Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Batu Petir

two Batu Petir...broken into two pieces after hitting the earth

Batu Petir, or literally translated as "Thunder Stone", is a stone that came with the thunder when it strikes the earth, an object, or whatever. I was amazed to see this rare object. It is black, and it has a steel/metal inside it. Souhanallahala'zim. For those who knows the "Aura" and how to use it, this stone is a must object that one must own. It much stronger than the "Lava Stone" from the volcano. The Taming Sari Keris also was made by the metal of a meteroit, but of course it must be a goddamn big so it could created the "Danau Toba" (Toba lagoon) when once hit the earth.
My mother told me a story about the Batu Petir once that, it happened during a raining day. My big brother, he was still 6 playing normally inside the house, while a window at the living room and a door at the kitchen were still opened. Suddenly a "fireball" flew from outside, entered into the living room from the window, flew through the house, and passed underneath the legs of my brother who was at the kitchen door looking at the rain, and went out from the house and strike a tree at the garden. The incident grasped my mother's breath, and she came to hug my brother as soon as possible and closed the window and the door quickly!
MasyaAllah, when seeing this stone in the reality, I could imagine how hard the "arrow" of the Angles shooting the Demons who were trying to hear the secret of God at the sky. If this is the "Arrow", I'm wondering how it could be the Bow??? ;)
Well, for those who are interested to have this stone, please feel free to contact Ustaz Zahari, the owner of four Thunder Stones. Three were broken into two pieces when found, while one is in a perfect form. Ustaz Zahari is the Gurulatih of PSSGM HULU SELANGOR. Ustaz....redi2 ekk... ramai datang nanti! hehehehehe. The price is negociable.... ;)