Monday, October 31, 2011

Melatih Yang Muda Menjadi Gurulatih...

1st Day Training

One of our purpose to be here is to train two UMP students, who have the yellowbelt, to have a chance to teach this art to the French people. It is important for every future Gurulatih to have at least on experience dealing with the international students.

The different point of view, the way of thought, and the pedagogy are the challenge that every Gurulatih must face. More over, those future Gurulatihs start to realize the importance of good communication, verbal and body languange and the motivation.

Hopefully, Universiti Malaysia Pahang will not only produce the good engineer, but also the high level and international martial art instructors for the society. Go! Go! Go!!! ;)


  1. terima kasih cikgu.... berkat tunjuk ajar cikgu juga! harap2 nya program ini dpt mmberi manfaat pda semua org. ;) lepas raya haji kami balik....