Friday, December 11, 2009

Tanjak & Tengkolok

Tanjak or Tengkolok is another one of Gayong uniform. There are many types of Tengkolok in Malay culture. After having some discussion with Cikgu Kumbang Hitam, the Tanjak, worn by the late Mahaguru was originated from the Sultanate of Pagar Ruyung, believed to be inherited from his maternal links of Syed Zainal Abidin Al Attas. That's why there are many similarities between Silat Seni Gayong with Silat Minang and Sumatera. One type of Tanjak that I wear during demo was taught by Tok Ayah Sor, saying that the Tanjak's summit, is folded to face in front of us, meaning that "Kita Menunduk, Tapi Kita Menanduk" (I bow: to respect, sign of modesty. But I butt/gore/horn you if you exploit my modesty). The Tanjak or Tengkolok is a status, or can be a weapon. I still remember when the late Cikgu Mat Lazim was showing us a Cindai technic using the Tanjak at the Kem Kijang back to 1996.

One of the general information about the Tanjak/Tengkolok can be read here:

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