Tuesday, April 5, 2011


These sketches I made during my vacation in November-December. It was initially made for my nieces and nephews who came home during the school break. So as a good uncle, I made them the Dragons, while talking about them about the Dragons. We could spend whole day and night talking about the dangerous adventure of their uncle, encountering the Dragons while traveling all over the world. They know that I'm just joking about my experience, but still they love my stories. I put the sketches on my facebook, but I want to share it here. Enjoy! The last sketch was made just couple of minutes ago. Still hot...!!!! ;)

Panglima with Naga Gua

Panglima with Naga Ular Besar

Dragonettes with the carer, Tabib Goute.

Naga Timur attacked the castle

Naga Api fought with the army

Naga Laut Dalam searching for food in the deep sea

Siluman Naga : Half Man, Half Dragon.
He was cursed to guard the volcano Merapi

Naga Gayong and Panglima during the Khatam Keris ceremony

The Legendary Beasts with their guardians

Naga Tasik Chini fighting with a Malayan Tiger

Naga Alps loves the French people. He "french kiss" them at the Tour Eiffel

Naga Kepala Tujuh attacked the Gelam village in 1980's...

This is my personal dragon. Ready for the battle.
Armed and armored. He is Narapatinantaboga.

Naga Bulan. What is residing at the dark side of the moon??

Naga Rantau. I just got this idea after office hour.
I thought it's cool to have a mascot for our club! lol