Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cikgu Muhamad: Never Being Shy To Learn

Being "worn" a Tengkolok/Topi Bugis by the late Mahaguru, while being observed by Cikgu Mat and Cikgu Siti

The seminar of Tembi Hentak and Jantung Pisang was done perfectly. The seminar was directed by Cikgu Jazwan Kahar, and was attended by many Gurulatih from all over Selangor, Pahang, etc. What surprise me was the presence of Cikgu Hamzah (The Senior Master of Shah Alam) and Cikgu Mad (The Senior Master of Melacca), who came to learn with a young teacher like Cikgu Jazwan. I took to chance to talk with Cikgu Mad. That Master said, "I learn what I don't have, so I come here to learn". He admitted that certain people badmouthed him because he came to Ipoh to learn certain "lesson" with Cikgu Amin Hamzah. He said that "I didn't learn that "lesson", so why should certain people is not happy with that? In learning the art of Gayong, any politic point of view must be neglected. We want the Ilmu. We are still the "Murid" (disciples) of Dato' Meor, and we are brothers, eventhough a part of us is from PSSGM, Pusaka, Warisan, Pasak or Serantau.

Training with Cikgu Hamzah. Learning must never stop!

Listening to this "old" Master, his soft but firm words assure me a lot. I admit that I travel a lot way around to find, to know, and hopefully to learn with any Gayong Master that I heard to be the authentic one. But somehow, certain people, cannot accept this for the reason that I betray my Master. MasyaAllah, Wanau'zubillahi min zalik. Never in my mind to do such thing. Derhakakah aku??? Am I a traitor because I am a disciple of a Master from the other "camp"??? I just take the chance to meet the old Masters, before it is too late to meet the elders who were among the direct students of the late Dato'.

Cikgu Mad is one of the best example of a true Master. One of Hukama' (Wise Scholar) said once, "You are a Master, as long as you consider yourself as a student. But once you think that you become a Master, you are indeed have many things more to be learned"

Cikgu Mad was happy to share with us one of his photo, when he was being worn on his head by Dato' Meor a Tengkolok Bugis (Topi Bugis).

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