Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am a village boy. Raised by both of my parents and my grandma at village Gelam, not far from the "Pekan" of Pasir Puteh. As a grown up man, I miss my childhood at the village. I was told by my grandma that the our village was named Kampung Gelam because there were only the Gelam trees when it was first opened. Then people came,and the village started to grow. It dates long ago even before the "Merdeka" (Independence). It even exist since the time of the Pasir Puteh holy knight Tok Janggut.

But nowadays everything was vanished. Every house was destroyed. I was told that one day, the villagers received a letter from a man with bulldozer and a pack of gangsters. They said that they were sent by a "Big" man, showing a thick letter, to ask every villagers, about 100 houses, to leave in 3 days because he claimed that "the real owner" wanted to build a modern building there.

Our house was included. They took the village by force, brutally destroyed the houses, and ignoring the old folks and children standing under the rain while looking weakly to their house being wiped off by those gangsters. It was many years ago. And I passed by yesterday to look what happens there. It was a "Padang Jarak Padang Terkukur", abandonned and wasted. I heard from people that our Tengku Mahkota, (the Prince of Kelantan), the future King of Kelantan heard the villager's prayers and ordered that everything was immediately stopped.

Many knows the crisis which is happening inside the Kelantan Royal family. The King, Tuanku Ismail Petra is sick, and normally will pass his position to his elder son, Tengku Mahkota Muhammad Faris Petra. But Tengku Mahkota is not like other prince. He is the TRUE prince. He is the TRUE leader. He is the future King that Rakyat wants. That's why certain people "INSIDE" the palace dislikes him. He was a modest prince who would simply wear the Jubah or Baju Melayu, and sandals, praying with the Rakyat (people) at the mosque and the one who knows what a Sultan must do to his people and state according to the Qur'an and Hadith. We the Rakyat in Kelantan talk, and we know who is the real one, and who is "acting"!

One of history that I heard about him is that, when Kelantan was having an extreme drought, the Menteri Besar (State Minister) Tuan Guru Nik Aziz with Rakyat, were led by Tengku Mahkota during a prayer Istisqa (Asking to God for the rain). After finishing the prayer, it started to rain and the sky heavily poured the water....Soubhanallah hala'zim...

One of the prayer that directly accepted by Allah is the prayer made by a Sultan who is ruling with justice and truth. What would Kelantanese people want more than an Ulama' (Religious Scholar) Minister, and a fair and down-to-earth King? As a pure Kelantanese, I do hope and pray that this Daulah (state) will be blessed by Allah with a Umara' and Ulama' that rule with justice. And the "Panglima"s, we serve our King. DAULAT TUANKU! DAULAT TUANKU! DAULAT TUANKU!!!

Let the photos talk to us....

(all credits to the photographers. many thanks)

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  1. Salam, do you know that our Pemangku Raja once learnt silat in Pasir Puteh? At first he received instructions in his Palace, then one night he went to the village gelanggang to try the traditional learning experience.