Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ustaz Khalid : The armlock specialist

Ustaz Khalid

Ustaz Khalid is one of the senior Gurulatih that had the chance to live and to learn with the late Mahaguru. He was among the youngest at that time and he is still teaching Gayong until now. Being one of the talented Gurulatih, he is one of the specialist of the armlock in Gayong. But one thing is sure, when he talks with us about Dato', he would do it carefully, trying to avoid from being looked by us as a Master that was close with the late Mahaguru. A sign of modesty.

With the late Dato' Mahaguru

Ustaz Khalid cannot be saparated from Pak Ngah Izahar and Cikgu Sazali. They have a solid team and the students were really close. Their sacrifice to develop Gayong at the land of Dato' Mahaguru is undeniable and they indeed had successful in "producing" the best Gayong atlit ever. One of Pak Ngah and Ustaz Khalid's student, Cikgu Soffuane is one of the top National Silat Olahraga atlit.

Breaking the brick with head.
The Red with Black ends belt is the official Gurulatih belt at that time.

The good thing about learning with him, a part from the mastery of the Gayong technic, students can refer to him when dealing with the certain Kebatinan practice in Gayong. His knowledge in Gayong and in religion could help the students to be sure of what they are practising.

He told us a funny story. Since he could jump higher and farther when he was young during the "Menghambur" training, the late Mahaguru called him as Kumbang Hitam, (Black Panther). The Mahaguru said that"Your skin is dark and you can jump, so that name suits you very much!". Ustaz Khalid didn't want to be called as Kumbang Hitam by his Gayong friends, as they teased him about his dark skin! But how could he do when the late Dato' didn't stop calling him like that! lol

Ustaz Khalid with a flying kick action.
The photo was made the main photo in one article inside the Reader's Digest magazine.

Thank you very much Ustaz for everthing. Minta halal segala ilmu.... ;)

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