Tuesday, November 12, 2013

KURSUS PARANG (persediaan kenaikan Bengkung Pelangi Merah Chula 2)

Jurulatih-Jurulatih @Gelanggang Naga Rantau 

Alhamdulillah syukur thanks to Allah. Just before the student had their mid-term break, the Red belt holders (most of them) had undergone the intensive course of Seni Parang. Seni Parang is taught earlier to the Anak Gayong in Gelanggang Naga Rantau but the intensive course for the Chula upgrading will be reserved only for the red belt holder. In Gelanggang Naga Rantau, I make the same system that I use in Gayong France recently which slightly different with the Kelantan syllabus when I used to apply in the beginning. As for the Anak Gayong in Naga Rantau most of them had 'touched' all of the weapons since we are all accustomed for the regular invitation for the demo. And the students in university are not static, and they come and leave regularly. 

In our system, the Red belt is specifically for the Pisau (knife) technique, other than the barehand technique. From Senaman, Gerakan, Golongan, Serangan, Elakan, Kuncian, Pecahan, and Pentas students have many things to learn for their level. It is included Kombat Pisau and Kunci Pisau (21 version and 25 version) .And then, for the first Chula (Dan), we concentrate on Simbat (Stick). The same system applies where the Senaman, Gerakan, Golongan, Serangan & Elakan, Kuncian and Pentas. This time there are 3 size of sticks technique taught: Simbat (normal size: foot to nombril), Tembung (long stick: foot to head) and Simbat Suk (tip of finger to elbow). And at the same time, the double knife technique taught for this level of 1st Chula. 

In the second Chula, the weapon that we concentrate is the Parang (machete). Many of student jumps learning the machete into the more advance and spectacular technique without doing the basic basic basic requirement: Tetak and Tangkis. But I had that chance of learning in a very traditional way. I was given one machete in each of my hand, and I had to clear the bushes by the house of my Master. I had those pains performing that task with took me from morning to the sunset. Parang is absolutely not the same technique as Golok (small machete), nor the Pedang (sword) nor the Sundang Lipas (heavy sword) as it use a lot is swing technique of the hole arm and lots of burden in the palm. Nowadays most of Gayong demo would use the Brazilian Tramontina machete which is lighter and easier to "produce" the sparkles during the clashes, compared with the traditional Parang Panjang (long machete) of Klewang which is dark in color, heavier and more difficult to stop the momentum, longer, but of course better for the real better than the Tramontina. However, some changes is OK as long as we still keep using both of them.

 In the machete technique, as far as I learned, it has the most Pentas in the syllabus compared with others. Pentas 1, Pentas 2, Pentas 3, Pentas 4 and Pentas 5. Pentas 1 is the technique choreography of bare hand versus one Parang. Pentas 2 is one Parang versus one Parang. Pentas 3 is 2 Parangs versus 1 Parang. Pentas 4 is 2 Parangs versus 2 Parangs. Pentas 5 is the popular Pentas of Parang versus Rantai (the chain). In the other level, the Pentas Parang VS Tombak (spears) and Pentas Parang VS Tekpi (sai/trident) are practised.

For all of the Jurulatih at Gelanggang Naga Rantau who had participated in this course, get prepared as the grading will be around december during the school break. InsyaAllah. Hope that everyone will get the benefit from this short-course. Amin....

*for Benjamin and Gayong France, gimme some time to upload the video for the syllabus. I had a tough time for the conversion with my old computer! ;)
credits to Abdul Aziz KK5

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