Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Living Like A Kelantanese

"Pok Jinggo"/Kerengga (tree ants) were passing along the wire

Praise to Allah, I have just recovered from heavy fever. It has been some time that I didn't update my facebook and my blog or even check my emails. Same routine, same responsibility. since being at my village, I become totally a Melayu. First task for me was to solve the house problems of plumbings and roof. The house's age is my age and many parts have became used, like me! lol After repairing the stuff, we got another problem of water. The water was smelly and we found a dead hen inside the well . So we had to suck up the water with the farm pump until the bottom and let the fresh water fills it up.

It's "Tengkujuh" time (raining season) nowadays, and the clothes take more time to get dry. Everyday it's raining cats and dogs. During the season you would prefer being in the house, drinking a cup of tea with Hupseng's biscuits while watching movie. 10 years before, during this season I will absolutely take the chance of diving, swimming, playing and rowing in a Sampan in front of our house and all around the flooding village. We have two Sampan. One big maroon Sampan for family, and one small blue Sampan for the children to play with. It was a gift by our Granpa to my big brother. That small Sampan is called "Seludang Mayang". But now since the big river of Pasir Puteh was deepened, no more flood in the district, or almost. And our Sampan remains only as a decoration....

"Keluang" (flying fox) was awakened while I was training under that coconut tree

Well, during this cold season, I was handling another problem. My family has few cows. But we are not looking after it ourselves but doing a "Pawah" with someone. Pawah is a system which exists since the old days. It is an agreement between the owner and the farmer. When an owner's cow gives the first birth, the calf will be the farmer's property. The second calf from the second birth will be the owner's. And that how it does for every birth repeatedly.

"Lembu dan Bangau" (Cows and cranes) nearby the house

But the problem rises when every time our turn as the owner to "own" the calf, the farmer says it's dead or lost without track. We even cannot see the body. Maybe the calf was attacked by the tiger, that's what he wanted to make me believe. After years of "dealing" with that farmer, not even one cent we got a benefit. For him, two times already he got big benefit after selling two cows from us. This is not fair. And me, being a french graduated engineering student, volunteer myself to settle the problem. Huh!

That man is a "samseng". A muay thai boxer. Just a week before he beat a man up. That poor man intentionally released the farmer's cow which was tied inside his house area and that cow was eating the plants and flowers. The farmer, furious after finding that his cow was not there and was running away, beat the man in front of his own house, blaming him for causing him searching the cow. That story did fill my stomach with much of butterflies!

Got a chance to snap an adult grasshopper was leaving it's skin

I think he is crazy. If not,he must be someone who is not so educated and could do anything stupid to satisfy his needs. My mother in law has many times went asking him to give back the cow, but he never comes. But what he doesn't realize is that, this time he is dealing with me! lol (ecececceceeh, raso Gedebe, tapi kecut perut jugok hehehehhe)

After a "hot" one-to-one and man-to-man discussion, he let me to take the cow and the calf. But he really made it difficult. He delivered the cow safely in front of the house but said to me to take myself the calf in the hill. It was few kilometers from the house, in the "hill" of palm oil farm. The calf was tied to a tree, and the bush was so wet and thick. It was raining heavily. The leeches were so many, and were in many sizes that one could imagine. They were thanking the God for the fresh and sweet blood feast they were having. When I approached the calf, it reacted so aggressively and broke the rope. Another difficult task for me and my father in law to "pitah" (catch) the calf! After 3 days with various tricks and strategies, the calf is brought to her mother and are ready to fly, eh nope, to move to another better place to get cared for. What I understand is that was a trick by that bloody farmer to make us give up for the calf so he would get it "gratuit-ly" (for free). Another score "A" for me for this task!

A lizard accidentally fell in the water container. Burrkkk!!!!

I got few more days here in Kampung. New task is to "Kutip Sewa Rumah" (asking for the rent) of our rent houses that are not paid for several of months. One more thing is claiming back a lost motorcycle from a Cina man, the seller. He cheated us in the insurance-claim thing of the motorcycle. He promised to settle the problem after 2 times I went there to discuss with him. But after a month, nothing happens. The third time will be an "educational session" for him. I'm going to need some "steels".... lol ;p

Well this post is nothing to do with Silat or whatever, it's just to say hi to everyone after a long silence. Living in Kampung as a "Chomage" has lot of works as well! Many bad people misuse the trust that we give. A deal must be respected eventhough it's made with a poor, old,weak and blind man. Give their right as we got our's. God is watching us. Many things I learn just only few months in Kampung. Learning to live. To live as a Kelantanese. Berani kerana benar.

God willing, I'll post about our activities since couple of months. I got so many things to share with, lots of stories and photos, but still need a laptop and a broadband. This post was done with my elder sister's Maxis broadband and my younger sister's Toshiba laptop. Hoping they are staying longer here in Kampung.... ;)

Miss you all. ZATTTT!!!! ;)

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  1. Je suis tres content de te revoir Hakim. How's Anis doing? Futurmamam hein :)