Saturday, April 25, 2015

FRANCE Belt Grading 2015

Interview Cikgu Stephane Leplus 

Silat Seni Gayong France had organized an intensive seminar and a grading for year 2015. Our new Gelanggang has been opened at Roubaix in the north of France. It is the second Gelanggang in the north after and has been placed under the responsibility of Cikgu Stephane Leplus. 5 Anak Gayong passed their first White Belt (Awan Putih), 2 of them passed their Green Belt (Pelangi Hijau), and 3 of them passed Instructor Red Belt 2nd Dan (Pelangi Merah Chula 2).

Cikgu Stephane Leplus and Cikgu Benjamin Pons have passed their "Jeunemaitre" Yellow Belt 5th Dan (Pelangi Kuning Chula 5) and are working hard for the next level. InsyaAllah hope both of them will be ready! Alhamdulillah I am happy now seems we are almost completing the syllabus of Silat Seni Gayong in France for the 1st Dan Black Belt. We are progressing, slowly but alhamdulillah steadily. Looking back, this our little baby Gayong France is now 10 years old! Long live Gayong France! ;)

We are now officially have 4 Gelanggangs, 2 in the north and another 2 in the south of FRANCE. Any information about the classes can be accessed on "", and could be asked to the Facebook of "Silat Seni Gayong France". Last seminar we have appointed officially 2 Gurulatih and 5 Pembantu Gurulatih.

Gelanggang Gayong Lille/Bondue
Cikgu Benjamin PONS ("Gelanggang Panglima Silat - Harimau Putih")

Gelanggang Gayong Roubaix/Tourcoing: Cikgu Stephane LEPLUS

Gelanggang Gayong Limoux/Carcassone/Toulouse: Jurulatih Julien ERDELYI ("Gelanggang Naga Selatan")

Gelanggang Gayong Mauguio/Montpellier: Jurulatih Laurent QUARTIER ("Gelanggang Pendita Bunian")

For me it was a good moment coming back to France even just for a seminar. Looking that everyone is now progressing and motivated pushes me and makes me understand that there shouldn't be any 'stop' in what we are doing. If we take what people think and what people say too seriously, we'll be ended up by throwing away everything. The thing that we must bear in mind is that, there ARE those who need and want to learn. It is a big waste if we stop in the middle of the journey. Berkat doa guru-guru. 

My hope is that we could make a big event of "International Gayong Festival", with the chance of exchanging and sharing with our international Gayong group as Gayong U.S.A (USGF), Gayong U.K, Gayong Australia, Spain, Tunisia, Syria, etc. InsyaAllah.

To all Anak Gayong Perancis, tahniah! Semoga jumpa lagi! ;)
Congratulation and Felicitation! 

Radio local Boomerang

Radio Boomerang interview

Seminar (Seni Pisau)

two princesses

Pecahan Kunci Pisau

Kunci Pisau 

Pecahan Kunci Pisau

Cikgu Steph with kids! ;)

Pisau training

Ujian Putih & Hijau : Harimau Menghambur Mangsa (anak kambing)

Awan Putih: Smail

Awan Putih : Brahim

Awan Putih: Carole

Awan Putih: Agathe

Pelangi Hijau: Ismail

Pelangi Hijau: Tayeb

Pelangi Merah Chula 2 / Pembantu Gurulatih: Aurelien 

Pelangi Kuning Chula 5 / Gurulatih: Cikgu Stephane Leplus

Sensei Stephane, Boomerang Radio

photo group Gelanggang Gayong Rubaix

alahai... anakanda yg keletihan seharian main atas 'tatami'

officiallly member (ahli) and disciple (murid) of PSSGM

Awan Putih: Karim

Pelangi Merah Chula 2 / Pembantu Gurulatih : Jurulatih Mathilde

Pelangi Merah Chula 2 / Pembantu Gurulatih: Jurulatih Adeline

Adeline & Mathilde

Kursus Gurulatih...

Pelangi Kuning Chula 5 / Gurulatih : Cikgu Benjamin PONS

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