Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TANGKAL (Talisman)

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Zaynab, the wife of Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, reported that once he saw a cord necklace around her neck and he asked what it was, she replied, "It is a cord in which a spell has been placed to help me." He snatched it from her neck, broke it and said, "Surely, the family of Abdullah has no need for Shirk! I heard Allah's Messenger say, 'Verily, spells, talismans and charms are shirk.' " Zaynab replied, "Why are you saying this? My eye used to discharge, and when I went to So-and-so, the Jew, he ut a spell on it and it stopped discharging!." Ibn Mas'ud replied, "Verily, it was only a devil prodding it with his hand, so when you had it bewitched, he stopped."

(Sahih Sunan Abu Daud)

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