Thursday, June 27, 2013

Demo Kembara Amal Ramadhan Bikers 2013

On 22nd June 2013 we had a visit from the Puchong and Singapore Bikers to UMP Pekan.  XCLUSIVE KEMBARA AMAL (Hell's Angel Generation 2, Qiara and RSM Tuoring Team) .More than hundred bikers came to gather and to celebrate the orphans from for orphanage center around Kuantan and Pekan. The bikers arrived approximately at 11am and Naga Rantau were invited to make a "Langkah Sembah" for the guest. Alhamdulillah, everyone enjoyed th event and more importantly, the orphans were all happy and enjoyed the program. A "sukaneka" and bike ride around Pekan were offered to the orphans and the event was closed officially by our Dato' Vice Chancellor of UMP. 

with Xclusive Kembara Amal chairman, Mr. Md Satria Rasudi.

With one of Gayong Biker, Cikgu Zali. He told me that Cikgu Samsudin USGF should know him (schoolmate and gelanggangmate)

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