Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Blues of Nak Muay

with anok jate ambo yg sokmo2 curious...

Checking my stuffs in the store, I found my Muay Thai equipment. It has been years of not playing such "game". The last time I put in my gloves was in 2008 in France. That gloves doesn't suit me anymore seems I have been now heavier. My wife seems prefers I go back into the "industry" so I could get my previous form.  Being a principal, lecturer, busy with research publications, Silat, Capoeira, and perhaps getting back into regular training of Muay Thai, I think I will make my car as our second home, where my son will grow! ;) The thing is, it is always a good thing of practicing different martial art. It helps to move every inch part of our body. The different style concentrates on different moves. At the end, you will find that you are not only comfortable of locking and unlocking the opponent but also giving a right punch, knees, elbow, kicks and even the jumping and balancing the body.

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