Monday, December 14, 2009

Paper Weapons..... Activities during Winter! Ho Ho Ho! ;)


Pedang Pendek

Kipas Damak



Bintang Ninja

Kunai + Mentera Bom




Cakar Wolverin (Bini Tekpi hiihhiihi)

Ready for the battle!!!! ZAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT!!!!

I walked around the Marché Noël (Bazaar Krismas) at the La Défense yesterday. Just looking around and taking a fresh chilling winter air, and tasting some fine foods too! In the Sunday morning, we got a light snow falling down, with a temperature of 1 degree (highest) and -6 (lowest) around the capital. I knew that at Moscow, they must have a lower temperature, which make me grateful to be here in Paris! hehehehe.

Well well well, everyone has their own hobby to spend during the leasure time. A part from walking around again at the Broquant & Antiquities antiques/car boot around 16th arrondissement, which I almost bought a fine French sword, (unfortunately I was reminded by my beloved Cikgi Nyz about how it could be hard "to cook" the sword than to cook a one month food stock of 100euros, until the new scolarship come in! lol), I had fun of making my own weapons.... paper weapons, actually.

With Cikgi Nyz, Fawwaz, Puteri and Danish, we made ourselves the Kunai, Throwing Knife, Small Sword, Gada-Gada, Kerambit, Wolverin Claws, Shuriken + Bag, Tekpi (sai), Throwing Dart Fan, Keris and Axe. Ho Ho Ho, I admit that I was amused of working with papers! ;)

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