Thursday, July 1, 2010

A "Yoi" Wannabe

Alhamdulillah, eventhough it was raining cats and dogs this afternoon, I managed to spend a little time for my first "post-wedding" Gayong training. The first is always the hardest. The most difficult time to burn down my accumulated fats during the semester break.

I found a small spot where I could train during the rainy day without being wet at the 11th Kolej of UPM. Nice. It was a small shelter with benches and eight nice pillars stood proudly surrounding me. Seems it was raining, no one I think, would see me doing the whatever I want. So I felt that the "Yoi" training would be the best to put me in the line.
What is Yoi? It is one of the highest level of Silat Seni Gayong that caused many of the curious young practitioner like me getting crazy about searching the true "teaching" of this lesson. It is an art of moving to escape and to attack, while at the same time saving the time and distance to hit the target. It is an art of facing many adversaries at the same time. Four, Eight, Twelves, Fourteen and so on. In other word, it's the art of Royal Rumble. lol.

What do I understand about the Yoi is that, many training and exercises could help us to "obtain" the "art of Yoi". Yoi is already inside all of the basic Gayong technics. Yoi is inside the Elakan, and inside the art of striking "Pukul" (Seligi, Luku, Siku etc.) Other than spiritual practices and mantras, Yoi is the "Silat" itself. The highest external level that reaches the internal level by the practices...

When meeting with the Masters, I would never forget to ask them about the "Yoi". And until now many explanation and demo had I seen. As what an old story told us, about the a group of blinds with an elephant. One perspective could not describe everything. But each perspective will help us to see it the almost complete form. HOPEFULLY...! ;)

For every Masters that I met, thank you for your guidance and teaching. I'll never make money with it. lol God bless you all.


  1. Banyak berjalan luas pandangan, banyak berguru bertambah ilmu. Banyakkan angguk dari menanduk

  2. terima kaseh cikgu atas tunjuk ajar. hehehhehehe. tetiba teringat lawak cikgu. paling senang nak belajar gerakan yoi, cari orang nama "Yoi", tunjuk gerak sikit dua. dah jadi silibus yoi tu. heheheh. haaaa... kat area rumah saya ada sorang makcik yg peramah nama "Mahyoi". bole ke tu cikgu? jadi ke tak jadi gerakan dia nanti? hahaha

  3. Sekarang ni, yang mudah di susah-susahkan, sikit belajar banyak mengajar, sedikit tahu banyak mengaku, akhirnya anak-anak murid tak tahu macam mana nak bertempur sebab guru hanya pandai tegur tak pandai gempur.