Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DEMO SANTAI BUDAYA Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji (UMRAH)

Last Thursday we were visited by the UMRAH for couple of days. It is a university in Riau, whose people are very close with Pahang and they are Melayu too. A beautiful cultural exchange had been done, and our team Naga Rantau had been invited to present the Silat Seni Gayong demonstration. And it was a very lucky night for me since they also presented a Silat demo, a very traditional Keris fight as like as in the movies of the Allahyarham P.Ramlee. Credits to my fluidmechanics ex-student, @Hariz Rozib for these nice photos.  Many thanks to SAFFAD, especially Unit Seni dan Budaya for the invitation.

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