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SEKAP 2.0 (Selangkah Ke Alam Pendekar ke-2)

Kem Selangkah Ke Alam Pendekar ke-2 (SEKAP 2.0)
17- 19 Januari 2014
Gelanggang Naga Rantau
Universiti Malaysia Pahang 

In Gelanggang Naga Rantau, we have a tradition of "Selangkah Ke Alam Pendekar" (A Step Further In the Path of Warrior). Every Anak Gayong of Gelanggang Naga Rantau is sort of obliged to participate during this "welcoming" camp especially the new intake students.

Abbreviated as 'SEKAP', the "SEKAP 2.0" had been organized during the semester break on the 17th until 19th January 2014 at Teluk Gorek campsite, Endau, Johor. The venue was selected due to certain aspect and activities which would help the students to feel as like the warrior in the old days. Other than SEKAP, it is also one of our tradition in Naga Rantau of KIKOS ("Khidmat Komuniti dan Motivasi Berasaskan Silat") which is more for the students from our "adopted" Gelanggang, like at the High School of Gambang and Inderashahbandar at Pekan. In KIKOS, the UMP Students became the trainers and instructors for the high school students. In SEKAP, the UMP students are trained by the ALUMNI NAGA RANTAU (the ex-UMP students who had graduated). All of the ALUMNI NAGA RANTAU in the other hands have the training under the name of ADIPUTRA, the highest training course for the leaders of the Naga Rantau Brotherhood. It is normally for those who had the High Rank of Red Belts, Yellow Belt and ONLY who has the Gelanggang on their own. Ok, enough about the system! ;)

The SEKAP 2.0 has the purpose most importantly is the SILATURRAHIM (The Fraternity) among the Anak Gayong Naga Rantau. The program which have been selected and organized covered all of the aspect of the future Malay Warriors , Panglima and Srikandi. Since the fact that after 3-4 years, all of them will graduate from the university, getting into the job seeking process, getting the job whether in their field like engineering, science or technologies etc, they are all the society leaders. LEADER of their family. LEADER of their neighborhood. LEADER of their own people. LEADER of their faith. LEADER that will create LEADERS. This is the main concern in Gelanggang Naga Rantau. How the "ALIF-BA-TA" will be protected. How the "Bani TAMIM" will survive in the coming challenging future.

As the adviser, I do hope that the camp had given a great impact for all of us. I do hope that the bond will be greater, and the spirit will be groomed. Never forgetting the Hadith that The Prophet (pbuh) about the physical training of bare-hand and weapon fighting, swimming, rose-riding, and archery will grows our love in this art much more. Alhamdulillah. Thank you to all of the ALUMNI Naga Rantau who had came to assist and gave the "Semangat" to our camp. This success of this program indeed depending on all of us, not an individual effort.



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