Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gayong Jelajah Perancis 2


GJP (Gayong Jelajah Perancis) was our first project in 2005, bringing the Chief of PSSGM Kelantan Tuan Haji Mansor and 3 others Gurulatihs for a tour in France for the demonstration, cultural exchange and martial art seminar. Only after 6 years after the first one, we manage to organize the second GJP, but now it is under the co-operation between AFSSG (Association Francaise Silat Seni Gayong), Association Silat Seni Gayong Universiti Malaysia Pahang a.k.a "Naga Rantau" and PSSGM of state Pahang.

Our team consists of 6 people. 2 students and 4 Cikgus:

Cikgu Shaiful Hakim MOHAMED NOOR: 3rd Dan Blackbelt (PSSGM) : Team Leader, University Lecturer.

Cikgu Zaki AHMAD: 3rd Dan Blackbelt (AKMA), 3rd Dan Redbelt (PSSPGM): University Cultural Officer.

Cikgu Khairul Anwar AHMAD: 1st Dan Blackbelt (PSSGM): Government Medical Assistant.

Cikgu Khairul Afrizal MOHD ALI: 4th Dan Yellowbelt (PSSGM): Officer from Malaysia Ministryof Internal Affair.

Gurulatih Mohd Ihsan AB RAHIM: 1st Dan Yellowbelt (PSSGM): 4th Year UMP Engineering Student.

Gurulatih Mohd Haziq SAHIMI: 1st Dan Yellowbelt (PSSGM): 4th Year UMP Engineering Student.

We are going to do the performance and seminars around Paris and Lille from 30th of October until 7th of November. Those any club wishes to invite our team for the demo or performance, please do contact me on my email or facebook ( Those who wishes to attend any seminar also must contact the team leader for the arrangement, as there will be the open seminar for public and also the private (close) seminar ONLY for the Gayong instructors as well.

Any martial art instructor who is interested to get the official formation to be a certified Silat Seni Gayong Instructor, is most welcomed to our seminar.

Salam Persaudaraan.


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