Sunday, November 27, 2016

New chapter: Gelanggang Battle Owls (Burung Hantu) @Toulouse


From Kuala Pahang to Toulouse

This is the only 20 minutes I have tonight (before going to bed!) so that I think I'll try at least update my blog. My past few months (and years) in Malaysia, all of my Silat activities had been updated more in our Naga Rantau page , Silat Seni Gayong France page, or even on my personal FB account. My blog was little bit forgotten then and I think it's good for me now to start blogging again for my personal de-stress methodology! lol

Here I am, being a student again in this country that meant a lot for me. Alhamdulillah. New place, new mission, and new condition. Everything is different then. I was single. Then married to my beloved wife. And now I am now with my wife and 2 kids. And of course, with a lot of workload in research now it is strangely fun and stressful at the same time lol. I am actually on my phd at l'Institut de l'Aeronautique et de l'Espace (ISAE-SUPAERO) and as the consequence, spending more time on the fundamentals (something I was not so fan years ago!).

So here again we discussed a lot for the planning for these coming years of Gayong France. InsyaAllah. We are aiming to develop more of Silat Seni Gayong in France, and into few countries close by  with the colaboration with PSSGM in Malaysia and Gayong UK (Cikgu Ariffin, Cikgu Jazwan). We are also aiming to visit our family in United States hopefully our plan could be granted insyaAllah (Yes Cikgu Sam, Cikgu Shamsul, Cikgu Joel n Cikgu Jen). We need paperworks! lol

My most hectic and the last month in Malaysia:

I was also visited by my Gayong brothers Hamid, Kareem, and Bruno Hamzah when I was in Malaysia. Their main destination: Cikgu Awang Daud's house!

Belt Grading for Gayong France (AFSSG)

After our last achievement in Malaysia of the first Anak Gayong Perancis , Cikgu Stephane who had successfully pass his 1st Dan of Black Belt of Silat Seni Gayong, and also a great performance of our Srikandi Cikgu Mathilde Becquin of her 3rd Dan Red Belt, we are now concentrating to strengthen Gayong France especially we are now developping in south of France. Both of Cikgu Stephane and Cikgu Mathilde are certified instructors in the North of france. David Bossu and Gullaime La Rocha who went to Malaysia for training also had successfully their Green Belt. Guillaume had been spending his 6 months training in Kuala Pahang, especially at Gelanggang UMP Naga Rantau.

President PSSGM Dato' Adi Wijaya Abdullah giving the Red Belt 3rd Dan to Cikgu Mathilde

Dato' Adiwijaya giving Black Belt 1st Chula to Cikgu Stephane Leplus

La remise des ceintures et diplomes.

after - before the grading: Al Fatihah

 David Bossu receiving Green Belt

News in the METRO (Malaysian newspaper)

Brother Guillaume after the Green Belt Grading at Cikgu Rahim "Naga Chini"'s house.

Gelanggang Pendita Bunian @ Mauguio

We had successfully organized the Kerambit seminar in Mauguio of Gelanggang Silat Seni Gayong "Pendita Bunian" last Octobre, and alhamdoulillah this weekend we had our first official Silat Seni Gayong class in Toulouse. Exceptionally for the first class we are having two days seminar.

We are organizing more seminars in the future: Toulon, Aix en Provance, Paris, Lille etc. So keep in touch! For those who are interested in learning the traditional art of Silat Seni Gayong, or just a combat-self defense class, please feel free to contact us. Any information is available on facebook, or by email.

Our training @ Gelanggang Battle Owls (Toulouse), is on every Saturday afternoon at 2pm-4pm at Residence Akerys, 12 rue Jacqueline Auriol, 31400 Toulouse.  For the time being we have one class per week, insyaAllah after December we will have a second class that will be performed in the university. Hopefully, the least thing we could offer is this beautiful art of Silat for those who are interested.

Second Day training

Brother Azzam, Brother Mohamed, Brother Kader and Nabil

Photo of last visit Cikgu Laurent

So viewers, thanks for passing by. Hope to see you soon insyaAllah.



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