Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gotong Royong Rumah Dato' Meor

photo credits to Cikgu Ja KZ

photo credits to Cikgu Faeizal

I arrived late at Ayer Kuning, since I drove from Kuantan and got some duty to do before going there. Team of Naga Rantau who had a time to come other than me, my wife and aryan, was Ehsan, Epol, Ari, Amir, Su and Umi.

At the same time also the short course of Lembing done by Pak Ngah Izahar and Cikgu Soffuane, to a Johor team of Kapten Kudus with his students (Cikgu Shah and others). Ustaz Khalid also was there for the training. The training was sone at Cikgu Lee's house.

We met also Cikgu Badek, and Cikgu Hudrus.

To the Reyokiwara team, thank you very much and hope to have more time together! ;)

Next time insyaAllah we'll have a proper visit to Perak, especially one of my Master in Ipoh, and other Gayong Masters around Perak.

To all Cikgusthat I didn't mention here, congratulation for being there for the unity of Gayong!

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