Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kunjungan Naga Rantau ke Gelanggang Cikgu Mufti

Sue, Aaisy Aryan, Cikgi Nis, Me, Epol, Ari and Haziq

After not seeing for a long time, Naga Rantau brotherhood gathered once again at Cikgu Mufti's Gelanggang for a tradition ceremony of launching a new Gelanggang, belt and Sandang award night and quite a happening event. The tradition ceremony was performed by Cikgu Baderuzzaman, one of the heir of Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, accompanied by Cikgu Mufti Ansari himself. The demonstration were done by the PSSGM, PSGSM Selangor, PSSGPM Selangor under Cikgu Rasip, Golok team, Busana Silat Melayu team, and even Seni Silat Rajawali Tunggal team. I haven't taken much photos since we kept talking of many things. But I did enjoy all of the conversations that night. Thank you to Cikgu Mufti and Kak Gee for the invitation and to all of the Anak Gayong of Gombak, Kepong, Shah Alam etc, congratulation for the success and hope that the Bengkung and the Sandang will make us stronger and more motivated in continuing the tradition. 

Aryan yang dah tak tahan. Ngantok nak tidur

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