Tuesday, March 5, 2013

King Of Fighter 2.0

This year KK5 of UMP will organize the most famous King Of Fighter competition, a place where the higher institution students all over Malaysia will gather and show off their skills in martial arts where the punching, kicking, kneeing,  locking, grappling and throwing are allowed (with rules, of course).

Due to the unbelievable support from the previous event, the committee of King Of Fighter of KK5 Universiti Malaysia Pahang now moves one step further by opening the competition to all of the IPTA and IPTS students all over Malaysia to come and join this competition. Differently with previous event, this year, a 2 days workshop will be organized by our committee in a place where we will communicate. (Probably at Cherating, Kuantan). The workshop is an obligatory requirement to every Team Manager and Team Coach. The workshop will be conducted by the Board of Referee to explain theoretically and practically about the rules and regulations during the game. Since this game will reunite all of 20 public universities and other private higher education (universities, colleges, etc), the participation expected is about 200 fighters all around Malaysia.

The winner of this game will receive an amount of cash money, trophy, certificate, event T-Shirt, and a "King Of Fighter" title of the year by the organizer. This year, two Gelanggang are available: Open (Terbuka, open to all of IPTA and IPTS students) and Close (Tertutup, only for the UMP students). Only 4 categories for Male fighter will be opened. One team consist of one Team Manager, One Coach and fighters. All of the Fighters will receive the certificate of participation, and have the option to have a "FIGHTER" event T-Shirt. 

  • Bengkel Peraturan dan Perwasitan KOF

Tarikh: April (tarikh akan diberitahu kelak)
Tempat: Cherating (tempat akan diberitahu kelak)

  • Taklimat dan Timbang Berat Fighter
Tarikh: 17.05.2013 (Jumaat)
Tempat: Pusat Aktiviti Pelajar, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Kampus Pekan

  • Pertandingan KOF 2.0
Tarikh: 18.05.2013 & 19.05.2013 (Sabtu dan Ahad)
Tempat: Pusat Aktiviti Pelajar, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Kampus Pekan 
Masa: 8 Am - 9 Pm

  • Malam Kemuncak (Night of Fighters)
Tarikh: 19.05.2013
Tempat: Dataran Pusat Aktiviti Pelajar, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Kampus Pekan. 
Masa: 9 Pm - 11 Pm.

Come and leave your contact numbers at this blog:

Our committee will contact you as soon as possible. 

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