Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Invisible Enemies

One of my Masyaikh once told me:

Human has 4 enemies.

Syaitan (satan), Duniya (love of good life on earth), Hawa'(lust and materials) and Nafs (individualisme)

We defeat Satan with Da'wah (preach) people to Allah.
We defeat Duniya with I'lm (religious knowledge of Qoran and Hadith)
We defeat Hawa' with I'badat (religious rituals like Prayer and Zikr)
We defeat Nafs with Khidmah (humble and 'dirty' works to serve everyone)

The Prophet (pbuh) told once that the Satans will run away when hearing the Adzan (Prayer calls at the Mosque) because Adzan is one of the strongest Da'wah. The God, grants us two tools importants, The Do'a (Prayer) and The Da'wah (Preach)

Duniya, with all of his beauties inside, doesn't have any value in front of Allah. As Prophet (pbuh) told once, one piece of mosquito's wing is more valueable to Allah, than this worldly things that will perish one day. Only by learning the Qoran, and Hadith, will wake us up that the true life is the after-life, and the death is only a door of path to the Creator.

The Hawa', of foods, clothes, sexuals, if taken too much, or too little, will bring more harm than benefit for us. It is our duty to live a good life, and have a healthy life. No better way to have a good memory and a good A'qal (thinking) than wake up in the last one third of the night in a Tahajjud (night prayer)

The Nafs, is the most dangerous one. Even the Iblis (the chief of Satan) attested that Allah was his creator. But our own Nafs, was arrogant and snobbish in an extreme way. It was punished one time in the Hot Hell Fire, second time in the Cold Hell, but still not attested that Allah was his Creator. "I am Me", as what he always said, until he was punished in the Hungry Hell, where finally he admit and obey to his Creator. "You are My Creator o Lord, and I am your servant!"

The Nafs can be defeated only by serving and helping everyone. Helping the old folks, loving the childs, teaching the students, listening to the teachers and so on. The one who serves, will be the last who eats, and the one who clean it up. This will educate our own nafs and make us closer to our Creator....


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