Sunday, October 14, 2012


Chemical Engineering Graduates, Electronic & Electrical Engineering Graduates, Mechanical Engineering Graduates, Civil Engineering Graduates and Aerospace Engineering Graduate.
"Akademi Gayong"
(pinjam kata2 Suhana hehehe)

 Yg dh graduate me and wife, Yg baru graduate, Yg next year graduate, Yg bakal graduate, dan Yg Confirm Paling lama baru graduate (Aryan hhehe)

 Alhamdulillah, congratulation to all of Naga Rantau team members who had just successfully graduated from Universiti Malaysia Pahang. They had not only graduated as a very promising engineer, but also as a good Gayong student in Gelanggang Naga Rantau. I hope that all of them will remain as an exemplary and as leaders to the juniors in Gelanggang Naga Rantau. This is the first Alumni of Naga Rantau. The only key to sustain and develop of what we all had done to UMP is by uniting all of the Alumni Naga Rantau and together we bring the brand to the world.

Haziq, Anin, Ben, Ari, Ehsan, Sab (behind)
Ummu, me, Anip (in front)

Aiesyah, Ari, me, Ehsan, Haziq n Ummu

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