Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Instructor Pixote

(Grade Instructor of Capoeira Senzala under Mestre Sorriso)

Pixote is one of my instructor in Capoeira Senzala when I was in France. He was the one who invited and bring me into the world of Capoeira until I was 'baptisized' by Mestre Sorriso in the Senzala Capoeira and named as Tranquinho. There are many Capoeira schools in Brazil and all over the world, and Senzala is one of the most reputable school. Senzala itself was a name of "the house of the slaves", where the african slaves were used to be placed by the Portugese autorities when they 'exported' them to work in Brazil.

The Capoeira is not only a dance. It is not only the acrobatic or breakdanse. It is a complete martial art with it's own culture. My experience in Seni Silat and Pencak Silat made me understand a lot about the Capoeira and it's similarity with the Silat Monyet (Monkey Style).

Perhaps most of Malaysian think Capoeira only on it's acrobatic. It could be seen when someone doing the 'solo' of Capoeira. But in the 'Roda' (the sparring) between two opponent, it's highly technical and needs a deep understanding in the self-defense. They used to place a 'rasoir' between their big toe and middle toe as a secret weapon. Beside from that, Capoeira cannot be saparated from the "Makulele", a combat form with the sticks or machetes. In every festival of Capoeira normally we had a chance to play this kind of form. It's really a lot of fun.

In many Capoeira groups, they make the Christianity as they faith and culture. But it exists indeed some group of Capoeira which makes Islam as their practices. The influence of the religion can be proven by the songs and the "ceremony" of accepting the students. But nowadays, Capoeira becomes more popular as a sport and martial art than a religious activities.

Ok, my friend, Pixote is coming to Malaysia to pay me a visit for two weeks. The main program is sightseeing the country. But at the same time, we are planning to do many things. Those who are interested to initiate in Capoeira, please don't hesitate to contact me. We are planning to organize a seminar for beginners, and also for those who has already learned Capoeira. Hope we'll come out with a good idea after Raya. ;)

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