Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reviving With The Fresh Air Of Kampung

I was raised in a village named Kampung Gelam, a village at the side of Pekan Pasir Puteh, a district in the region of Kelantan. I was schooled at the Taski Al Rahmat, then Sekolah Rendah Kamil 2, and finally Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kamil. As a Kampung Boy, I knew every single river and lake in the district. I knew where to find the best "Buah Getah" (rubber tree fruits), and where to catch the "Ikan Sepila" (beautiful fighter fish). We moved than to Sri Aman 2 and than to Sri Aman 1 until now after my family constructing the house there.

Sometimes, we miss the Kampung air. I spent some time to Kampung Pulau Sa at my uncle's house last weekend. The village was the place where my Mek and my Ma lived under a small barrack without floor, built on the someone's land. The life was so difficult in that time. Now everything is better but it won't make us forget where we come from. Alhamdoulillah... But the fresh air doesn't change it's smell. The cool and fresh blowing air, caressing my face, with a nice fragrance of the Melur flower and the Paddy field. The earth itself talks to me. The birds sing, and looking to the sunset while eating the Keropok Lekor and drinking the Sirap Pandan, I felt so peaceful and stressless.

What type of life would you strive for Mr Hakim??? Live peacefully, and prepare for a beautiful afterlife... ;)

small garden...

Fruit trees

constructing a store

house in the middle of the paddy field...

playing with the flock...

everything is edible here. yummy!!! ;)

Mek was cutting some Kangkung to be eaten fresh with "Budu"

I used to be like Azim. Playing happily around the Kampung without any stress and problems!

I am Kampung Boy!!!

Mango Tree

the bug

and it's future society...

banana tree!!!

a strange Nangka tree..

still early but already produced a nice jack fruit!

don't try to attack me gooses!!! Or you'll be my next dinner!!!


  1. Assalamualaikum,

    What a breathtaking view! This is the type of kampong I always dreamed of. You can spread the "dedok" to the starving poultries pecking on the ground until you run away for being chased after by an angry goose.

    You wanna troll about the "kebung" (farm) with your sweet demure darling and say, "look Sayey*, how beautiful our kampong is. We will see our kids chase that bloody "angso" (goose) for us one day. How sweet that day could be, doesn't it, Sayey?"

    And before your sweet demure darling gives a reply, Mek is shouting something about "budu" and you both know it's time for dinner with the whole family.

    *Sayey; Kelantanspeak's version for Standardspeak's "Sayahg". In English, they call it "darling".

  2. Cubalah google tajuk BANGSA MELAYU MENGIKUT ULAMA AHLU SUNNAH WAL JAMAAH, maka akan kenalah kita tentang hakikat bangsa ini.

    Dan cubalah google pula tajuk-tajuk berikut agar kita kenal Si Kitul dan Raja Mandeliar yang mencari peluang dan ruang untuk melumpuhkan bangsa ini, iaitu:-

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  3. waalaikumsalam Sir Pok Deng,

    hehehhehe, Damn! you describe exactly as what was happening in the photos! ;)

    the different is only that I said to my beloved wife "I was chased once by bloody goose,I ran away as fast as I could but he managed to bit my leg. I cried painfully, entered into my house, and had a fever because of that. That's why I hated so much those goddamn goose.