this workshop we picked one method named as "Riq'ah". The most common Khat that we can see at the mosque around Malaysia is the Calligraphy of Thuluth. Thuluth was actually named from the 1/3 of the 8 continuous horse hairs as the size of the Khat pen. Thuluth is known as the Sultan of the Khat. Other than that there are also the Khat Nasakh, Khat Dewani, Khat Dewani Jali, Khat Khufi and Khat Farisi.

Since that more Malaysian are not comfortable with "Jawi" anymore, this art of calligraphy could be lost in the community. Luckily there are still few Masters called as "Al-Khattat" in our country that are willing to share their knowledge in this art. One of the young Master Ustaz Rumaja Sarmin had been invited to share his knowledge with us in KK5. 

Thank you ustaz and hope to meet again. In a competition perhaps! hehehhehe ;)

Ustaz Rumaja is a teacher at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Segamat. Please feel free to visit his blogspot:

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